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UGLY   Dreaming of people who are ugly is a very favourable sign.

ULCERS   To have mouth ulcers in a dream is a very fortunate omen. Dreaming that you are suffering from stomach ulcers which are causing you pain shows financial gains.

UMBRELLA   To dream of an umbrella indicates that problems are not far away, but if the umbrella is shielding you against rain or bad weather this represents that someone will be of help in your time of troubles. A broken umbrella signifies money problems.

UNCLE   It is always favourable to dream of close relatives.

UNDERTAKER   Dreaming of an undertaker is a fortunate omen and denotes happiness with luck in romance and a comfortable life.

UNFAITHFUL   To dream that you or your partner are unfaithful to one another is a favourable sign and shows a happy and loving relationship.

UNFORTUNATE   Being unfortunate in some situation indicates that if you plan everything carefully success will be found.

UNHAPPY   The more unhappy you are in a dream the more fortunate things will be.

UNICORN   This mythical creature tells the dreamer that someone will try to deceive them.

UNIFORM   To dream that you are dressed in a uniform indicates that an opportunity will be offered which brings advancements. For others in uniform see Officer.

UNION JACK   Dreaming of the flag representing the United Kingdom is a sign that you travel to foreign lands.

UNITED STATES of AMERICA   Dreaming of America signifies that your own efforts will bring good fortune.

UNIVERSITY   To dream of a place of higher education signifies that you have a talent which should be used and not left dormant.

UNLOCKING   Unlocking something in a dream indicates that a secret that is a worry should be shared with those you trust.

UNLUCKY   See Misfortune.

UNMARRIED   See Single.

UPHILL   Going up a hill in a dream signifies that difficulties will be prolonged, but the easier your climb, the easier it will be for you to rid yourself of your problems. To dream of going up a hill but being unable to reach the top indicates that problems and worries will blight your life.

URN   Dreaming of this type of vessel shows that family members will make you proud of their achievements.


VACCINATION   To dream that you are being inoculated against a virus shows that the person who you adore does not return your feelings, but if it is others who you see receiving a vaccine then rivals are on the war-path.

VACUUM CLEANER   To dream that you are using a vacuum cleaner is very favourable where the home is concerned.

VAGRANT   See Tramp.

VALENTINE     Receiving a valentine tells the dreamer of happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned.

VALLEY     A valley in a dream is not a favourable sign, pertaining to the health which tells you to take things a little easier for a while.

VAMPIRE   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of a vampire unless you manage to escape.

VAN   Dreaming of this vehicle tells you not to push plans forward and to let them go at their own pace.

VASE   To dream of a vase whether it contains flowers or not is a sign that you judge people by the way they look rather than taking into account their personality.

VAULT   Being in this type of room in a dream indicates that problems are not far away and warns that this is not a time to start any projects or put plans into action. If you get out of the vault troubles will still be seen but they will not be so severe.

VEAL   It is a fortunate omen to dream of the meat from a calf.

VEGETABLES   Certain vegetables have their own definitions and the index should be consulted. Dreaming of a mixture of vegetables tells you that hard work and patience will be needed before success is seen.

VEIL   To dream that you are wearing any kind of veil is an unfortunate omen.

VELVET   When dreaming of velvet the colour rather than the fabric should be taken into account.

VENISON   It is unfortunate to dream of eating this type of meat.

VENTRILOQUIST   To dream that someone is throwing their voice indicates that someone will try to deceive you.

VENUS   To dream that the Goddess Venus pays you a visit signifies great happiness where love and marriage are concerned.

VERMIN   This is a dream of opposition and seeing verminous animals is a fortunate omen. If appropriate see Rats.

VEST   To dream of this undergarment shows that people around you are not so loyal as they pretend to be, be cautious of what you say and do in front of those you have come to distrust.

VEXATION   To dream that situations or people are causing you irritation is a sign of money coming your way.

VICAR   Dreaming of a person who takes up religion for their vocation is not a favourable sign.

VICTORIA CROSS   To dream that this award is bestowed upon you denotes that rewards can be yours if you work hard.

VICTORY   Being the winner in a dream is not a favourable sign and warns you not to interfere in other peoples affairs or be pushed in to referee an argument.

VIEW   It is a fortunate omen to view a pleasant landscape, but not so favourable if your view is blocked by trees or buildings.

VILLAGE   Dreaming of a small country village indicates that there will be changes which will benefit you in the long-run.

VILLAIN   Your romantic partner will please you in some way when dreaming of a person who is capable of doing wicked deeds.

VINE   Seeing grapevines which are laden with fruit is a most fortunate omen.

VINEGAR   Dreaming of this sour liquid tells you that no matter how much work you put into your ambitions you will not reap any rewards or satisfaction.

VINEYARD   To dream of a plantation where wine is made signifies happiness in romance and financial gains of your own making.

VIOLENCE   To dream that you are the victim of violence is a fortunate omen, but if you see friends being treated violently then good luck will be with them. For you to act violently towards others is a most unfortunate omen and you may expect to find difficulties awaiting you.

VIOLETS   These perfumed flowers tell the dreamer of happiness in affairs of the heart, but only if they are in good condition, withered or dying violets will find quarrels with your lover.

VIOLIN   To dream of hearing violin music or that you are playing this stringed instrument is favourable where romance and home-life are concerned, but if the violin is broken or breaks then arguments of a domestic nature are predicted.

VIRGIN MARY   Seeing a statue of the Virgin Mary in a dream is not a favourable sign and tells you to be careful of what you say and do in front of others.

VISITING   To dream that you pay a visit is unfavourable, showing that problems are on the way. 

VISITOR   Dreaming that others visit you is unfortunate, signifying troubles where business matters are concerned. The more visitors you have, the more severe your difficulties will be.

VOICES   Dreaming of voices which are sad foretell of happiness where business matters are concerned, but if the voices are happy this denotes misfortune.

VOLCANO   An active volcano is a sign of disruption and arguments in all areas of your life.

VOMIT   Being physically sick in a dream but not in your waking hours, depends upon your position in life. If you are secure and have peace of mind this is an unfortunate omen, but for those who are struggling with life's little problems this denotes financial gains.

VOTE   To dream that you cast a vote is a sign that plans will go well if you have enough confidence in yourself, but also warns that you are too trusting, which often leads people to use you. Also look at Ballot.

VOYAGE   Dreaming that you are taking a voyage indicates that you will hear news from foreign lands.

VULTURE   It is not a fortunate omen to see this large bird in a dream and signifies that rivals are seeking ways to see your downfall, but if you manage to kill it then you will overcome any problems they will try to make for you.

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