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Jason Stanton

September 30, 2012

In this episode of Weird News Weekly which listeners should be advised contains adult content, there is an update on the Renoir painting bought from a flea market for $7, having been put up for auction, the sale is now withdrawn until ownership can be decided as the painting seems to have been stolen in 1951.

A father in Hong Kong wishes his lesbian daughter would get married so much that he's put up a reward of 500 Hong Kong dollars to any man who can woo and marry her.

A taxi cab driver puts his photographs of his rides in an exhibition, all being woman, and all being of their breasts.

A man in  Norway slept off a night of drinking in the back of his car only to wake up in Sweden when his car, with him in it, was stolen.

After 23 years a mail box at New Street Railway Station finally gets emptied when builders come to remove it as the Royal Mail forgot it was there, and lastly a Supermarket in Barnsley want their cardboard policeman back.




Ken Tucker

October 7, 2012

On this weeks edition of Weird News Weekly we was joined by singer/songwriter Ken Tucker. News items covered was the breaking story in Britain of the television and radio personality Jimmy Savile who is now accused of sexually abusing children dating  back over 40 years. A businessman in Florida who is looking to expand is Alligator Attraction by offering his gators for pool parties, though he's now been told that party-goers can't swim with the gators. We talked about magician David Blain and another of his stunts that took place in New York spending 73 hours on a platform surrounded by one million vaults of electricity. A man in Malbeta, Nebraska was sentenced to 5 days in jail for disturbing the peace after assaulting his wife in an expanded argument because she is forcing him to live in Malbeta. And finally a school reunion beat the odds by a quarter of a million to one with all the class members still being alive after 50 years.


October 14, 2012

With the run up to Halloween we decided to shout out the Top 10 Worse Treats, the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for this year and giving a few tips on keeping Halloween safe with that including making a check on the sex offenders register at before deciding on where kids will be trick-or-treating. This includes the news of sex offenders in Simi Valley, California who have filed lawsuit to try and prohibit the law banning them from taking part in Halloween celebrations.

After a break with safety adverts from around the world, we return to talk about an electronic road sign in Maine that was hacked.

An undertaker in Cologne, Germany sues dominatrix for hurting him.

A shop lifting nun caught on a cctv in a store in Oklahoma.

And we end with Governor Rick Scott who at a meeting meant to give out a meningitis hotline but instead gave out a sex line.




October 21, 2012

This week we are joined by Sepia anchorwoman Peggy Stevens with newscasts covering the British engineers that have announced a new way to produce fuel from out of the atmosphere. We stayed in Britain for our second news item where police used a stun gun on a blind man thinking his white cane was a sword. A jewelry store in Liberty Iowa looking for a novelty way to sell engagement rings is giving away a free gun with every purchase of $1,999 or over. The family of a war hero who passed away aged 94 is given his ashes and a bag of shrapnel. Top British chef Jamie Oliver welds his toilets to stop them being stolen from his restaurant rest rooms and we end with a van being stolen in Germany that contained 12 bodies on their way to the crematorium.


October 28, 2012

This weeks news topics include a woman in Texas who wanting the day off work and some attention faked her own kidnapping. Man in Russia refuses to pay a $32 traffic fine because it isn't worth it with the world ending in December. A woman who kept 88 rabbits in unsuitable conditions is banned from keeping any more rabbits for 5 years. Homeless man using stolen credit card numbers gets tired and gives himself up to police. The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay is finally behind bars after three years on the run and a live shark falls onto a golf course in Capistrano, California.


Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday November 8, 2012

Weird News Weekly moved to TMV Cafe Radio this week where it will now be airing on Thursdays at 10pm est. Our first news story covered a 103 year old oak tree that was uprooted by Hurricane Sandy in New Haven Connecticut with a skeleton embedded in its roots. A panel of judges from the US Supreme Court convened to talk about where police can take sniffer dogs without violating privacy rights and trespassing laws. A Polish coffin maker is condemned by the Catholic church for his 2013 company calendar that is now on sale through the website depicting naked women, and of course the companies coffins. Gandalf the agoraphobic owl is now happy in his own indoor aviary. A waxworks in Great Yarmouth, England is having to close after 57 years under the management of Jane and Peter Hayes, both in their 80's, as they can't find anyone to take over what is dubbed Britain's worse waxworks. Elvis Presley is dead after being run over while sleeping outside a garage.

Thank you to MTV Cafe Radio.



Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday November 15, 2012

On this weeks edition of Weird News Weekly we was joined by Pat Lynam who hosts Hauntings that airs directly after Weird News Weekly. News stories covered are the UFO's that have recently been sighted over the India-Chinese border that India are calling ULO's (Unidentified Luminous Objects). Police in Kilkenny, Ireland are asking for any information that would lead to the arrest of a glue bandit who in a series of attacks glued locks on cars and house doors in night time raids. A 9-year-old boy steals his parents life savings, spending the $4,000 on candy. A New Zealand judge throws out the case of a man charged with dumping fish at sea because he had died, though the Ministry for Primary Industries had wanted to go ahead with the trial. A bell ringer in Bathampton, Somerset had to be rescued when she got tangled in the pull rope and lastly there is the story of a thief who stole a car that was delivering Chinese-food in West Hartford, Connecticut and for some extra money delivered the rest of the orders.


Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday November 22, 2012 

News stories for this edition cover a Cleveland judge who sentenced a woman to stand on the street with a sign saying she is an idiot after several habitual vehicle violations. San Francisco nudists may have to get a wardrobe. Francis Kelly from Glasgow is to go on trial for trying to feed a horse a sausage roll. Pelicans blown off course by hurricane Sandy get air fare to Florida. A soldiers medal is returned after losing it in Berlin for it to turn up at an Afghan market, and with Christmas coming, up go the displays in towns and cities, but Birmingham is missing its baby Jesus after it was swapped for a garden gnome.

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