Zener Cards

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Zener Cards

Zener cards were first used by J. B. Rhine in testing subjects for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). The simply constructed symbols are easy to focus upon and send telepathically; that being the theory. E.S.P was also first coined by Rhine in his research to scientifically prove that we have a sixth sense.

Working from Duke University in North Carolina, 25 Zener Cards were used, dividing them into five sets of five symbols. If guesswork was involved the average correct answer is 5.

Testing ESP requires at least two people, one to transmit and one to receive. The Zener can also be used in precognition tests. This means naming the symbol on the card before it is turned. You can do this on your own.

Rhine used Zener because the symbols were easy to digest by the sixth sense, but the same tests can be conducted just as well with ordinary playing cards. Taking ace to six from each suit and after shuffling, name the suit or the number of the card.

The symbols used are : Three Wavy Lines; Square; Star; Circle; Cross.

If you use a variety of fonts such as wingdings, some of these symbols should already be on your computer. The Aquarius lines can be used just as well and a triangle replacing the star. Otherwise you may copy and print from the symbols placed below, placing them in whatever size you wish, but remember, reducing a picture is better than expanding.

What You Will Need

There are a variety of ways to make the cards. If you wish to make them as a gift for someone interested in his field, holographic card makes for a nice backing. If your printer takes card you can simply print out five of each symbol and cut round them, though if the card if too thin the symbols will show through. You could even try using different coloured ink, but keep them dark.

Printed on paper and using a glue stick to place them on card is one of the best methods. Liquid glue will stretch the paper and could make the print bleed, as well as taking time to dry, and possible wrinkling of the paper. Large address labels are also ideal and the easiest method, but when cutting out make sure you can peel each one from the backing paper, stick to card and cut out again. 

Whether using Zener Cards or ordinary playing cards, have fun. But don't forget to make a note of your score.

Over three rounds or more on an average scoring basis :

1 - 5 You simply haven't got it.

6 - 10 Your intuition pays you well and you should go with it.

11 - 15 Is classed as excellent. You have abilities you may not even have begun to use.

16 - 20 This has yet to be accomplished as an average score.





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