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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Raby Castle Durham
The former home and haunt of Lady Barnard who is nicknamed 'Old Hell Cat.'

Raglan Castle Wales
Haunted by a poet some 500 years old. It is now a ruin. Castle Wales dedicated to castles in Wales tells the history. It also contains some very good pictures.

Ragley Hall Warwickshire
Reputed to be haunted by a White Lady, it is now the home of Lord and Lady Hertford.

Rainham Hall London
Now in the hands of the National Trust. This friendly ghost has been seen during the daytime. It is that of Colonel Muller who could not bare to leave his beloved home.

Rait Castle Scotland
The clash of swords has been heard among what is now ruins. Then there is the spectre of a young girl with no hands and bloodstained dress.

Reculver Towers Kent
Children have been heard crying around the ruins of the castle. When excavations took place in the 1960’s a child’s skeleton was discovered.

Renishaw Hall Derbyshire
During renovations an empty coffin was found. It is the haunt of two female ghosts, one a former servant. It is open by special arrangement only but the garden is accessible to the public.

Richborough Castle Kent
Used by the Roman's during their occupation, one of the soldiers still haunts the place.

Richmond Castle North Yorkshire
There is a legendary tale here of King Arthur and his Knights who sleep in a cavern below the castle, awaiting the day when England needs them. There is also the phantom drumming of a small boy, more often than not heard on the Castle Walk which circles Richmond Castle. The boy was sent down into the tunnels, playing his drum so that soldiers could follow his progress over ground. The drumming suddenly came to a halt and the boy was never seen again.

Ripley Castle Yorkshire
Haunted by a ghost who knocks on doors, but only enters when asked to do so. The Heritage Trail gives the history of the place.

Castle Rising Norfolk
Reputed to be the haunt of Queen Isabella, mother of Edward III.

Roche Abbey South Yorkshire
Once inhabited by monks there appears to be one left behind in phantom form. The place is now a ruin but there is still a wishing well. Like some, it does not require money. A wish should be made with the offering of a pin. The Heritage Trail has a page on the history.

Rochester Castle Kent
The haunt of a Lady Blanch de Warren, who was killed here. Stories vary, but she is always seen with an arrow in her heart. Also said to be haunted by Charles Dickens. A page at the Heritage Trail can be found on the history.

Roxburgh Castle Scotland
Home of Lord Soulis, who, it was rumoured, practiced black magic. The people from the village rose up against him and his ghost still haunts the ruins of his old home. There is also supposed to be buried treasure.

Rufford Abbey Nottinghamshire
The place is in ruins but gradually being renovated. It is the haunt of a monk, among others.

Rufford Old Hall Lancashire
This 16th century house is in the care of the National Trust. There is a sad story to go with the haunting of Elizabeth Hesketh, the daughter of a former owner. There is a piece at Haunted Mansions that may be of interest.

Castle Rushen Isle of Man
There are many witnesses to the spectre of The Grey Lady, sometimes accompanied by a boy. There is a sad, poignant story associated with them. The main link gives opening times and admission fees for all the attractions on the Isle of Man.

Rycote Chapel Oxfordshire
Haunted by a lady from the Tudor era, she is often seen under the large yew tree. Haunted Mansions has a page on the ghost.




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