Haunted Castles & Stately Homes

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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Lacock Abbey Wiltshire
Reputed to be the haunt of a female spirit, she is possibly one of the Augustine nuns by which the abbey was founded in 1229, lasting until the Dissolution in 1539. For any Harry Potter enthusiasts this is well worth a visit.

Lamb House East Sussex
This 18th century house was once the home of Henry James, and another author, E. F. Benson. Reputed to be haunted by an old lady. There is more on the history at Tour uk.

Lanhydrock House Cornwall
The history and its ghosts can be found here at Haunted Britain with an article by Richard Jones.

Layer Marney Tower Essex
The former owner of this open fort, Lord Marney, died in 1523 before he could finish the building, and now his ghost is said to reside here.

Leeds Castle Kent
It is reputed to be the haunt of a dog, its appearance being a bad omen to whoever lives at the Castle.

Leith Hall Scotland
The history and stories of the ghosts of Leith Hall can be found at the About Aberdeen website. The hall is closed to the public but is opened on request for tours, functions and other events.

Levens Hall Cumberland
There was said to be a curse on the owners of this hall which appears to have been carried out with clarity until it was broken. It is the haunt of a former pet dog and a Grey Lady.

Lindisfarne Castle Northumberland
A large white dog is said to prowl the ruins. Crossing to the Holy Island to visit Lindisfarne Castle can be quite precarious with access by foot or car. Check out the Crossing Tide Table before venturing.

Little Moreton Hall Cheshire
Now run by the National Trust, this 15th century house was extended during the 16th to Elizabethan standards. The Grey Lady who haunts here is said to disappear by sinking through the floorboards where she has often been seen in the Long Gallery. For more history on the house there is the Heritage Trail which is just one of many pages on the site.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor Wales
This Tudor Manor is said to be very haunted. There are ghost tours available or you can conduct your own investigation. Details can be found on the website at the Heading link.

Longleat Wiltshire
Several ghosts reside here. One being the Green Lady whose portrait hangs in the dining room.

Loseley Park Surrey
Reputed to be haunted with one tenant refusing to remain in the place. There is more information at About Britain.

Lowther Castle Cumbria
A former owner who appeared to go mad with grief is said to haunt his old home. The gruesome story can be found at Simon Marsden’s website.

Ludlow Castle Shropshire
A sad love story of a girl betrayed by her lover goes with her ghost. Now in ruins it is owned by the Earl of Powis.

Lydford Castle Devon
The ruins are in care of English Heritage. This is the haunting place of Judge Jeffries and Lady Howard. Nearby there is the National Trust's Lydford Gorge which is also haunted.

Lyme Park Cheshire
Now ran by the National Trust. A skeleton was found in a secret room. There are other ghosts here apart from a female in white.




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