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August 6, 2012

Weird News this week covers the stories of baseball cards found in an attic that fetch over $500,000 at auction, internet appeal for implants finds generous plastic surgeon, woman gets her wish to reach 100 years of age... then dies, tractor drives over 7 police cars, man calling Qantas airlines stays on hold for over 15 hours, medieval treasure found in Sweden, a New York golf club scandal and boy gets his hot dog stand closed down.


August 13, 2012

This week we talk about gay rights with the Chick-fil-A saga, Olympic news covers the missing athletes from the Cameroon team, Nicola Adam's dog watches his mistress win the gold from boarding kennels in Leeds, New Zealand fans in fire horror and man gets Olympic fever and is arrested when caught painting a mail box gold. Detroit Priest found it too hot so got naked behind the wheel of his car, cell phone button accidentally makes automatic call to 911 while making a drug deal and a sweet toothed Colorado shop lifting bear.

News for this week is man shoots himself in the butt, Ebay removing sales of magic items like love spells, birds fall from the sky in New Jersey due to legal cull, flight of the cuckoo via British Airways, Thai MP takes Uzi sub machine gun to dinner and accidentally shoots ex-wife/cousin/secretary and finally Bill Gates and 200 litres of poo.

This weeks news covers the announcement by NASA to name the Curiosity landing site on Mars, Bradbury Landing after Ray Bradbury. The Bank of Canada apologizes after being called racist, an exploding table, the secrets of living to an old age is a diet of minestrone, beans and potatoes, pigeon racers name an area of Yorkshire the Bermuda Triangle with 219 birds disappearing when released at Thirsk and a lost telegram informing parents that their son died in action in WWII is found in a lost property office 67 years on.

Newscasts this week include a warning about putting fizzy drinks in the freezer after a boy needed 38 stitches, a thief in Uganda who broke into the isolation ward of an hospital and is now a patient after coming down with the deadly Ebola virus, Bigfoot impersonator killed in Montana, Elvis' dirty underwear up for auction, book is returned to the Chicago Library after being stamped out in 1934 and a man in Michigan who called the police when a prostitute took his money then told him the price had gone up.

Along with the usual going off topic, news stories this week come from India where a store selling western menswear is causing international uproar by naming it Hitler, a Renoir painting is bought at a flea market in Virginia for $7, man in Sri Lanka steals a $13,000 diamond by swallowing it and Australian authorities put plans for an emu underpass on hold. With one of our favorite friends, DJ Rick Hinton being a guest on the show three news stories come from Florida with Volusia County deputies arresting a naked man sleeping on a table outside a Sonic restaurant, two teenage boys are arrested after stealing from Walmart with one claiming to be a police officer and our final newscast is from Stuart where residents have found themselves infested with crabs.

This week we had the pleasure of a guest based in Ohio joining us, Kelly Meister animal activist and author of Crazy Critter Lady. Kelly can be found at her website at

We talked to Kelly about her book and the animals that have come into her life with news stories covering an update on the auction that was selling Elvis Presley memorabilia. In honor of Kelly being a guest the rest of the newscasts were all animal related such as the two men who were caught smuggling Lorises in their underwear, a cat that smuggled himself into a suitcase, the Great Dane that is now officially the tallest dog in the world and a survey of American pet owners that discovered that more woman than men sleep with their pets.

 This weeks Weird News Weekly includes 25-year-old Bill Labose who jumped from the monorail into the tiger compound at the Bronx Zoo, the Amish trial that found 16 guilty of hate crimes, the United Kingdom on yellow alert with gale force winds and flooding this week, the trial of chef David Viens who described to detectives how he disposed of his wife's body, crayfish nip naked swimmers, Ghent prostitutes are having to dress up or pay up as new laws introduce fines of 120 euros and we end with the World Custard Pie Championships that took place near Maidstone, England.

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