Royal Haunts

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Royal Haunts

Welcome to royal haunts with articles on each monarch through the royal houses beginning with William I and the Normans, and of course haunts and paranormal phenomena associated where possible. There is now a Google translator on each Royal Haunts page making it accessible for most countries around the world.

Not only are there articles to read but slide shows via YouTube with narration. This is being built up gradually so call regular for updates.

William I

William II

Henry I


Matilda, Lady of the English

Henry II

Richard I


Henry III

Edward I

Edward II

Edward III

Richard II

Henry IV

Henry V

Henry VI

Edward IV

Edward V

Richard III

The Tudors

[Slide Shows - The Six Wives of Henry VIII]

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Katherine Howard

Catherine Parr

 Henry VII

Henry VIII

Edward VI

Lady Jane Grey

Mary I

Elizabeth I

James I

Charles I

Oliver Cromwell

Richard Cromwell

James II

Mary II & William III


George I

George II

George III

George IV

William IV


Edward VII

George V

Edward VIII

George VI

Elizabeth II

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