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TABLE   It is a fortunate omen to see people sat at a table, but contrary if you yourself are sat at a table in a dream. A table with no one sat at it is a sign of financial and material losses. Being waited upon at a table indicates health problems which concern you rather than being your illness.

TABLE TENNIS   See Sports.

TABLECLOTH   To dream of a clean white tablecloth is a fortunate omen, but if it is of any other colour this should be looked at. A dirty or torn tablecloth is not so favourable and indicates that problems are not far away.

TACKING   To dream that you tacking material together before sewing, tells that you will have new clothing for a social function.

TACKS   See Drawing Pins.

TAFFETA   This glossy fabric is a sign of money coming your way, but this will not be a large amount.

TAILOR   To dream of a tailor hard at work signifies you receiving news from afar.

TALISMAN   Dreaming of an item which if carried or worn protects and brings luck is an unfortunate omen and tells you to be on your guard when among other people. Also see Amulet.

TALKING   To dream that you are doing a lot of talking is an unfavourable sign showing that a rival is out to injure your reputation. Talking to relatives denotes that some of your desires will be realised, but if it is a friend who you converse with this indicates that present problems will soon be resolved.

TALONS   To dream that a bird injures you with its claws tells you to expect difficulties made by an enemy, but if you manage to escape the talons and they do no harm then you can overcome your foes.

TAMBOURINE   This musical instrument indicates problems in romance and tells you to be on your guard against a rival who would like to take your place beside your spouse or lover.

TAP   To dream of a tap with running water is a fortunate omen, but only if the water is clear, rusty water coming from a tap is not so favourable. Luck smiles on you if you dream of a tap which is not turned on.

TAPESTRY   To dream that you are working on a tapestry shows that little things will bring large amounts of happiness. Dreaming that you are looking at a tapestry which pleases you tells that it will be hard for you to keep a secret or what others tell you in trust.

TAPIOCA   Eating tapioca in a dream signifies that losses will be found, but only of a minor nature. To dream that you are preparing tapioca for others is a favourable sign.

TAR   This is an unfortunate dream due to the colour of this resinous substance being black.

TARGET   To dream that you are aiming for a target with a weapon indicates that plans will be formed which concern your home. Hitting a target tells you there will be a move to a new home.

TARTS   Baking tarts in a dream denotes great happiness. 

TASSELS   Dreaming of tassels indicates that you will be the host to good friends who will have a present for you.

TAVERN   See Public House.

TAX MAN   To dream of an officer collecting excise and duties shows an advancement of position for yourself or a member of the family

TAXI   Dreaming of a taxi indicates that you should check out any facts because this is a sign that someone will lie to you. Being a passenger in a taxi tells the dreamer that good fortune will be found where business matters are concerned. Flagging a taxi down shows that changes will be of benefit to you.

TEA   In the next few months many obstacles will have to be overcome before success can be found when you dream that you brew or drink tea.

TEA CADDY   A tea caddy signifies that you will receive a delayed gift. 

TEACHER   To dream that you are a teacher signifies that you will be expected to attend an event where religious matters are concerned. Taking lessons from a teacher shows that unimportant matters will irritate you.

TEARS   To dream that you are sad and crying is a fortunate omen and tells of great happiness.

TEETH   Dreaming of strong, white, healthy teeth is a most favourable sign, but it is an unfortunate omen if the teeth are bad or discoloured. 

TELEGRAM   This is not a favourable dream, to send a telegram to someone indicates domestic problems and to receive a telegram denotes news of an unfortunate nature.

TELEPHONE   To dream that you use a telephone to make a local call shows that business matters will find rewards, while being connected further afield denotes a happy moment. For someone to telephone you in a dream signifies that an appointment will be put back. Hearing a telephone ringing tells the dreamer that a puzzle will be solved.

TELEVISION   With so many people owning or renting television sets, dreaming of watching a TV holds little meaning. If you dream of a television personality, Actor or Actress should be looked at, and also Theatre.

TELLING LIES   See Lie and also Perjury.

TEMPER   To dream that you are angry and have lost your temper indicates that problems concerning home-life are not far away.

TEMPEST   Dreaming of a violent storm signifies severe problems with losses, but with patience and hard work you will soon restore harmony.

TEMPTATION   To dream that you are being tempted by something indicates that problems are to be seen now, be careful of what you say and do in front of others.

TENNIS   Playing tennis in a dream depends upon the outcome of the game, winning denotes new friends being made, but to lose means that friends will be lost. Playing tennis on grass shows that there are new interests which will take up a lot of your time.

TENNIS BALL   A tennis ball tells the dreamer to expect the news of a birth.

TENNIS RACQUET   To dream of a tennis racquet signifies good fortune for a friend or relative.

TENT   Dreaming of a tent shows that a friend could do with your help and guidance in affairs of the heart. To dream that you live in a tent denotes that there will be changes which will effect many areas of your life.

TERRIER   To dream of one of these small, active dogs is a sign of a good friendship, but if the dog growls or snaps at you then a friend will try to deceive you.

TERROR   See Fear.

TEXT BOOK   See School Book.

THANKING   Thanking someone shows some unexpected situation which will be of benefit to you, but if others thank you this indicates that loved ones will benefit.

THAW   To dream of snow or ice thawing tells you will make a good friend in the near future who is at present an enemy.

THEATRE   Going to a theatre to watch a production in a dream signifies that you will be deceived by a person who is in your confidence.

THERMOMETER   To dream of a thermometer which is predicting nice weather is a favourable sign which indicates changes to your benefit, but if it measures bad weather the changes will be disadvantageous.

THIEF   To dream that a thief steals from you is an unfortunate omen and warns of financial losses. Being attacked by a thief is also unfavourable unless you manage to get away unharmed, which shows that better times are coming. To apprehend a thief in a dream foretells that you will overcome your rivals, but if you let the thief escape this tells you that romance will find unhappiness. Dreaming that you are a thief is a fortunate omen but only if you do not get caught.

THIMBLE   Wearing a thimble in a dream denotes that difficulties will cause you to worry. To dream of losing a thimble is a favourable sign.

THIRSTY   To dream that your mouth is dry and that you are in need of a drink is a sign that problems are up ahead, but if you manage to get a drink and quench your thirst your difficulties will be quickly won over.

THISTLES   Dreaming of these prickly plants warns you to bite your tongue against saying any hasty words if arguments are to be avoided.

THORNS   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of thorns, and if you are caught or harmed by them this also predicts financial losses.

THRASH   See Fighting.

THREAD   To dream that you break thread shows that a drop in standards will have to occur if you are to survive. Thread which is tangled and in knots tells the dreamer that problems will be due to your kind and trusting nature.

THROAT   To dream that your throat is sore or that you have difficulty in swallowing, but not in your waking hours, is a fortunate omen.

THRONE   Dreaming of a chair for a stately figure is not a favourable sign and indicates that your ambitions will blight true friendships.

THUMB   It is an unfortunate omen where business matters are concerned when dreaming about your or another's thumb.

THUNDER   This is not a favourable sign and indicates that problems are not far away, if the thunder is accompanied by lightning this indicates news of a bereavement.

THYME   To see this herb growing outdoors is a fortunate omen, but if it is withered or dying expect difficulties to be heading your way.

TICKET   Dreaming of a ticket to get you into some form of entertainment or which will allow you to travel, is a sign that you will receive news which you have been waiting a long time to hear.

TICKLE   To dream that your feet are being tickled is a sign that a rift between you and another will be mended. Having a tickling sensation on your head or face tells you not to borrow or lend money for several days after such a dream.

TIDE   Dreaming of a tide coming in is a fortunate omen, but the tide going out tells you to expect difficulties.

TIGER   It is not fortunate to see a tiger under any circumstances in a dream.

TIGHTS   See Stockings.

TILES   This is unfavourable and warns you to be careful when handling sharp objects.

TILL   See Cash Register.

TIN   Dreaming of objects made from this metal is a sign that some of your friends are not so loyal as they would like you to think.

TINKER   To dream of a person who travels doing odd jobs tells you not to interfere in other peoples affairs, even if asked, because you will do unrepairable damage. See Tramp.

TIRED   It is not a fortunate omen to dream that you are tired or weary, denoting losses in both financial and business matters.

TOAD   Dreaming of a toad is an unfortunate omen. To dream that you catch a toad is a sign of problems which are self-inflicted.

TOAST   It is a fortunate omen to see toast which is nicely done while burnt toast tells the dreamer that troubles are nearby.

TOBACCO   Dreaming of tobacco signifies that present problems are not too bad and they will soon be overcome.

TOBOGGAN   See Sledge.

TOMATOES   This dream is a link with nature which is always favourable. To see green tomatoes which are not yet ripe shows that it will be sometime in the future before success is seen, in which time hard work will be needed. Ripe tomatoes denotes that happiness will be found in marriage. However, it is an unfortunate omen to dream of over-ripe or rotten tomatoes.

TOMB   To dream of a tomb which is made from a cave or the side of a hill denotes news of a birth.

TONGUE   Seeing your tongue or to dream that it is injured or hurts is an unfortunate omen.

TOOTH   See Teeth.

TOOTHACHE   Suffering from toothache when only in a dream is a fortunate omen, but if you manage to relieve the pain this is not so favourable and indicates that there will be arguments.

TORCH   To dream that you are using a torch to guide your way shows you will see the way to solving your problems.

TORN CLOTHING   Dreaming of clothing which is torn is an unfavourable sign, but if you repair them you should be able to recuperate any losses.

TORNADO   See Tempest.

TORPEDO   To dream of this type of bomb which arms a vehicle is fortunate where romance is concerned. Dreaming that a torpedo is fired or dropped and lands on its target shows that happiness will be found where children are concerned, but if it misses then you are warned that others are jealous of you.

TORRENT   Dreaming of a strong flow of water indicates that plans should not be pushed forward, take things along slowly. To dream that you go over a heavily flowing river or stream is a sign that plans will find success, but if you fail to get to the other side this denotes misfortune.

TORTOISE   When this slow-moving reptile is seen in a dream it indicates that you will see an old age with much happiness.

TORTURE   To torture a person or animal in a dream is an unfortunate omen with losses being found. For the dreamer to have others torture them is a sign that home-life will find happiness and contentment.

TOURNAMENT   A medieval contest taking place shows that arguments will be forgotten and harmony restored.

TOWEL   Using a towel in a dream indicates that health problems will be found, but these will only be short-lived.

TOWER   Dreaming of a tower shows that difficulties are not far away, but if you are inside a tower this is unfortunate, the higher you go up the tower, the more severe your troubles will be.

TOWN   For people who live in a town this is a fortunate dream, but to a person who lives in a rural area it tells you not to get your hopes up too high.

TOYS   It is a fortunate omen to dream of toys which are pleasing to look at and play with. Toys which are broken or soiled are not favourable and denote unhappiness.

TRAFFIC   Seeing a lot of traffic in a dream is a fortunate sign and tells that you have many true friends who respect you. To dream that you are involved in a traffic accident shows financial losses while others being in an accident indicates that the actions of others will worry you.

TRAIN   To dream that you are on a train is a fortunate omen if there are other passengers, being alone on a train shows that legal matters will have to be dealt with. Travelling on an express train tells you to guard what you say to those of a high position. A train coming into a station indicates a visit from a friend, but if the train is leaving the station this means that you will take a journey. If appropriate see Express.

TRAMP   Dreaming of a person who wanders from one place to another with no fixed home or employment signifies that you will soon hear from a friend who has moved away.

TRAP   To dream that you have been caught in a trap indicates that better times are ahead.

TRAP DOOR   To dream of a trap door is a sign that bad news awaits in the future.

TRAVELLING   To dream that you are travelling on your own is a sign that you will just manage to get out of a difficult situation, but if you are travelling with friends or relatives this shows that things will take longer than you hoped.

TREACLE   This sugary substance in a dream denotes that someone will say something which you will remember for a long time to come.

TREASURE   To dream that you own or find hidden treasure is unfortunate and tells you to be cautious of who you confide in.

TREAT   To dream that you receive a treat signifies that someone in a powerful position can benefit you.

TREE   A tree with lots of foliage or blossoms is a fortunate dream, but if the leaves are brown or the tree bare then expect difficulties to be heading your way. Climbing a tree in a dream indicates that hard work will not find very great rewards, and if you fail then expect problems where business is concerned. A tree which is felled denotes losses.

TRELLIS   Dreaming of a support for climbing plants is a sign that an alliance with a friend will prove successful.

TRENCH   This is an obstacle dream and is an unfortunate omen.

TRESPASSING   To dream that you are in a place where you do not have permission, tells that you will be attracted to a person who is already spoken for, this is a relationship which cannot work.

TRIAL   Dreaming that you are on trial whether you committed an illegal act or not is a fortunate omen, but if you are accused of an unlawful act towards a person this is not so favourable.

TRIANGLE   To dream of this three sided figure tells you that romance will be complicated and you will find that more than one person receiving your affections is too much, a choice will have to be made.

TRINKETS   To dream of little ornaments or small pieces of jewellery indicates that the one person you love does not entirely share your feelings.

TRIPE   Dreaming of this part of a cow which is usually eaten with onions warns that in business matters you have a highly ambitious competitor.

TROUBLE   To dream that you are having troubles indicates a move to a new home, but if you confront them success will be found. Dreaming that you have managed to bypass trouble is a sign that they are heading your way.

TROUSERS   For an espoused person to dream of a pair of trousers shows happiness in marriage, but to those who are unattached, this indicates arguments with loved ones.

TROUT   Dreaming of this freshwater fish signifies that present problems will soon be overcome.

TRUMPET   It is an unfortunate omen to hear music being played by this musical instrument, but if you are playing a trumpet then better days are ahead.

TRUNK   To dream of a trunk or large suitcase shows that some of your desires of a domestic nature will be seen.

TULIP   Dreaming of these spring flowers indicates a surprise wedding announcement.

TUNNEL   Going through a tunnel in a dream puts a cloud over all areas of your life and you may expect many difficulties which you will have to endure, but if you manage to get out of the tunnel then your problems will only be minor ones.

TURKEY   To eat the meat from this large bird tells the dreamer there is much happiness in store. Seeing a turkey which is alive or on the dinner table is an unfavourable sign and indicates that there will be arguments at home and at work. Dreaming of the country signifies losses concerning material wealth.

TURNIPS   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this root vegetable.

TURTLE   Dreaming of this reptile indicates that your desires and hopes will not be fulfilled completely.

TURTLE DOVES   These birds are the symbol of innocence and when seen in a dream they show that true love will soon be found.

TWINE   See String.

TWINS   To dream of new born twins is a most unfavourable omen which becomes more severe if there are triplets or even more born to the same mother.

TWIRLING   To dream that you are spinning round shows that situations or people will irritate and worry you.

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