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 Paranormal X News Casts

The monthly podcasts are no longer continuing, the last one being December 2011.

December 2011 Podcast 

This month brings updates from October news with Nathan Sikkenga who allowed his 9-year-old son to drive while on holiday in Florida.

A body found in a freezer in Maine has now been identified.

December news covers whats been happening with Julian Mattsson who was awarded compensation after being stopped by police from taking photographs with the excuse that it's anti-social behhaviour.

Scott Bennett, wanting to take time off with pay, gave the excuse that his mother had died, even putting an obit in a newspaper.

Italian couple take the title of being the oldest to file for divorce.

The "Green Man" at pelican crossings are now to be called "Green Figure" in a decision by Lincolshire County Council.

Paranormal X news ends with a news story from Australia and a saltwater crocodile named Elvis.

November 2011 Podcast 

November news includes an apology letter to be wrote by a 16-year-old burglar to his victims decides to be honest. Danielle Morgan gets a camcorder moment when trapped by a clothes horse. Plans to turn the Eiffel Tower into an eco-tower may not get the support its looking for. Pagan Stone Circle destroyed by vandlas in what is thought to be a hate crime. Thanksgiving sees a Wisconsin man trying to kill one of the dinner guests when they refused to get from his chair.

Celebrity news covers Katy Perry and Russell Brand with rumours of divorce. Mariella Frostrup slipped up with her pampas grass and finally wishing George Michael a speedy recovery.

October 2011 Podcast 

The Paranormal X newscast for October includes an update on the end of the world with a new prediction of October 29 that came and went. Drunk parents don't drive, they designate their kids to get behind the wheel, in one case ending in a minor accident. A body of evidence is found in a freezer in Maine. Looking for that gift with a difference! This is your lucky day as a bridge in Kentucky is up for grabs. A Zimbabwe man brought up on bestiality charges claims the prostitute he hired turned into a donkey while Barbie causes controversy by getting inked up with tattoos.

Celebrity news covers Amy Whinehouse, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

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