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XMAS   See Christmas.

X-RAY   To dream that you are being given an x-ray indicates that you are feeling guilty over some action or words. Seeing your lover being x-rayed is a sign that they are not to be trusted. Others being given an x-ray shows that you will know your enemies and overcome them before any harm can be done.

XYLOPHONE   Hearing music played on a xylophone is a fortunate omen but only if it pleases you, if not, expect problems coming your way.


YACHT   To dream of a yacht is favourable unless the water is rough and then you can expect obstacles to arise. Being aboard a yacht in a dream shows that some of your desires will be seen, but if the sea is not calm you will find failure.

YARD   Dreaming of a yard will find an invitation to a wedding which could be the start of a new romance for you or a new friend if you are already with a partner you are happy with. To dream of a woodyard indicates financial and material gains.

YARDSTICK   To dream of a stick or ruler which measures by the yard signifies that obstacles will cause delays to your plans.

YARN   A yard of fibre tells the dreamer they will receive a surprise in the form of a gift.

YAWN   To dream that you yawn is a sign of minor difficulties which should be dealt with if they are not to cause any severe problems.

YEARNING   Yearning for something in a dream signifies that you will renew a friendship.

YEAST   Dreaming of this substance indicates that financial gains will come to you via another's savings.

YELLING   See Shouting.

YELLOW   This colour represents problems where affairs of the heart are concerned, but a deep yellow helps where material problems are effecting your life.

YEW TREE   Dreaming of this coniferous tree signifies that you will receive a bequest due to the demise of a family member or friend.

YOKE   To dream that you are burdened by a yoke is a sign that you are being too easily influenced by another, try to make your own decisions occasionally.

YOUNGER   Dreaming that you are younger signifies that you will find advancements and benefits, but they will only be temporary.

YULETIDE   See Christmas.


ZEBRA   To dream of this mammal which is related to the horse, being in its natural environment indicates that friends will bring arguments. Dreaming of a zebra in a zoo signifies that you will not show the appreciation which others deserve.

ZEPPELIN   See Airship.

ZIGZAGS   To dream of a pattern of angles and short lines forming a zigzag pattern signifies that you have too many projects going on at the same time with you not being able to make your mind up about which is the most important.

ZINC   This metal element tells the dreamer that things will now start falling into place, you know what you want and where you are going.

ZOO   It is a favourable sign to visit a zoo in a dream, but if you only see one captive animal this is an unfortunate omen.

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