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September 4, 2014

We was supposed to be joined by a guest but after technical difficulties we are going to have to reschedule for a later date but would like to thank Daniel Kamen for his time in trying to resolve issues to be a guest on the show, we are disappointed that it didn't work at this time.

Our first news story comes from Folkstone, England where gold nuggets have been buried at a beach, calling out to any would-be gold diggers to go and find it. Moving on to Australia, a couple found a sheep around 6-years-old wandering their farmland that had never been sheered. Naming him Shaun he was sheered of his heavy coat that is hoped to be a record weight from one sheering. We end in China where a female panda at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre is accused of faking pregnancy knowing it would get her 5 star treatment and extra treats. Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week is UK reality celebrity, James Argent.


with guest

Glenn Rogers

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September 11, 2014

This week we are joined by comedian, actor, writer and blogger, Glenn Rogers (not the one from El Paso). You can find Glenn at Youtube, FacebookTwitter and his articles at wordpress.

The first news stories comes from Missouri via Wyoming with Alice Uden being sentenced to life in prison after killing her husband 40 years previous. There are two news items about beauty queens, but beware if you are squeamish. Lastly we go to Illinois and a 6-foot python looking for a new loving home.

Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week is Rod Stewart.


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September 18, 2014

Join Diane Browne and Norman Soldwish with more weird news from around the world. We present news stories from Oklahoma City where the Music Hall is a sell out for an Educational Black Mass and exorcism, a woman in Essex, England finds eggs of the most venomous spider in the world in her shopping, a gravedigger in Spain gets in trouble after allowing himself to be photographed with an exhumed corpse, and ending with the sleepy burglar in Florida.

Our Stupid Celebrity is singer Lynn Anderson, well known for her "I never Promised You A Rose Garden" hic, being arrested once again when caught driving over the alcohol limit.


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September 25, 2014

September is coming to a close with a poem, "Recognition" by Henry Tudor who not only writes poetry but ebooks that can be downloaded free from his Henry Tudor website with Ray Irving bringing King Henry VIII of England back to life with his living history.

News stories come from Texas and the fifteenth woman to die by lethal injection, that went more smoothly than previous death sentences carried out. Alabama can't get rid of one of its judges after Mark Fuller was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife, calling for his resignation he refuses to quit his lifetime post. FaceBook is being challenged by drag queens after closing accounts of those not using their given name with some using stage names, they want FaceBook to change their policies. We end in China and the city that made a walking lane for iphone users that dawdle along causing other pedestrians to get out of the way before being walked into.

Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week is Keyshia Cole.


With Guest

Art Maines

Author of "SCAMMED - 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents & Yourself"

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October 2, 2014

This week we are joined by therapist and author Art Maines who researches and councils victims of fraud in his state of Missouri with his knowledge going into book format "Scammed - 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents & Yourself" that can be purchased from Barnes and NobleAmazon, andThe Book Depository. Art is always happy for people to contact him whether its with a question or a story of your own. You can contact Art Maines through his website Scammed Book or even sign up for the newsletter.

We do also cover the weird news that is out there this week which includes controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel, who having got his flock to eat grass, this past week a video was uploaded to Youtube showing him turning petrol into pineapple juice. There is the New York postman that didn't deliver the mail, hoarding letters and packages for the past 9 years. And it is coming up to Halloween and it seems the ghosts are coming out early with security cctv footage from a police station being released that appears to have a ghostly figure walking across the forecourt.

We're giving the celebrities a month off and so end with the Top 10 Halloween Masks and the Top 10 Doggie Halloween Costumes.


with special guest

Daniel Webb

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October 9, 2014

Our second run up to Halloween show includes guest, Civil War re-enactor Daniel Webb to talk about the Civil War and World War 2.

News items include the ivy covered house that is annoying neighbours at Leamington Spa in England, the woman who feels safer driving at night with her Cliff Richard security doll, and the Australian woman who stopped her Jack Russel from being killed by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

We continue with our Halloween lists. From Kidz World find out what is the Top 10 Best Halloween Treats, and from Business Insider, the 10 Worst treats kids don't want in their Trick or Treat bags.


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October 16, 2014

We did book a guest who didn't show last time she was booked and so we got a repeat non-performance from Christine Corda who didn't contact us to let us know there was a problem, not even an apology.

News stories include the burglar caught on cctv trying on femake panties before stealing them, black-eyes children that are being seen at Cannock Chase in England with the last reported sightings going back 30 years, the home that went into foreclosure after the new owners fled the house full of Brown Recluse Spiders, estimated to be around 6,000, the visitors to Dudley Castle who claim to have captures one of the castle ghosts on a photograph and the Halloween list of songs and movies.


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October 23, 2014

It's creeping closer to Halloween but every week is like Halloween here at Weird News Weekly where we cover everything in the news that's weird, strange or downright funny.

News stories this week include the Truro Court in Cornwall UK where it was business as usual, continuing the case of Bhupinder Goraya as instead of sitting in the dock, he did a headstand, the inflatable Paris artwork that left the French deflated at it looking like a sex toy and ghostly activity caught on cctv at a antique shop in Yorkshire.

The Halloween list covers five urban legends that happen to be true.


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Diversity Broadcasting Network (debut)

October 30, 2014

with our best friend

Radio DJ

Rick Hinton

This week we are joined by our good friend, DJ Rick. Rick who now struts his stuff on Flagler Beach Radio Monday through Thursday at 4pm ET.

We have also joined the Diversity Broadcasting Network, this being our first show to air with thanks to Renee.

News stories this week include a woman in California who was arrested after getting stuck in a chimney that wasn't hers, Nigel the parrot that was reunited with his owner after going missing 4 years ago, only now Nigel speaks Spanish, the Ebola Hazmat Halloween costumes that have come under criticism, and dolls from the TV series "Breaking Bad" that have been pulled from the shelves by Toys R Us after complaints, the characters in the show being bad role models.

And we end our Halloween List with the top 5 Children's Halloween Books.

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