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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Nanteos Mansion Wales
There have been many strange occurrences here, including the strains of music. The Holy Grail Legend is also embedded in the history of the place with a history page at the main link giving more information. It now offers bed and breakfast along with the usual services for conferences and weddings.

Naworth Castle Cumbria
Private tours are booked in advance. It is the haunt of a girl who fell pregnant by the then owner, Lord Dacre. The day of his wedding she drowned herself in the stream by the castle.

Netley Abbey Hampshire
A place with a notorable past with tales of buried treasure and a passage so awful a man died of fright. It was said Florence Nightingale haunted the chapel which was pulled down in 1966. There is an interesting post at the Hampshire Ghost Club website.

Newark Castle Scotland
The castle is thought to be haunted with it having a rather violent history. One owner, Patrick Maxwell, is said to have killed two of his neighbours and then his wife who had bore him 16 children.

Newburgh Priory Yorkshire
The place was cursed during the Dissolution. There is also a book which is said should never be removed and so is locked safely away. Two ghosts haunt here, a man seen coming from the unfurnished room and that of a murdered woman.

Newby Hall Yorkshire
The nursery here is said to be haunted. Set in Ripon, this is a family home restored to its natural beauty as a classic 18th century hall.

Newstead Abbey Nottinghamshire
Once the home of the Byron's. The poet, Lord George Byron, buried his dog in the grounds which is said to be the phantom hound that haunts here. He asked to be buried near the dog but his request was denied.

Noltland Castle Scotland
A light appears in the ruins. It is said to coincide with a birth, marriage, or death connected to the Balfour family who once lived here.

Norham Castle Northumberland
The ruins are in the care of English Heritage. It is said to be the haunt of a Grey Lady. As with most buildings erected as a protection and defensive position the place was besieged so many times that there is a torrid history.

Norton Priory Cheshire
Thought to be the haunt of monks as they lived here before the Dissolution, the 900 year old building is now a museum.

Norwich Castle Norfolk
Said to be haunted by a Victorian ghost in a black dress. Like many castles the place has now become a museum.

Nottingham Castle Nottinghamshire
The ghost here is thought to be Queen Isabella who is searching for her lover Mortimer. He was held in the dungeons before being taken to his execution in London. Robin Hood will forever be linked with the castle as seen at the Robin Hood website.


Okehampton Castle Devon
The haunt of a black hound. There is a description of the ruins and its history at the Heritage Trail.

Old Soar Manor Kent
The place is reputed to be the haunt of a former dairymaid who died in what could be suspicious circumstances. She was buried in unconsecrated ground because she was thought to have committed suicide, but was it an accident or murder! There is an article at Culpepper Connections.

Ordsall Hall Lancashire
The place is reputed to be haunted and for any would-be ghost hunter there is a Ghostcam. The cams were taken offline at one point but prior to their return they produced some very interesting results.

Osterley Park Middlesex
This Tudor house has been renovated and now sits in a beautiful landscape. The ghost here is a female in a white dress. The White Lady's appearance is most auspicious at around 4.30pm.

Owlpen Manor Gloucestershire
This Tudor manor is haunted by the Queen of Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou. She was a guest at the manor in 1471 when her husbands armies were soundly defeated in battle as the War of the Roses. Her son and heir to the throne was killed in one of the battles. After her husbands death, while a prisoner at the Tower of London, possibly by means of murder, she was held captive for many years before being released on ransom. She returned to France, her country of birth, where she died in 1482.

Oxburgh Hall Norfolk
The haunt of a female, she vanished from the hall under mysterious circumstances over 300 years ago. Though in the care of the National Trust, the Bedingfeld's, who have had the hall as a family home since the 15th century still occupy one wing of the premises.




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