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Thursday November 29, 2012

This week Weird News Weekly gives a thumbs up to Alfred Throop who prevented what would have been a bad traffic accident. A Brazilian angler who died in a bazaar way after betting friends he could hold the fish he had caught between his teeth for one minute. The Chinese home owners who refused to move from their home and now have a road built around them. Petra Mills who was found guilty of a racist slur after calling her New Zealand neighbour an Australian. And we end with some strange gift ideas with more gift ideas in the run up to Christmas.


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Thursday December 6, 2012

DJ Rick Hinton was our guest for this weeks offering of Weird News Weekly when we talked about Chicago Bears player Brandon Marshall who made suggestions that players used Viagra to help improve their game. We then moved to Norway where a television advertisement with zombies is now only being shown after 9pm after public criticism. There is the astounding news that Stephen Wright was hit by a train going at 70 miles per hour only to suffer whiplash, and of course a big headache. The festivities are underway in Manning Close, Wells, Somerset with Paul Toole decorating his garden yet again, this year using 60,000 LED lights. And we end with a few more Christmas gift ideas of the unusual kind.


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Thursday December 13, 2012

This weeks show covers news stories from Australia where a student at the Hunter Christian School in Newcastle, New South Wales took what she thought was a money box to show in a lesson only for it to be a hand grenade. An Austrian bus driver gets the thumbs up for his honesty in handing over a bag he found on his bus that contained 390,000 euros. Terry Kurtzhals of Lincoln, Nebraska who thought up a scheme to retrieve engagement rings from his dead fiance. Santa saved the day in Prestwich, Greater Manchester when he ran at muggers trying to rob a man on his way to the bank, and we end with more unusual Christmas gift ideas.


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Thursday December 20, 2012

This week being the last show before Christmas we begin with a Christmas theme and the Reindeer Cam at then there is the official Santa Tracker and countdown with a game a day opening in the Elf Village right up to Christmas Eve that can be found at with a telling of how Norad began tracking Santa. The event that didn't happen being the end of the world was briefly talked about. The first news stories goes to Australia where Tanis Baker was up in court for running round with a wooden sword in an attempt to clean up the streets in his local area. With the first edition of The Hobbit movies being released this month there is news a real Hobbit house remaining in an undisclosed area with it being built for the pleasure of its owner rather than a tourist attraction. Santa's clad in swimwear and underwear bared the freezing temperatures for the annual fun run in Budapest and we end with more Christmas Gift Ideas of the unusual kind.


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Thursday December 27, 2012

In this last show of the year we look back at a few celebrities that passed away in 2012 and also recap on some of the stories we have covered with updates.

In the second edition of Weird News Weekly there was the story of school girl Sarah Payne with the authorities telling her to remove her blog on school meals. Jacole Prince from Kansas City had her children taken from her when a tip off to police took them to her apartment where she had her eldest daughter locked in a closet suffering from malnutrition. The family of Dawn Viens who went missing in 2009 finally saw justice when David Viens was put on trial for her murder. The waxworks in Great Yarmouth that was set to close if a buyer wasn't found finally had to close its doors, and the house in China that had a road built round it was finally demolished.

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