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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Peel Castle Isle of Man
This is the roam of a spectral dog. There is the story of a soldier who went in search of the animal only to be found a number of days later in no fit state to relate what had happened to him.

Pengersick Castle Cornwall
Pengersick Castle is closed until the summer. Please come back for more information when this listing is updated. Two ghosts are said to reside here. One being a former owner from Tudor times. It is a place full of myths and legends, witchcraft, a magic sword, and all. The castle privately owned but will open by special appointment.

Penshurst Place Kent
Now the home of 2nd Viscount De L'Isle it is said to be the haunt of a former owner.

Peveril Castle Derbyshire
The eerie ruins are said to be the haunt of a knight who has been seen standing on the ramparts. The knight’s horse remains faithful in death and is also reputed to haunt here.

Plas Teg Hall Wales
Once a home to Judge Jeffries, there are claims that it is haunted as hanging's took place on the premises. It has taken 20 years of restoration work by a single woman's vision and is now open to the public.

Polesden Lacey Surrey
A brown clad figure haunts a small bridge in the grounds. The property is now in care of the National Trust.

Powderham Castle Devon
The castle is closed to the public every Saturday. The castles page on opening times and admission charges is the main heading link. There are usually ghost tours organised around Halloween.

Prittlewell Priory Essex
The haunt of a monk who is said to have died in disgrace, being found guilty of falling in love with a woman from the neighbourhood, or practising black magic as both have been suggested. Either way they both brought a sentence of death. The priory is now a museum.


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