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Thursday January 3, 2013

Weird News Weekly sees in the new year with our first show of 2013. News stories include a mother who defied the odds in giving birth to her second child again on Christmas Day with the chance of giving birth just once on Christmas Day being a 1 in a 356 chance. Our second story also goes back to Christmas when the Kennet family went to visit Santa only for him to tell the children he wasn't real. Amazon gets a backlash from authors who have had their posts deleted when placing reviews on books by authors who write in the same genre. It's been revealed that Britain is prepared for a zombie pandemic but not by the military with Bristol County Council giving health and safety advice to staff and on ways to kill a zombie. And lastly we end with Florida that's earned the distinction of being the most bazaar state in the US with yet another bazaar news story.


Special Guest

Courtney Wellman

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Thursday January 10, 2013

Before Weird News Weekly begins there is a treat of a segment of Message on the Wall, covering urban legends and ghostly tales.

We are joined by Norm's daughter, Courtney, for this edition of Weird News Weekly with news stories covering the unusual heatwave in Australia. We discuss the dangers of carbonmonoxide poisoning with a woman placing a barbecue indoors to help dry the washing. A German postman manages to keep his job after a colleague thinking he was working too fast reported him, saying he was throwing away the mail instead of delivering it. People by the beach at Carlsbad in California got a thrill this past week when Superman was let loose to fly by the waves. It's back to Australia to report on the theft of a jewellery store that ended up with a hold-up at a KFC outlet, And lastly we talk about what was supposed to be an educational toy, Play Mobil Security Check Point.


Special Guest

Keenan Powell

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Thursday January 17, 2013

We are joined by Keenan Powell who may be better known as Mel Praxis, the host of Movie Madness who talked about his movie "Before I Sleep, Remembering John F Kennedy" where it can be seen via Live Stream on January 20, 2013 at 8pm EST at

News stories this week include the proposal to put the sexual age of consent down from 16 to 14 with the government looking at drawing up new laws on personal freedom. The White House rejects a proposal for a Star Wars type Death Star to be constructed. A passenger bound for New York is bound to his seat by cabin crew of Icelandair when the unnamed man became abusive and threatening. A pizza shop in Nebraska had to close down for the day when an elderly male driver turned the diner into a drive-in and went on to order a pizza. The biggest loser in a fishing contest seems to be the stolen bass that was an attraction at an aquarium on the island of Guernsey till it was stolen.


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Thursday January 24, 2013

This week on Weird News Weekly we talk about the main news story in the UK of burgers containing horse meat with the contaminated burgers being removed from shelves in the countries top supermarket stores. Craig Williams who appeared in court in Carnarfon after driving his car up Mount Snowdon and leaving it there, advertising that it was for sale. Sleep artist Lee Hadwin who is putting the majority of his artworks up for auction on Ebay on February 11, 2013. The woman accused of going for a joy ride on a train that she was meant to be cleaning was cleared this week, the train wasn't stolen but a run away. And lastly, Google didn't run over a donkey as we talk about other strange things that can be seen on Google's streetview maps.


with special guest James Brevard

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Thursday January 31, 2013

We are joined by Jim Brevard, former owner of The Reel Thing Catfish Cafe in Allen, Texas.

News stories cover the couple who resigned from Subsea Services Ltd after an embarrassing email was circulated by mistake, getting onto Twitter. Remember the woman in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania who walked into a fountain!? It's happened again with a woman busy on her cell phone walks into a freezing canal in Manchester, England. A man in Scotland needed hospital treatment after being attacked by an owl. Potty mice raid a police station in Wichita, Kansas. German soldiers develope left beasts, and we end with a disclaimer due to a comment made on the show last week about mice urinating on drink cans.


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Thursday February 7, 2013

We can't do the first Weird News Weekly of February without mentioning Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog Day. Other news stories include the longest serving temp in Britain, Jim Clements, a dog walker who found an amazing find on Morcambe Beach, a Russian Judge resigns after court napping, a woman in the Manatee County of Florida was arrested after assaulting an officer who had gone to investigate claims that a female was kicking people in the genitals, and lastly, Elton, who was saved from being put down after his owner took him to a shelter to be euthanized with claims that the dog was gay.


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Thursday February 14, 2013

Find out what celebrities gave their true loves, at the time that is, on past Valentine's. We talk about asteroid 2012 DA14 and its sweep by on February 15. Weird News around the world involves a Portsmouth manor house that didn't go for its asking price at auction so the City Council gave it away, oh, and yes, it's haunted. A Philadelphia pleas court judge rules a case a mistrial when the injured party told the jury how he was coping with his replacement eye after losing his own when he was hit by the defendant. South African skateboarder could be arrested after putting a video on Youtube of him breaking several laws. Novice male stripper Leon Zbudowsky is booed off the stage by 150 women who had gone to see Fabio. And we end with an update on a story from a previous show of an Amish community in Ohio where Samuel Mullet and his break away group committed hate crimes.


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Thursday February 21, 2013

We talk about the passing of asteroid 2012 DA14 and couples that married on Valentine's Day, winning a competition to have their ceremony at the top of the Empire State Building. The first news story is that of Chubby Checker who through his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Hewlett Packard and Palm Inc. for using his name in an app they devised. A giant rabbit in Plymouth, Devon scares off a burglar. Kangaroo's interrupt the Women's Australian Open tournament. And we end with one of the strangest stories we have covered where a woman in Essex, England is being driven mad by a rare form of tinnitus.

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