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June 11, 2012

This first ever Weird News Weekly covers news stories of the Cloud Nine drug named Bath Salts being blamed for a number of attacks the press dubbed “The Zombie Apocalypse”.

Residents in the village of Banks near Southport in Lancashire, England had a peacock invasion with the birds causing damage to gardens and vehicles.

Dutch artist Bart Jansen placed his latest work on display, looking to make a profit from his deceased pet cat, Orville. Much to the horror of animal lovers, Jansen turned the cat into a remote controlled helicopter putting a price on the feline of 100,000 euro (£80,975 or $124,679).

A town in Oregon was approached by a village in Perthshire, Scotland to propose a twinning and so now Dull is appropriately twinned with Boring.

When a homeowner in Loughton in Essex, England, took a trip to Turkey for a family funeral the miles didn’t matter when it came to him frightening off two burglars that broke into his house. Having talked to his wife on camcorder via msn messenger, when she left the house the connection remained on. When the man saw two people in his home he instinctively screamed at them to get out causing the burglars to run.

Remaining in England, police in Gloucestershire are looking to interview a man said to be acting suspiciously. Dressed like a Smurf in a blue skin-tight outfit and blue make-up, police received complaints that he waves at women and doing star jumps.


June 18, 2012

Having got permission to make a record of her school meals to post on a blog, Martha Payne was told by the school that she would no longer be allowed to take photos. When she posted a sad goodbye, explaining what had happened; top chefs such as Nick Nairn and Jamie Oliver have jumped to her defence.

For its new summer menu, Burger King has added a new dessert after testing their Bacon Sundae on the taste buds of Nashville. The small pots consist of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of chocolate fudge and caramel topped off with bacon crumbles and a slice of smoked bacon.

The original recipe for Jack Daniel’s has been discovered in an old book containing other recipes for herbal remedies and ointments written by a herbalist in Llanelli, South Wales. The book pre-dates the founding of the Jack Daniel’s distillery by 13 years.

Nik Wallenda is now the first man to cross the full stretch of Niagara Falls on a tight rope. 100,000 people gathered to watch as he walked from America to Canada while others watched on their tv.

The 50th anniversary of the escape from Alcatraz by Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin formed an urban legend that the men would return to visit The Rock 50 years on. No bodies were recovered but its suspected that all three men died in the attempt.

Archaeologists excavating a monastery near the Black Sea have uncovered graves with the skeletons having gone through a pagan ritual to stop them becoming vampires.

When Nima Hosseini Razi left his car illegally parked just yards from the House of Commons with a note saying it had broke down, instead of remaining with the vehicle he went on a sight-seeing spree to return to find that police had blown up the suspicious looking vehicle.

A 69-year-old pensioner ended up at the Fairfield Hospital in Bury, Lancashire after having battled for 36 hours to remove a sex aid. With a loss for what to do he was transferred to Greater Manchester General Hospital who consulted the fire department before finally being freed.




June 25, 2012

Our very first guest joins us in this edition of your Weird News Weekly. Reverend DJ Rick Hinton lives in Florida and is available to supply your music needs for any fun event.

News stories include a bus monitor in New York being bullied. The bullying episode was recorded and uploaded to YouTube where it went viral. People were so outraged that a fund was set up for Karen Klein on idiegogo asking to raise $5000 but the amount built up to over $450,000 within days.

Everyone must agree that the pictures of McDonald’s fare looks good enough to eat, and they have now disclosed that they Photoshop the model burgers.

The Zombie attacks continue with a naked man biting a chunk from another mans arm before being arrested by police.

An update on the Burger King Bacon Sundae summer menu finds that 4 small pots are going on sale for $10.

The 10th year of the annual Air Guitar championships took place in New York with the final being set to take place in Finland.

A woman in Ireland thinking there was her grandchildren’s toy on the floor soon realised it wasn’t until when it began to move, turning out to be a three foot snake.

A drunk woman blames her navigation system after driving onto a golf course and ending up in the bunker in Northbridge, Massachusetts.

A contest had girls making their prom dresses with duct tape.


July 2, 2012

When Kansas City police received an anonymous call of child abuse, going to the apartment of Jacol Prince they found her daughter locked in a cupboard suffering from malnutrition. Prince was arrested with her two younger children being placed in protective custody.

Deadly storms hit New Jersey to Indiana leaving millions of homes and businesses without power with temperatures reaching 105 degrees causing deaths.

Neighbours claim the mansion house where Michael Jackson died is now haunted by the King of Pop. There have been claims that he’s been seen in the grounds and there have been reports of music having been heard during the night even though the house is vacant.

A contest held by Cheap Chic Weddings challenged designers to make dresses out of toilet paper.

Postal workers refuse to deliver mail in an area of Moray in Scotland after being dive-bombed by Seagulls.

The Mayoress of Louth in Lincolnshire, England was criticised when she turned out dressed as a pink sausage to greet the Olympic Torch. Others in attendance didn’t think it looked like a sausage and was thought to be obscene.


July 9, 2012

This weeks topics cover the weather that affected the July 4th celebrations, a family in Nottinghamshire that have £50,000 worth of breast implants, Lillie Leonardi's book in which she claims to have seen angels at the Pennsylvania crash site during the September 11 terrorist attacks, a vampire attack in Texas, angry birds attack golfers at a Swedish golf course, the rightful King of England dies aged 71 and a travel guide that's been published to help Japanese tourists.


July 16, 2012

This weeks Weird News covers UFO documents released by the MOD, a Michigan woman that kept her friend around to watch Nascar even though he had been dead several months, victim of an alligator attack wants its head for an armrest, human toothed fish called Pacu found in Illinois lake, chair balloonists that came down with a bump and an Australian hotel that's up for sale if you've got $772,747 laying around.


July 23, 2012 

With Guest Co-Host

Tony Curtis

This weeks show was with TonyoTimes, Tony Curtis. We discuss the shooting in Colorado and a pensioner using his concealed weapon in Florida, a missing cat that was re-homed with the new owner not wishing to give Podge back, game play causes death at an internet cafe, Meat Loaf suing UK tribute act and a lamp post in Poland.


July 30, 2012

For this last week in July we cover the story of Serge Benhayon's medical treatments through Universal Medicine that looks to becoming a cult. Brighton and Hove's council who have spent £18,000 ($28,316) on each of 8 power points that are rarely used now have an electric car on loan for the mayor's use which they say is saving their tax payers money, even though he was stranded and had to spend £70 ($110) on a taxi to reach his next engagement. In Cambodia a magic log is drawing thousands of people to visit the village of Prey Yeang in the hope that it will help them win the lottery to those seeking a cure for a range of illnesses. Urban knitters have had their work taken down in Paignton in Devon with Torbay Council apologising to residents. Chinese police in the Shandong province take over 40 minutes to rescue a woman from drowning only to find it was a sex doll.

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