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Myebook - Chance Meeting - click here to open my ebook

This e-book is available FREE to read online.

Chance Meeting

Julie McIntyre's late night venture leads to a chance meeting she couldn't possibly have envisaged.
Myebook - The Old Mill - click here to open my ebook

 This e-book is available FREE to read or in audio format.

The Old Mill

A short story in a format to read or audiobook. A ghost story! Or maybe not.
Myebook - The Painting - click here to open my ebook

 Audio only, available FREE to listen online.

The Painting

A story of a painter who comes across a most unusual model for his artwork.


Paranormal Tales

This is a series of fictional stories of the paranormal to horror by authors open to the public domain unless stated in which case copyright remains with the author and should not be used in part or whole without permission from the said author or via the administration of this website. Thank you!

The Mortal


Oliver Onions

 Mrs Amworth


E. F. Benton

 The Mummy's Foot


Jessie Adelaide Middleton

The Open Window



The Invaders


Benjamin Ferris 

The White Feather Hex


Don Peterson 

Mr Jodhpur's Tale


Diane Browne 



Myebook - To Deceive The King - click here to open my ebook

 This e-book is available FREE to read or in audio format.

To Deceive The King

A short story of fiction... or maybe not, set in the Tudor times of Henry VIII, and his ill-treated daughter who was later to become Englands first queen, Mary I.

Rusty Spurs takes you back to when men were cowboys, containing 33 poems and two fictional stories to bring the Old West to life.

Rusty Spurs is available to download at Amazon, being available from April 8, 2013. Click on the book to check it out.


If you enjoy listening to e-books or would like to volunteer to be an e-book reader or proof reader then Project Gutenberg is the place to go. This is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations.



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