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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Saddell Abbey Scotland
Now in ruins, it is said to be the haunt of monks.

St. Alban's Abbey Hertfordshire
The haunt of monks for which many have heard their ghostly chanting.

St. Michael's Mount Castle Cornwall
The castle's paranormal activity can be found at Haunted Mansions. The place is now in care of the National Trust.

Salisbury Cathedral Wiltshire
Paranormal activity has been recorded at St. Ormond's Tomb which holds the remains of a murderer.

Samlesbury Hall Lancashire
Haunted by Dorothy Southwood, the daughter of a former owner. A sad story of love and murder goes with her ghost which can be found at this B.B.C website.

Sandford Orcas Manor Dorset
The main link gives the opening times. Teeming with history, there are several ghostly ladies here dubbed under a variety of colours. It is claimed to be the most haunted home in England since the demise by fire of Borley Rectory. Haunted Mansions is the place to go for more on the ghosts.

Sandringham House Norfolk.
The famous 'Brown Lady' photographed at Raynham Hall is also said to haunt here. Though some have declared the Raynham photograph to be a fake.

Scarborough Castle Yorkshire
A 14th century ghost, that of Piers Gaveston who was killed here, now haunts the ruins.

Scone Palace Scotland.
Footsteps have been heard as though walking on the stone floor which has since been covered and is now of wood.

Scotney Castle Kent
Now in the care of the National Trust. The haunt of a revenue man who was murdered and thrown into the moat. He is often seen on dark nights crawling from the moat where he makes his way to the castle door before vanishing.

Seaton Delaval Hall Northumberland
All that remains of the original building is the Norman Chapel. Over the years there have been several fires, with a number of restorations, the last being in 1959. It is the chapel which is said to be haunted by a lady praying for the return of her husband, a former lord of the manor. There have been many reports of paranormal phenomena in the building and grounds, including a headless dog.

Sherborne Castle Dorset
Sir Walter Raleigh built over the original castle which held a curse to prevent the building falling into lay hands, but the new building did not save him. Falling out of favour with Elizabeth I, finally being detained at the Tower of London (twice) by her successor, James I, his ill fortune and execution is said to have been due to the curse on his lands. It is his ghost that is said to haunt here.

Shugborough Hall Staffordshire
This is reputedly haunted by Lady Harriett, her main haunt being the State Room.

Sissinghurst Castle Kent.
To read more on the castle's haunting's there is an article at Haunted Mansions. What is left of the place is now cared for by the National Trust. It is more a tourist attraction for the gardens set in and around the foundations of the castle.

Sizergh Castle Cumbria
In the care of the National Trust since 1950, this place holds a remarkable history of a family being able to keep the title of the property from 1239. Former owners fought for King and country, being strong supporters of the Yorkists during the Wars of the Roses. Yet the haunting here is more of a poltergeist nature. On one occassion the floorboards were torn up, only to be ripped out again when they were replaced.

Smithills Hall Lancashire
A bloody footprint is said to belong to George Marsh who is now believed to haunt here. He was tried in the upper rooms by the then owner, Robert Barton, a magistrate for the district, on the orders of Mary I. Marsh was convicted of heresy and sentenced to burn to death.

Snowshill Manor Gloucestershire.
There is an interesting article by Judy Farncombe on her first-hand experience with the spirits that haunt Snowshill Manor. One of these being a monk as the place was once an ecclesiastical building until the Dissolution.

Spedlin's Tower Scotland
Now a ruin, it was during the 17th century that the Lord of the manor placed a miller in the dungeon then forgot about him, where he starved to death. His cries for help are still said to be heard. Ghost tours can be arranged via the main link which tells the ghosts sorry plight.

Speke Hall Merseyside
Cared for by the National Trust. The story that gives reasons for the haunting does not carry merit as being one of the wives of a Beauclerk. The family did own the property but never lived at the hall. Perhaps one day it will be discovered who the phantom lady of Speke Hall really is.

Spinney Abbey Cambridgeshire
Formerly Austin Friars, now a farmhouse which offers bed and breakfast. You will find the history of the place and the haunting at the main link.

Springhill Ireland
Set in County Londonderrry, on the Moneymore-Coagh road, it is now ran by the National Trust. The haunting here is centred at the top of the staircase and one of the bedrooms which is said to be the haunt of a tall female with many witnesses bareing statements to the sighting of her.

Spynie Palace Scotland
Reputed to be the haunt of a piper and a female, among others. The ruins are said to have an eerie but pleasant atmosphere.

Stanley Palace Cheshire
Haunted Chester tells of the ghost and its unusual appearance. The place is not open to the public as such but boasting to be Chester’s most haunted house, it is ready to hire to any paranormal group looking for a vigil site, at a price of course.

Stirling Castle Scotland
This is the haunt of a female. There are differing views as to who she may be. Some say it is Mary, Queen of Scots who held her coronation here. Others think it is a lady who once lived here. The property is now in care of Historic Scotland, helping to maintain the countries heritage.

Stonor Park Oxfordshire
Many instances of paranormal activity have been reported. In the grounds dogs appear to see something which brings up their hackles. A brief description of the house can be found at About Britain.

Sudbury Hall Derbyshire
This is the haunt of a 'Green Lady' a 'Black Lady' and Queen Adelaide, consort to William IV. It is now one of the many properties cared for by the National Trust.

Sudeley Castle Gloucestershire
The haunt of a former house-keeper from Victorian times. The other lady witnesses have reported is thought to be the last of Henry VIII's wives, Catherine Parr.

Sutton Scarsdale Hall Derbyshire
Now no more than ruins, the property is looked over by English Heritage with entrance being free. An investigation took place that can be found at Paranormal Investigatiors which describes the many hauntings.




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