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This week writer, film maker, journalist and political consultant, David McElroy joins us to go over this weeks weirder side of life with news stories from Canada and the white out that caused a 96-vehicle pile up on Highway 400, David Blaine and his unusual interview from the top of the Coliseum Theatre in London and if you ever wondered what happens to beached whales on the UK's coastline its time to tune in to this show. We end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week with the award going to Bill Clinton.

Anyone wishing to contact or find out more information on David McElroy can find him at his website

We are joined by radio show host BigD who can be heard on BBNS Internet Radio with Bill Villont every weekday morning.

News stories include a virus that could be the predecessor to more dangerous diseases after laying dormant for 30,000, Pyongyang Central Zoo in North Korea got some new exhibits in the form of Yorkshire Terrier dogs, Steve Keeley was blasted by a snow plow on live TV and a man takes a tiger into a bar. And we end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week with the award going to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


With Special Guest

DJ Rick Hinton

Aired on TMV Cafe

March 20, 2014

Our good friend DJ Rick Hinton joins us for more strange news stories from around the world that includes Walter Williams passing this week now having been declared dead twice, a python in Australia ate a pet dog and its chain then got settled in its kennel, Ava Farley of Los Angeles got sick after eating a pizza and could now sue the pizzeria and Lux the Oregon cat that had its owners barricaded in the bedroom.

We end as usual with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week, that being Lady GaGa.


With Special Guest

Author & Life Guru

Tamara Dorris

Aired on TMV Cafe

March 17, 2013

Real estate agent, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, public speaker, radio show host, author and much more, Tamara Dorris joins us for a chat and a look at the weeks weird news. You can find Tamara Dorris and her books at

This weeks news stories include the man who stole clothes from male strippers in Las Vegas, The selfies spreading through the networks that have generated over three million dollars for charity and still counting, a royal Faberge egg bought for its gold value is worth more than the gold itself and we end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award that goes to Anita Baker.


With Special Guest

Author of "The Casino through a Dealer's Eye's"

Connie Allen

Aired on TMV Cafe

April 3, 2014

We are pleased to be joined by Connie Allen who talks about her book, "The Casino through a Dealer's Eye's" which can be got in printed and ebook formats from Amazon and other outlets. This book is a must for both seasoned and those new to the casino gaming tables.

News stories include the building that fell down, the train that came into the station and kept on going and the French farmers that went to the Louvre. We end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award that this week goes to English tv soap actress, Barbara Knox.


With Special Guest

Alan Cox

Aired on TMV Cafe

April 10, 2014

Taking time out from his busy schedule, Alan Cox joins us for more weird news stories from around the world. Along with his wife Anne, Alan is a well known psychic medium and healer and radio show host. Alan can be contacted through his Calming Thoughts website.

After the story of a fairy flag from Message on the Wall, this weeks news items all come from the UK beginning with a village opposed to a wind turbine. An exhibition of photographs claim to contain fairies and our last story is of a girl stuck in a storm drain.

We end as usual with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award that goes to Courtney Stodden.


Aired on TMV Cafe

April 17, 2014 

This weeks batch of weird news comes from beyond the stars with pictures being sent from Mars showing what looks to be a flame coming up from the ground. With parliamentary elections getting underway in India, one candidate is taking a novel approach to get votes by dressing up as Spiderman. Aschool in Colorado went toxic when someone deposited pieces of one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world in the playground.. And our final news story takes us to Pakistan and the 9-month-old boy who was charged with attempted murder.

This weeks Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to Debbie Rowe who is looking to gain custody of Michael Jackson's children, not just her own two biological children but also their brother, Blanket.

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