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Thursday May 2, 2013

This week we have updates from news stories covered previously on Weird News Weekly. There is the violin played on the Titanic (show no.40), crocodiles on the loose in Spain's Costa Del Sol now being dubbed Costacroc (show no.42) and the mother and son who ran for village president in Dixmoor (show no.43).

Cars are in the news this week with a Lamborghini Aventador being part of a custody battle with Tamara Ecclestone and her ex-boyfriend, the mechanic who wrote off a customers Lamborghini while taking it out for a spin, literally, and the Dubai police who have now unveiled a Ferrari to join forces with their Lamorghini road patrol units. The 14-year-old MacDonalds hamburger is still looking good thanks to all its preservatives, and we end with the internet website Reddit with their forum going viral after a question was posed asking what creepy things children say to their parents with some spooky to downright hillarious posts. You can see the posts at the Reddit forum


With Guest poet & writer

"Big Jake" Jones

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday May 9, 2013

We are joined this week by Big Jake who as compiled a set of his poems and two short stories to make Rusty Spurs that is available to download at Amazon. Jake also reads one of his cowboy poems for us all.

News from around the world this week includes the story of Robert Gilchrist who recently found he is related to President Abraham Lincoln. L'Oreal are set to put a hair treatment on the market that they claim will see new hair growth for those balding men and women with a thinning hairline. The solar powered plane. named Solar Impulse already completed its first leg of a flight path that is set to touch down in Dallas, Washington and New York over the coming weeks. Brenda Heist, who was declared legally dead after disappearing in 2002 solved her own mystery disappearance by turning herself in to Police in Florida's Key West. We end with a dumb criminal story from Derby, England.


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Thursday May 16, 2013

This weeks news stories cover the outpourings of leading London barrister Barbara Hewson who is calling for a change in the laws requiring a time limit on cases for sexual abuse in the light of historic sex allegations that have seen police making arrests on a number of British celebrities. The neighbour that attacked two homes in Port Angeles, Washington using a bulldozer type vehicle. Three Columbian nuns get pulled over by airport security when they brought attention to themselves by walking funny due to having packets of cocaine strapped to their legs, and our last story is of the stage invasion during Paul McCartney's concert in Goiania, Brazil.


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Thursday May 23, 2013

This week Norm talks about his tomatoes, Hank who is doing well after a visit to the vet, and the train track near his home. News stories include sun flares that could take out communication systems, two men who the Military of Defence are looking for after they carried off two, possibly live, tank shells from an abandoned army range, KFC being smuggled into Gaza, the car that went into a motel swimming pool, and we end with the news story of Willie Butler who was stabbed by his girlfriend after farting in her face.


with Guest Co-Host

DJ Rick Hinton

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Thursday May 30, 2013

Weird News Weekly this week is brought to you by Diane Browne and guest co-host DJ Rick Hinton. We begin with a news update from a story that aired on show no.43 with Justin Bieber not reclaiming his pet monkey after it was seized by German customs officials. A life-size Star Wars X-Wing was unveiled in New York's Times Square, made from Lego blocks. Australian politician, Shane Rattenbury made weird news fame after posting on Twitter that he had been mugged by a kangaroo. And staying in Australia and with politics as a fisherman was so disappointed at his catch being a crocodile, he took it to his local councillor. Our last two news stories come from Florida with the largest python caught in the state to date and for those in the Fort Lauderdale area, men are being warned to be careful of flirty women who are often drugging their targets to steal jewellery, cash and credit cards.


with Special Guest

Clairvoyant, Paranormal Investigator & Radio Show Host

Alan Cox

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday June 6, 2013

This week we are joined by Alan Cox, radio show host of Understand Spirit and his latest show, Knowledge of Spirit with co-host Jesse Bravo. Alan, based near Wolverhampton, can be contacted through his website Calming Thoughts.

News stories this week include Dane Hamilton who lives in Alan's area. Hamilton received a six year prison sentence after attempting to bring cocaine intot he country stuffed into meat patties. We cover the news of a donkey named Lola who neighbours complained about taking a break out on a balcony in between her appearances in a play in Belgium. Delivering pizza's must be hungry work with a Russian deliveryman caught on cctv picking out the toppings. It is a first for the French courts who have convicted a man for over 80 robberies on ear print evidence. And we end with the Burger King thieves who couldn't make a getaway.


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Thursday June 13, 2013

Weird News Weekly is now one year old and for our anniversary show we cover news stories to make Norm hungry with the claims of Domino Pizza's UK and Ireland division that they are testing a delivery system by remote control. There are the Italian businessmen that protested outside parliament in Rome against a tax collection agency by dropping their pants. A school in the county of Essex in England was evacuated when one of the pupils took a military shell in a show and tell lesson where one of the children say they was told to take it out to a field for safety. And our final news story is of the Stockholm train drivers who have been banned from wearing shorts with pants or skirts being acceptable and so the male drivers are now wearing skirts.

We end on a new segment to celebrate Weird News Weekly running for one year. Each week we will announce who is our Stupid Celebrity of the Week with the Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award. Our first recipient is Tulisa Contostavlos. To find out why you will have to listen to the show.


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Thursday June 20, 2013

News stories for this edition of Weird News Weekly include an unnamed man in England's West Midlands who got himself in trouble after calling the emergency services to report a prostitute to the police because she had given a false description of herself, wanting to report her under the Sale of Goods Act. A row over the Loch Ness Monster being called a myth caused divisions among tourist bosses and local traders. The prototype of an electric bicycle was unveiled this past week in the Czech Republic, but this is no ordinary bike as it can fly. Binmen in Spain's Madrid have been issued with protective hats for safety when riding on the dustcarts but these are no more than cycle helmets, causing much amusement among the public. And we end with our second recipient for the Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award. To find out who didn't duck you will have to listen to the show or visit the Weird News Weekly FaceBook page.


With Guest

Blaze Lee Dragon

Aired on TMV Cafe

Friday June 28, 2013

This week we are joined by poet and actor, marshal art practitioner Blaze Lee Dragon. You can find Blaze on YouTube and Facebook. News stories include the thousands that turned up at Times Square in New York for this years Mind Over Madness celebration of the Summer Solstice. We talk about Naveena Shine having given up on her attempt to live on a breatharian diet for 100 days. The French mum who took her daughters place to take an English exam, now being charged with fraud. The pet monkey who showed contempt at its owner receiving a speeding ticket at Aransas Pass in Texas. And we end with the Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award. Who should have ducked? Answer, Justin Bieber. Find out why we awarded him by listening to the show.

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