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Haunted Castles & Stately Homes


Baldoon Castle Scotland
The marriage of David and Janet Dunbar in 1669 was not to be a happy occasion. During the evening festivities after the wedding ceremony, guests were shocked to find the groom had been attacked, suffering from knife wounds with a blood-stained bride beside him. Stories differ as to what really happened but David survived while Janet died a few months later. It is her ghost, still covered in blood, that is said to haunt the castle.

Ballindalloch Castle Scotland
A fairytale castle set in beautiful grounds. The ghost here appears at night and is that of a Green Lady.

Balvenie Castle Scotland
Music has been heard here as well as a disembodied voice. It is said that a White Lady haunts the ruins. Details of opening times and entrance fees can be found at the main heading link. More on the castle can be found at About Britain.

Bamburgh Castle Northumberland
The haunt of a spectral knight. The figure is vague but all agree he is in armour which is heard clanking. There is also the legend of a dragon.

Barcaldine Castle Scotland
Situated between Oban and Fort William, off the shores of Loch Creran. First opened to the public in 1996. Here there is said to be a lady who likes music and a Campbell seeking revenge.

Bateman's East Sussex
The home of Rudyard Kipling which claims to be haunted. Owned by the National Trust, it is a monument to the famous author.

Battle Abbey Sussex
When Henry VIII gave the lands to a faithful servant, the Abbey being taken during the Dissolution, it was cursed by a monk. It is also the haunt of a lady thought to be a former Duchess of Cleveland.

Beaulieu Abbey Hampshire
In the Abbey ruins, originally the gatehouse, the chanting of monks has been heard as well as them being seen.

Belton House Lincolnshire
Now ran by the National Trust, an earlier house on the site was torn down in the 17th century. In 1775 the house was renovated by the architect James Wyatt. The Grey Lady who haunts here is said to disappear by sinking through the floorboards where she has often been seen in the Long Gallery.

Berkeley Castle Gloucestershire
This is where Edward II was imprisoned, tortured and murdered in a most gruesome manner, even for those times. The place as a reputation for being haunted by several ghosts.

Berry Pomeroy Castle Devon
Now in ruins, it is Lady Margaret Pomeroy and others who haunt here. There is also information at English Heritage.

Bisham Abbey Berkshire
To be found near Maidenhead, this is the haunt of Elizabeth Hoby who cannot rest, having beaten her son to death. Bisham Abbey is now a sports facility for training athletes with football/rugby pitches, tennis courts and used by organisations for water sports, cycling and the like.

Blickling Hall Norfolk
One of the homes cared for by the National Trust, this is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn who is now reputed to haunt here.

Bodelwyddan Castle Wales
The castle as had a long and varied history. Many reports have been made of sightings etc. There is a ghost page at the main link and ghost tours and night vigils are on offer.

Bodiam Castle East Sussex
A lady in red is said to be seen on clear moonlight nights. There are also stories of a ghostly boy seen on the bridge. The most auspicious time for a visit seems to be on Easter Sunday when singing has been heard.

Bolsover Castle Derbyshire
The haunt of a White Lady. The castle is now cared for by English Heritage.

Bolton Abbey Yorkshire
Situated on the Yorkshire Estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, not surprisingly, is haunted by a monk.

Braemar Castle Scotland
A brief note on the haunting of the castle can be found at Wee Guides. Interestingly enough, like so many castles, arrangements can be made for wedding ceremonies, which may also interest the ghost associated with a sad tale.

Bramber Castle Sussex
There is very little remaining of Bramber Castle. It is owned by the National Trust but in the care of English Heritage. For more details of the castle there is the English Heritage website.

Brodick Castle Scotland
Most of the castle dates from the 19th century while a smaller portion could be of Viking origin dating back to the 13th century. The original castle was destroyed by English troops. It is the old part where a 'Grey Lady' as been seen. It is thought she was locked in the castle dungeon having contracted the plague and was left there to starve to death. A male apparition has been reported in the library.

Bruce Castle London
Now the Tottenham Museum, the main link gives the opening times with entry on some occasions being free. There is a page on the history of Bruce Castle on a website put together by Michael Bruff. It is said to be haunted by Lady Coleraine who was held prisoner there by her husband until she threw herself from a balcony. The most prosperous time to visit is November 3, the anniversary of her death.

Buckholm Tower Scotland
The murderer rather than his victims haunts here, but the bloodstains still bare testament.

Buckland Abbey Devon
Now owned by the National Trust, it is steeped in history with this being the former home of Sir Francis Drake who is said to haunt here. A good website is Tour uk.

Burford Priory Oxfordshire
Home to a mixed community of nuns and monks. It is said to be the haunt of a monk who once lived there.

Burgh Castle Norfolk
The most auspicious time to experience any phenomena is July 3, when a body wrapped in white cloth is thrown from the ruins onto the shore. It is now owned by English Heritage.

Burton Agnes Hall Yorkshire
Built in 1598-1610, the stately home near Bridlington is classed a Yorkshire treasure. There was at one time a skull on display. That of Anne Gifford, her father having built the hall she loved so much. It was her request to have her head remain in the house. This was finally done after poltergeist activity plagued the family, which occurred every time the grisley remnant was removed from the hall. It was finally sealed in a secret place within the walls, but Anne Gifford is still said to haunt her former home.

Burton Constable Hall Humberside
The haunt of a prior nanny, Nurse Dowdall, who looked after the children of the house sometime during the 19th century. There is also the spirit of a black Labrador which is said to push past visitors to the hall.

Bury St. Edmunds Abbey Suffolk
Apparitions have been reported among the abbey ruins as well as in the surrounding area.





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