Haunted Castles & Stately Homes

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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Tabley Old Hall Cheshire
The place now houses some of the finest pieces of art in the country. A couple have been seen leaning over the balustrade. It is husband and wife. He was killed in a duel and she committed suicide. Their bodies are said to have been walled up in the house.

Tamworth Castle Staffordshire
Haunted by Editha, a nun from Saxon times, she is often seen on the stairs. A White Lady haunts the terrace from where she watched her lover killed in battle by Sir Lancelot. You can find more at Haunted Island and there is a brief article at this website dedicated to the town of Tamworth.

Tapton House Derbyshire
George Stephenson, famed for his invention of ‘The Rocket’ during the steam age, lived and died at Tapton House and it is his ghost that is said to reside here.

Taunton Castle Somerset
Now a museum. This is where Judge Jeffries tried Monmouths men and their tramping feet can still be heard along with other instances of paranormal phenomena.

Temple Newsam House Yorkshire
Once owned by the Knights Templar whose lands and property was seized in the name of heresy which also filled the royal coffers. Apart from the sighting of an elderly lady, there has been the sounds of sighing and what is thought to be furniture being moved.

Thetford Priory Norfolk
Haunted by the monks that once resided here. Their familiar chants have been heard coming from the ruins. Not much remains as the masonry was taken for rebuilding. It is now in the care of English Heritage.

Thetford Warren Lodge Norfolk
Formerly a leper house, though in ruins, there are still many relics from the period, including a spectral inmate.

Thirlwall Castle Northumberland
Abandoned during the 17th century, it is the haunt of a dwarf who is said to be guarding treasure. The ruins are hard to reach unless you like walking.

Thorington Hall Suffolk
Now in the care of the National Trust it is only open to the public by appointment. Reputed to be the haunt of a young girl wearing a brown dress.

Tintagel Castle Cornwall.
According to legend, at certain times the castle can be seen in its former glory rather than the ruins that stand there today. Going into the annals of Arthurian legend, this is said to have been the birth place of King Arthur. There is also Merlin's Cave which is said to be haunted by the wizard. The Legends of King Arthur has more on the history of the place.

Tintern Abbey Wales
According to a legendary tale the monks guard the ecclesiastical ruins. The story can be found at Castle Wales.

Tower of London London
Having been a royal residence, a prison, and now more a museum, this is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. There have been so many sightings, and not all at night. One visitor described seeing a young girl which was recognised as being that of Lady Jane Grey. The wardens of the Tower have put together a few of their experiences at Camelot Village.

Tutbury Castle Staffordshire
Another haunt of Mary, Queen of Scots, all the information you need for this very disabled-friendly tourist attraction can be found at the main heading link.

Tynemouth Priory Tyne & Wear.
The priory and castle stand together. The ruins are reputed to be haunted by a Viking named Olaf. He was tended by the monks when wounded in battle and then went on to join the order.




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