Haunted Castles & Stately Homes

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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Malahide Castle Ireland
Here there are two ghosts, one a White Lady of which there is a portrait in the hall of her in flowing white dress. The other is Puck, a former servant, who hanged himself. He is said to be only four feet tall.

Mannington Hall Norfolk
A visitor to the house in 1879 claimed to see a ghost in the library. Lord Orford, the owner, much later said it was a servant his guest had seen. The house is open to the public by appointment only. The main link gives information on visiting the estate gardens.

Mapledurham House Oxfordshire
A case of re-enactment as a servant was murdered here by his employer. There have been reports of the master being seen dragging the dead body of the servant across the floor. The servant is said to haunt the place.

Marple Hall Cheshire
Reputed to be the haunt of Charles II, now all that remains is a plaque commemorating the hall which once stood here.

Marwell Hall Hampshire
This is the haunt of Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII, who died through complications after giving birth. For more on the hauntings there is Haunted Mansions.

Melbourne Hall Derbyshire
A young woman who died at the hall during the early part of the 17th century is now said to reside here in spirit form. Not only does she haunt the hall, but particularly the yew trees in the grounds.

Melrose Abbey Scotland
Now a ruin, there all tales of monks haunting the site as well as one haunting his grave, being that of Michael Scott who is said to have practiced black magic.

Castle of Mey Scotland
For a history of the castle there is the Castle Travel Guide. The 5th Earl's daughter fell in love with a man below her station and was kept in the castle where she threw herself from a window and still haunts her home.

Michelham Priory Sussex
A Blue Lady and a monk are reputed to haunt the Tudor Room. The gatehouse is the haunt of the Grey Lady.

Minsden Chapel Hertfordshire
This is the haunt of a monk who has been photographed wandering through the ruins. The main link gives details on how to reach the ruins as well as about the ghost.

Minster Lovell Hall Oxfordshire
Now ruins, haunted by Lord Lovell. Living in hiding with one servant, when the man died he was trapped and starved to death. There is an account of a Christmas Day visit and the hauntings at this Ghosts page.

Moresby Hall Cumbria
This Jacobean mansion was built over a Roman graveyard. The church is also thought to be haunted and was built over what was once a Roman fort.

Moyse's Hall Suffolk
The Abbey, haunted by monks, is now a museum.

Muncaster Castle Cumberland
The castle has in its possession the Luck of Muncaster which must have worked, for unlike others, Muncaster has been in the hands of the same family for eight centuries. There are two ghosts, one being King Henry who hid here after the defeat at Tewkesbury. The other is thought to have been a young carpenter who fell in love with the daughter of Sir Ferdinand Pennington, she returning his love. He was assassinated and beheaded which is why his ghost is now headless.




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