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with special guest

Radio Show Host

Renee from Renee Live

Aired at TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

July 3, 2014

This week we have the pleasure of Renee Marie joining us. Renee is the show host of Renee Live at TMV Cafe on Sunday's at 9pm with topical discussions and guest from a variety of fields. The two hour shows are also rebroadcast so you can check out the schedule at TMV Cafe for Renee Live as well as Weird News Weekly and all the other great shows.

News stories include a shark off New Jersey that got a close look at some tourists, a Mexican girl who is alleged to have become possessed after trying to contact her dead parents and two New York men who have filed a lawsuit against the Jersey Lottery. Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to Shia LaBeouf.


with special guest

Film Maker and Director

Keenan Powell

Aired at TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

July 10, 2014

Joining us for this weeks news stories is film maker and director Keenan Powell. If you would like to find out more about Keenan and his upcoming projects he can also be contacted at his website South Cicero Media or his FaceBook page.

News stories include the July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contests, a bad cop in Indiana that gets to keep his job and a very small town called Swett that is up for sale. There is also an update on last weeks Stupid Celebrity Shia LaBeouf with this weeks recipient being Katy Perry.


with special guest

UFO Researcher and Abductee

Chad Meek

Aired at TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

July 17, 2014

We are happy to be joined by Chad Meek who is working towards getting a movie together telling the story of his uncle, George Van Tassel, a story that should be told. Chad can be found at his website Giant Rock the Movie.

Because Chad is such an interesting guest and we know there is a huge interest in UFO's we only have two news stories, one from a UK defence contracting company that have unveiled some out of this world technology and from Mexico an unusual wedding. Due to time being short we have let the Stupid Celebrities slip the net this week.


with guest co-host

DJ Rick Hinton

and special guest

radio show host, Kennedy expert & author

January Jones

Aired at TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

July 24, 2014

First a big thank you to DJ Rick Hinton for standing in for Norm. Due to internet issues Norm will be back next week.

We talk to our guest, January Jones about "Thou Shalt Not Whine" a book on what we whine about, her latest work "Priceless Personalities" and a paranormal book that is in the pipeline. January Jones and all her books can be found at January Jones with links to purchase through Amazon.

News stories are a bit gory this week with the 3-year-old that was thought to be alive as her funeral was about to commence, the Florida man who hung himself only to be taken to the rubbish dump as a mannequin, and killing a spider turns into arson leaving a mother and son homeless. Our Stupid Celebrity Award goes to Loni Anderson.


Aired at TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

July 31, 2014

Norm is back with his internet all sorted out. This weeks news stories include UK police spending £5,000 ($8,500) on flowers in a bid to prevent crime. The pine tree dedicated to Beatle George Harrison being eaten by beetles, the Irish pub come cafe that doesn't want loud Americans, the three year old car thief, and we end in Florida with beef bandits. Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to Cheryl Cole.


with guest

DJ Rick Hinton

Aired on TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

August 7, 2014

Having been the guest co-host on Weird News Weekly July 24, 2014, DJ Rick is back with us to share more news stories.

News stories include the two US citizens being shipped out of Liberia to Georgia under special conditions with both suffering the Ebola virus. Spider Man in New York is arrested. Of course we couldn't have DJ Rick with us without having a news story from Florida and the Granny who is given jail time for having sex in public, and not even with her husband, Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award goes to Hulk Hogan's ex, Linda Hogan.


with guest

Author of "Medical Billing Horror Stories"

Sharon Hollander

Aired on TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

August 14, 2014

Medical biller Sharon Hollander came across numerous stories during her career that she put pen to paper, and now you can find them in her book "Medical Billing Horror Stories" at Amazon and other outlets. Sharon Hollander can also be found at her website.

News stories include a contribution from one of our listeners who must know we enjoy Florida stories and so Norm presents the news of a convicted sex offender wishing to be castrated, which the courts have refused. Other news includes a boy who caused a lock down at the White House, the first Footgolf International Open held in the UK and a 24-year-old being fined in the UK for pretending to be a ghost. We was having such a good time we ran out of time and so our Stupid Celebrity will be saved for next week.


Special Guest Living Historian

Daniel Webb

Aired on TMV Cafe

BNNS Internet Radio

August 21, 2014

Living Historian and Civil War re-enactor Daniel Webb joins us this week for more unusual news stories from around the world. This weeks news includes the Westboro Baptist Church who announced plans to disrupt the funeral of Robin Williams, San Diego police who were dispatched to deal with a hostage situation involving a mother and daughter and their cat, and finally the teenage boy who ran away to live in a Walmart store in Texas for 4 days. We didn't have time for our Stupid Celebrity last week and so we saved Joan Rivers for this week with her having made personal derogatory remarks against the people of Gaza and is now the subject of rows in the UK where people want her forthcoming tour to be banned.


Aired TMV Cage

BNNS Internet Radio

August 28, 2014

Join Diane Browne and Norman Soldwish as they bring weird news from around the world with a UK pensioner being told her pension was stopped because she is dead, while in France another pensioner couldn't be reimbursed his medical fees because he had been dead four years. The Munich court that turned down a man's eviction appeal after his landlady told him he had to leave due to complaints of noise from his squeaky swing. The lucky Koala in Melbourne, Australia that got mouth to mouth after being hit by a car, and Greater Manchester police who went on a search for a kidnap victim with a ransom demand of £50.

Our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award is once again Justin Bieber.

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