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WADDING   To dream of this type of material indicates problems concerning illness while other areas of your life will find good fortune.

WADING   Walking through water in a dream depends upon the state in which it is in, clear water is a sign of happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned, but if the water is murky or your path choked with weeds this tells you that romance will find unhappiness and bitterness.

WAGER     To dream of placing a bet signifies that you should stay with your opinions and not let others sway you onto their side. Dreaming that you have won indicates that your situation will change for the better, but to lose shows that enemies are out to harm you with any financial gains coming from a dubious source.

WAGES     Being given your wages in a dream is not favourable and losses can be expected. To dream that you are paying others their earnings indicates that you will receive a bequest.

WAGON     To dream that you are a passenger on this form of transport signifies financial problems.

WAIST   To dream that you are placing clothes or a belt around your waist is a favourable sign where financial matters are concerned.

WAITER     Dreaming that you are sat at a table and have a waiter serve you denotes that your aid will be required concerning another's illness. Waiting upon others in a dream indicates a boost to your social life.

WAKE   To dream that you are present at a burial and its proceedings is a favourable sign for business matters and romance.

WALKING   This depends upon the road on which you are walking, an even and straight track is a fortunate omen, but one which is rough and upwards shows that troubles are not far away. It is also an unfortunate omen to be walking during the night time.

WALKING STICK     When you are in need of help someone will be there in your greatest need. To dream that you are using a cane or walking stick signifies an increase in wealth. To break a cane in a dream indicates bad luck. If the cane is dropped this tells you to be careful in all things you do for two or three days after such a dream. Dreaming of resting on a cane or walking stick indicates the oncoming of illness.

WALL   To dream that a wall is in your path or that you are enclosed by walls is most unfortunate unless you manage to escape them, and then happiness will be found after a hard struggle.

WALLET     It is fortunate to dream of a wallet, but if it contains money this is not so favourable. To dream that you have found a wallet signifies that money is coming your, way but do not expect too much. Dreaming that you have lost a wallet indicates a boost to your social life, which will mean money being spent.

WALLFLOWER   Many good friendships can be seen when dreaming of these pretty little scented flowers.

WALLPAPER   To dream that you are hanging wallpaper indicates ill-health where a friend is concerned.

WALNUTS   These shelled fruit tell the dreamer of minor problems which should be handled as soon as they arise so they do not get out of control.

WALTZING   To dream that you are doing this type of dance is a sign that someone secretly adores you but is not willing to come forward and admit their feelings.

WAR   It is not fortunate to dream of war but if hostilities are ended this indicates a promotion where employment is concerned.

WARBLING   A bird warbling a sweet song in a dream indicates happiness in affairs of the heart.

WARDER   Dreaming of an officer of a gaol indicates joy where a trip away from home is concerned.

WARDROBE   To dream of a wardrobe shows that a friend who you think is loyal will prove deceitful. Also see Cabinet.

WARREN   To dream of the home of rabbits but not seeing them, tells that there is happiness to be found, but it will be costly.

WARTS   To dream that you have warts is favourable where money is concerned, showing financial gains coming your way, the more warts you have, the larger the gains will be. Dreaming that others have warts is a sign that friends will be fortunate in money matters.

WASHING   Doing the washing in a dream denotes domestic problems.

WASPS   To dream of these insects indicates that unsociable people will cause problems for you.

WATCH   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this time-piece.

WATCHMAN     Dreaming of a person who keeps watch indicates that friends are true and will help whenever they are able.

WATER   Clear water seen in a dream is fortunate while dirty water is of opposite meaning.

WATER CRESS     Dreaming of this type of cress which can be found growing in clear running streams shows problems in the area of romance which will find a separation if it is collected or eaten, but if it is left where it is then your troubles will be resolved.

WATER LILIES   To dream of these large water flowers shows that plans are beyond your scope, once failure sets in stop before your losses become too great.

WATER MILL   Dreaming of a water mill is a fortunate omen and even more favourable if it is working.

WATER WHEEL   Financial gains and new friendships being made can be seen when you dream of a water wheel at work.

WATERFALL   A waterfall in a dream indicates that a boost to your social life will find you becoming the victim of idle chatter.

WAVES   Dreaming of waves signifies that you will have to work hard to find what seems to others to be good luck.

WAX   To dream of this cleaning substance warns you not to make any commitments where financial matters are concerned.

WEALTH   To dream that you have abundance of wealth and riches is not a fortunate omen. The more wealth dreamt of, the greater your losses will be. Dreaming of others who are surrounded by wealth warns you to avoid rivals.

WEASEL   Seeing this mammal in a dream indicates that you should be cautious of what you say and do in front of a new acquaintance.

WEATHER   If the weather is fine this is a fortunate omen. If appropriate see Lightning, Rain, Snow, Storm, Thunder, or Wind.

WEATHERCOCK   Dreaming of this weathervane signifies that situations will be changeable which will find you confused and irritable.

WEAVING   To dream that you are weaving tells you of news concerning a marriage.

WEB   Financial problems will soon be solved and a journey undertaken when dreaming of a web.

WEDDING   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of a wedding where everything is going well and everyone is happy, but a wedding which is plagued with problems is a more favourable sign.

WEDDING RING   To dream of a wedding ring indicates a short separation, but if you remove a wedding ring from your finger the separation will be permanent.

WEEDING   It is fortunate when dreaming of pulling weeds from the ground.

WEEPING   To dream that you or others are weeping denotes happiness.

WELL   Taking water from a well in a dream depends upon its state, clean fresh water is a fortunate omen while muddy water is less favourable. A well with no water tells the dreamer there are problems up ahead. To dream that you have fallen into a well shows that plans will fail and your desires will amount to nothing. If appropriate see Wishing Well.

WEST   Travelling west or visiting Western countries indicates that you will travel.

WET   To dream that you are drenched warns of health matters and tells you to guard against colds. To see others soaking wet denotes that you expect too much from family and friends.

WHALE   This large mammal indicates that a marriage will be postponed to take place at another time while problems are having to be overcome.

WHEAT   It is fortunate to dream of this cereal crop.

WHEAT FIELD   Dreaming of a field of wheat is favourable where business matters are concerned.

WHEEL   The wheel of a vehicle tells the dreamer of sadness where romance is concerned. A water wheel is a fortunate omen. Dreaming of a roulette wheel shows that your ego will be bruised.

WHIPPING   To dream that you are lashing someone or that you are receiving a flogging signifies problems concerning a loved one are ahead.

WHIRLPOOL   Dreaming of a whirlpool signifies that you will be given some advice, pay attention and act upon what you are told.

WHIRLWIND   To dream of this violent wind indicates that you should not take what others tell you to be fact, check things out before acting on any information.

WHISKY     It is an unfortunate omen with financial difficulties being seen when dreaming of this alcoholic beverage.

WHISPERING   Dreaming that you or others are whispering signifies money coming your way.

WHIST   Playing this card game in a dream indicates that advancements can be seen.

WHISTLING     To be whistling in a dream is not a favourable sign and shows that unhappiness is not far away. Dreaming of others whistling denotes that you are the victim of malicious gossip.

WHITE   It is always fortunate to see this colour in a dream.

WHITE HAIR   See Grey Hair.

WHITEWASH   To dream of this form of paint indicates happiness where friends are concerned.

WIDOW   No matter what the situation, whether you become a widow or see one is a most unfortunate dream.

WIDOWER   This is the same definition for Widow.

WIFE   For a man to dream of his wife tells him that his patience will be tested, and if you quarrel then arguments will take place in your waking hours. A man dreaming of caressing his wife or lover signifies a rise in wages.

WILD FRUIT   To dream of uncultivated fruit is not a favourable omen.

WILD HORSE   Seeing this animal in a dream tells you to think before you leap as hasty decisions may result in failure.

WILDERNESS   Dreaming that you are in uninhabited lands indicates that you will have cause to celebrate with friends.

WILL   To dream that you are making out your last will and testament denotes peace, contentment, and a long life.

WILLOW   Dreaming of this tree with its drooping leaves signifies that you should not confide in someone who is a new friend, in the end they will prove their deceit.

WIND   It is a fortunate omen to dream that the wind is blowing, the stronger it is, the better your fortune will be.

WINDMILL   To see a windmill with its sails turning indicates gains, but do not expect anything too great. If the sails are not turning this is more favourable.

WINDOW   To dream that you are looking through a window shows that rivals will be overcome. Dreaming of a window which is open is a fortunate omen, a window which is fastened denotes losses where friendships are concerned.

WINE   Dreaming of wine is a sign of domestic happiness, but if you spill it then this is not at all favourable.

WINE MAKING   See Brewing.

WINGS   To dream that you have wings is unfavourable where financial matters are concerned.

WINTER     It is a fortunate omen to dream that it is this season, especially if the dream takes place during the summer months.

WIRELESS   Dreaming of a radio indicates surprising news concerning your finances.

WISHING WELL   To dream that you make a wish over a well signifies that there are two people who would like to be your partner in romance, think carefully before you make your choice.

WITCH   It is not a favourable omen to dream of a witch.

WITNESS   To dream that you are called to a court of law to give evidence of what you have seen signifies that you will be wrongly blamed.

WIZARD   Dreaming of this male counter-part to a witch is a fortunate omen.

WOLF   To dream of this species of dog warns that not all your friends can be trusted, there is a hostile influence nearby. Dreaming that you are hunted by wolves is a sign that you will be placed in a dangerous situation. Having dreamt of being on the trail of a wolf indicates that problems will occur, but you will overcome them with little difficulty. And to kill a wolf denotes that plans will succeed.

WOMAN     Seeing a woman of beauty in a dream signifies happiness where romance is concerned, but a plain or unsightly woman denotes problems which will throw you off balance. Financial gains will be found if several women are seen in a dream. It is not favourable for a man to dream of a prostitute, but a woman dreaming that she is a lady of the night denotes that pride will take a fall.

WOOD   To dream of a wood when the trees are in leaf signifies good fortune, but if the trees are bare or the leaves brown then expect troubles coming your way. 

WOODCUTTER   Dreaming of a woodcutter signifies that hard work will be required, although the rewards will not be so great as you hoped.

WOOL   To dream of this substance from the coat of a sheep or other animal is a sign that business matters will go well with domestic affairs finding happiness. However, if the wool is in bales this shows you will have many troubles.

WORKHOUSE   To dream of this institution for the poor is a favourable sign where money is concerned.

WORKSHOP     It is a favourable omen when dreaming of a building or room where work is carried out.

WORMS   These slender snake-like creatures tell the dreamer of health problems.

WORSTED   Dreaming of this woven fabric is a fortunate omen.

WOUNDED   It is fortunate for affairs of the heart and business matters when dreaming that you have been wounded.

WREATH   To dream of a wreath of fresh flowers is a favourable sign, but if the flowers are dying then expect problems to come your way.

WRECK   Dreaming of any form of wreck is a most unfortunate omen for all areas of your life.

WREN   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this little mottled bird.

WRESTLING   To dream that you are wrestling with someone indicates financial and health problems to worry over.

WRINKLES   To dream that you have many wrinkles is a sign that an illness will be almost fatal but you will recover to see an old age.

WRIST   To dream that you have injured your wrist is fortunate where romance and marriage are concerned.

WRITING   Writing in a dream is not a good sign and shows that problems will be of your own making. Any written correspondence, magazines, or books are unfortunate.


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