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Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday July 4, 2013

Our first show of July includes news stories of thieves with a difference at Bishop's Cleeve in Gloucestershire, England. They didn't steal garden tools stored in a shed, instead they took the shed, while over in Knoxville, Tennessee animals at the zoo don't attempt to escape with those that have to find ways to survive try to get in as in the case of a large grizzly bear that didn't even pay the entrance fee. Our second news story from England shows what jealousy can do as Andrew Walsh felt his girlfriend loved her hamster more than she did him. And our final news item takes us to India and a news reporter, Narayan Pargaien who decided to use one of the flood victims as a prop. We always end with the Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award which this week goes to Alec Baldwin.


With guest

Sheffield Comedian

Carl Maloney

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday July 11, 2013

This week Diane Browne and Norman Soldwish are joined by Sheffield comedian, compare and musician, Carl Maloney. This weeks news includes Pamela Knox from Ohio who went down into a sinkhole, Darrell Simester who was forced into slave labour for the past 13-years, a Czech woman who miraculously survived being run over by a train, and the poll that found Sheffield is the happiest place in Great Britain. We end with our Weird News Weekly Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award. To find out who and why, listen to this weeks Weird News Weekly.

Carl Maloney can be found at Twitter, Facebook or visit his website at


With Guest

Tribute Act

Dean Torkington

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday July 18, 2013

The Weird News Weekly team are joined by Dean Torkington who for over a decade thrilled audiences with his Meat Loaf tribute having a website bearing his idols name, that was until Meat Loaf branded him a cyber squatter, took Dean to court and recently had him served with an injuction banning him from attending any Meat Loaf concerts. You can find Dean Torkington at

We cover two stories in the news this week, the first coming from the UK where Leicestershire milkman, Kevin Gifford received a warning from his employers for whistling. The second news story comes from Crossville, Tennessee where Stephen Amaral was distracted by a female while her partner robbed the former sheriff Deputy's home. Ending with the Weird News Weekly Award, this weeks Stupid Celebrity of the Week is Paul Gascoigne.



Message on the Wall

TMV Cafe didn't air Weird News Weekly, playing a rerun.

Having time to spare this week we hope you will enjoy a presentation of Message on the Wall and the story of Lizzie Borden. 

In this last show for July we look at the weirder side of life with a story from Utah where a woman's desperate wish is to be paraplegic, being diagnosed with the rare BIID disorder. A woman reported missing in 1965 is found alive and well. Two news stories come from China with the police geese and a 4-year-old being left home alone then its over to New Mexico and the mysterious poo runner. We end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award which goes to Sean Bean who through rowdy behaviour was banned from his local public house.


with special guest


Willow Cross

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday August 1, 2013 & Saturday August 3, 2013

We are very pleased that Willow Cross took some time out of her busy schedule to join us at Weird News Weekly with the first news story including a large cat roaming the estate of Maunsel House where signs are being put up to warn visitors of the danger. In Florida a college footballer, Antonio Morrison was arrested by an Alucha County sheriff's officer for barking at his dog. Moving on to Australia there is the so far unnamed man who was stopped by police for having two blown out tyres only to find he didn't have a steering wheel either. Our last news item comes from Turkey where a kestrel came under suspicion of being a spy, and we end with the Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award which goes to Rihanna who having filed a lawsuit against her former accountants one year ago is holding up proceedings by remaining absent from depositions. Being fined by a judge for her absence, if she fails to attend another set for August 28th the case will be dropped.

Demons, ghosts, werewolves and vampires are all part of the life of Willow Cross with sets of books that can be found at and Noble and Smashwords. Willow can also be found at her official website.


with special guest

The Blues Man

Ken Tucker

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday August 8, 2013

This week we are joined by Ken Tucker including two of his songs, Come Into My Parlor and Brother Whiskey.

We begin our first news story in Texas where swarms of killer bees have been on the attack, this past week killing two ponies. We go over to Pakistan where a television show that usually gives away motorbikes and mobile phones, shot up its ratings by giving away abandoned babies. There is the couple who had police on their doorstep after doing a Google search for pressure cookers and backpacks, and a learner driver from South Korea that's gone viral on YouTube. We end with our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award that goes to... well to find out, you will need to listen to the show.


with special guest

Psychic Medium

Alan Cox

Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday August 15, 2013.

Joining us this week to find out what weird happenings have been going on around the world is psychic medium, healer, consultant and show host, Alan Cox. For more information on Alan you can visit his Calming Thoughts website.

We begin with an update from Somerset where a fuzzy picture was taken, allegedly showing a large black cat similar to a panther. Placing signs warning visitors of a large cat roaming the grounds, the Lord of Maunsel House was photographed beside one of the signs holding a gun, which in turn brought police swooping down to check on Sir Benjamin’s arsenal of weapons. A strange story comes from Missouri where after a head-on collision, a young girl trapped in her car asked for prayers, for a priest to step forward. No one knows how he got there or how when rescue workers turned to thank him, he had disappeared so mysteriously. A new tourist attraction could bring much needed funding to the police department with talks of opening to the public Scotland Yard’s famous Black Museum. We end the news stories in Russia where a man will be judged to either be resourceful or have committed fraud in amending the contract for a credit card which the bank accepted.

And we end with the Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award with the recipient being Lindsay Lohan.


Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday August 22, 2013

What do Area 51, cat DNA, diamonds, knitting and road surfacing have in common? The answer is they are all news stories on this weeks Weird News Weekly. Norm also reminisces about his younger days involving saltpeter, sugar and napkins. Also find out which English actor gets our Stupid Celebrity of the Week Award.


Aired on TMV Cafe

Thursday August 29, 2013

A bin bag full of cash finds the police trying to locate who made the drop on a doorstep in North Yorkshire. Boy hatches sea snail in his knee. Family bury relative only for her to turn up alive 13 days later. Burlesque dancer's tassels scatters audience. And this weeks Stupid Celebrity Award goes to Chris Brown. Listent to the show to find out why.

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