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Aired on TMV Cafe

May 1, 2014

A guest was planned but with technical difficulties they had to back out.

News stories include a British backpacker who took part in a tribal ritual that included taking hallucinatory drugs that was literally the death of him. Christine Reeve who suffers from Parkinson's recently found that music helps her to more or less get back to normal. Our last news story comes from Texas and the lap dancing teacher. Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian.


With Special Guest


Dave Moore

Aired on TMV Cafe

May 8, 2014

This week we are joined by Dave Moore who had such an amazing experience. His true story can now be found in his book "The Father's Love" and you can find out more about Dave at The Fathers Love Book.

News stories come from China and an upside down house that is now open to the public, to the UK and a touchline dad who tried to help his sons rugby team by tripping an opposing player, and back to China and the teacher who kissed a pig and may have liked it.

Our Stupid Celebrity is Ben Affleck. To find out why listen to the show.


Aired on TMV Cafe

May 15, 2014

We made it, this is our 100th show. Thank you to all those who took part in the 100 draw celebrating this landmark and also congratulations go to our winner, Brenda in Ohio.

This week we have a couple of updates. First the Rhea that escaped its pound and our Stupid Celebrity, Barbara Knox. News stories come from South Africa with the shark that was looking for a German snack, a contestant on a dating show in Turkey who was cold turkey and asked to leave, and then we have our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award before making the prize draw.


Part One

With Special Guest

Big "Jake" Jones

Aired on TMV Cafe

May 22, 2014

We are joined by a returning guest, writer and poet Jake Jones with this being part one of a two part show due to us having such a good time.

News stories include the plane that crashed in Colorado, French schoolboys in skirts and the avenging wife. Tune in to Weird News Weekly No.102 for part two.


Part Two

With Special Guest

Big "Jake" Jones

Aired on TMV Cafe

May 29, 2014

And here is part two as we had such a good time with our guest Jake Jones. For part one see Weird News Weekly No.101.

We end this two part show with a clown and monkey that robbed a bank and our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award.


With YouTube Blogging Guest

Glenn Rogers

Aired on TMV Cafe

June 5, 2014

We are joined by Youtube blogger and writer, Glenn Rogers. You can find Glenn at Facebook, Twitter and his articles at wordpress.

News stories this week come from Iran with a British resident being jailed for 20 years after making remarks on Facebook then paying Iran a visit. There is the news story of the study on men and pornography, theorising that too much porn makes brains smaller. Our last story before the Stupid Celebrity of the Week is of a plane that had to make an emergency landing due to dog poop. Our Stupid Celebrity this week is Gwyneth Paltrow.


With Special Guest

DJ Rick Hinton

Aired on TMV Cafe

June 12, 2014

Weird News Weekly is now 2 years old and looking to reach another year. We couldn't celebrate this landmark without a guest and what better than to invite the first guest we ever had on the show, DJ Rick Hinton.

We have a few bits of trivia on the show statistics followed by news stories from China, Michigan State University and Brevard County in Florida. Our Stupid Celebrity is Justin Bieber who is not receiving our award for the first time.


Aired on TMV Cafe

June 19, 2014

This week we cover the news of Gary Glitter eventually coming to court having been on bail since October 2012, an eagle that landed, for the want of a phone a mother and son die in a toilet cesspit and a dog poop flinging mayor.

Our Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to Hilary Clinton.


With Special Guest

Sheffield Comedian

Carl Maloney

Aired on TMV Cafe


BNNS Internet Radio (debut)

June 26, 2014

Carl Maloney returns to give his take on this weeks weird news stories. You can find Carl on Twitter as well as Facebook and at his website where you can check out the trailer for his film debut "South Side of the River" and his new podcast with his fellow Giddy Pigs.

We have an update on the dog poop flinging mayor from Los Angeles, a study on health systems in 11 different countries that puts the UK at the top with the US coming last, fish eating spiders that are more widespread than expected and the teacher from Bolton caught under a pupils bed. This week a stupid celebrity couple get the Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award.

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