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Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday March 7, 2013

We talk about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and even consider inviting him to be a guest on the show now he's got more time. Our first news story is of the company that is looking to the future and the moon to harvest it. Children are running high bills playing online apps games that say they are free unless you want to play them, requiring payment for weapons and power ups. There are a number of ways to make devices safer with an article at being a help page. A recent survey showed that grandparents are being pushed aside and being replaced by Google when it comes to asking tips on washing clothes to those family recipes. The Britannia Coconut Dancers Easter Parade is now on after red tape on health and safety issues, wanting the fund raising troupe to pay towards the police closing off roads for the event. And lastly, the crocodile that was spotted in the Thames River at Reading.


With Special Guest, Civil War Historian, Daniel Webb

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday March 14, 2013

This week we are joined by Daniel Webb who takes part in re-enactments and demonstrations from the era of America's Civil War, bringing history to life. Weird News of the week covers the story of Sonia Banks who gave birth on a packed commuter train during the rush hour. A teacher in Norway who allowed the children in her care to taste her blood. In an attempt to improve their public image police officers in Hanoi are being reduced to out of the way office jobs if they are considered unfit and obese. A man in Poland with a screwdriver in his head, and we end with Florida's migrating sharks.


With Special Guest

Angel Corbin

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday March 21, 2013

We apologize for the guest we advertised not being on the show, maybe we will be able to reschedule Roy Wood Jr at a later date. But we did have a last minute guest as actress and owner of Cornucopia Productions, Angel Corbin dropped what she was doing and made the second part of Weird News Weekly very special.

Before the break we talk about the violin that was actually played while the Titanic sank in 1912 which is due to go up for auction. We will have an update on this in a later show. Are we what we eat? With Europe's horse meat scandal, this last week the FDA closed down a New Jersey bakery for misrepresenting their "sugar free" and "fat free" products.

After a short break we are joined by Angel Corbin and cover the news stories concerning a farmer's wife who in her sleep climbed out of the kitchen window and was found nine miles away. And our last story is of a bored Australian office worker who preferred watching porn on his computer to playing the many games out there. But he was unaware that he was being watched from the next office block where pictures were being taken and placed on Twitter.


With Special Guest

Ken Tucker

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday March 28, 2013

We are joined this week by the man with the blues in his blood, Ken Tucker where we talk about his latest album with a special treat, playing not one but two of his numbers that can be heard at

News stories include weather conditions in the uk that see the worse March in 50 years. The Harlem Shake craze that is losing people their jobs when they share their antics on YouTube. Credit cards soon being a thing of the past with contactless payments meaning a quick swipe of a personal phone via an app that is in use now. A family is being forced to move out of the New York Queens area so they can keep their pet pig Petey as pigs in the city are not allowed. And we end with Punxsutawney Phil who has been served a summons for forecasting an early spring.


Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday April 4, 2013

This weeks news stories include the houses lost in the landslide on Whidbey Island off Washington, George King the king size baby, the fight over reward money for the capture of Christopher Dorner, Margaret Smith who was repaid for her kindness by being kidnapped, an alligator on the loose on Spain's Costa del Sol and the chocolate crisis with the cocoa crops failing that looks to be leading to a shortage.


With Special Guest

Matt Vanderpool

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday April 11, 2013

This week we are joined comedian Matt Vanderpool from Ohio. You can find Matt on Facebook at to check out upcoming show venues.

This weeks news stories include Spain increasing the age limit on sex and marriage, the UPI worker from Buffalo, New York who redirected mail to his own home and Wendy and Randall Casey, mother and son who are both running for the position of Mayor of their home town, Dixmoor, Illinois. Justin Beiber finally made it to Weird News Weekly after taking his pet monkey, Mally to Germany without the correct paperwork, and we end with the Easter Bunny.



With Special Guest

Actor & Radio Show Host

Geoffrey Gould

and also

Ken Tucker

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday April 18, 2013

With a lot of topics covered from paranormal experiences to the news stories, this show is in two parts.

We welcome our guest Geoffrey Gould, a stage and screen actor who also co-hosts The Paranormal View on the Para-X radio network. Click the link for Archived Shows or check out Geoffrey Gould Official Website.There is also a Career Progress Group through FaceBook that anyone can join. And for anyone with health or aging issues you can private-message Geoffrey Gould at his FaceBook Page.

For the beginning of the show we are joined by Ken Tucker until his signal tuckered out.

News stories come from the UK with the social worker who appealed after she was struck off for misconduct in taking paid time off work in compassionate leave claiming that a number of relatives had died, including her parents. Going to Europe and Germany for our last story of this weeks show and Lucas Baier who when asked for ID decided to show a fake driving licence for Vladmir Putin.



With Special Guest

Actor & Radio Show Host

Geoffrey Gould

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday April 25, 2013

This is the second half of our show with guest Geoffrey Gould who you can find listed at the IMDB website.

We cover two news stories with unclaimed body parts from crematoriums now being used in a recycling scheme such as hip replacements even down to tooth fillings. Our last story is of the Iranian inventor who claims to have made his own time machine.

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