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SABLE   To dream you have a garment made from this type of fur warns you of over-spending which could put you in financial difficulties. Dreaming of others dressed in sable tells you of a deceitful friend. For the colour sable see Black.

SACK   Dreaming of a sack which is full is favourable and even more fortunate if you turn out its contents. To dream of an empty sack indicates that problems and losses are not far away.

SADDLE   A saddle in a dream signifies that good news will be received.

SADNESS   This is a dream of opposite meaning with the more sadness felt, the more happiness being found.

SAILING   To dream that you are having a pleasant sailing trip on a nice sunny day is a fortunate omen, but if the weather is bad and the water choppy then expect problems.

SAILOR   To dream of a person who is employed at sea is a sign of news from a foreign land.

SAINT   The image of a saint is an unfortunate omen in matters of business and romance.

SALMON   Dreaming of salmon indicates problems within the family circle. Eating fresh salmon denotes there is one true friend who you can rely upon. However, it is more favourable if it comes from a tin and you can expect financial gains.

SALT   This seasoning is favourable in a dream unless it is spilled and then you can expect problems and obstacles getting in the way of your plans, but patience and hard work should bring success.

SAND   Dreaming of sand signifies that situations and people will irritate you.

SAPPHIRE   This precious blue stone indicates good luck for friends and relatives rather than yourself.

SASH   Happiness in romance is seen if you dream of wearing a sash around your waist or over the shoulder.

SATIN   Dreaming of this fabric is fortunate where business matters are concerned, but the colour should be noted and also consulted.

SAUCEPAN   See Pans.

SAUSAGES   To dream of sausages warns of problems in the area of home-life where illness is concerned.

SAVAGE   To dream of a primitive person indicates that other people will be the cause of your troubles, but several savages signifies a friend who will help you when in need.

SAVING   To dream that you are saving money indicates financial losses, but to save items of value shows difficulties where material wealth is concerned.

SAW   Using a saw in a dream is an unfortunate omen, but if the blade is blunt and difficult to cut with, this signifies that troubles will be overcome with few problems.

SCAFFOLD   This is not a favourable dream and denotes arguments which will cause a rift between you and one who you care for.

SCALD   See Burnt.

SCALES   Weighing yourself or using kitchen scales in a dream indicates that you will have to balance things up and decide which is the best option for you to take, choose correctly and financial gains will be seen. To dream that you weigh your lover shows they are the right person for you.

SCARLET   See Red.

SCENT   See Perfume.

SCHOOL   For those who already attend classes this dream holds little meaning, but to dream that you are back at school shows that a project started or new situation in employment will lead into areas which you will find hard to understand.

SCHOOL BOOK   To dream of any type of book which can be learned from is a sign of a pleasant journey.

SCISSORS   This is not a fortunate omen and to dream of scissors, especially if they are sharp, tells you to expect difficulties in all areas of your life. Blunt scissors show that problems will only be minor and should easily be solved.

SCORPION   Dreaming of this member of the arachnid family signifies that a rival will be overcome, but more than one scorpion denotes malicious gossip against you. To kill a scorpion in a dream shows that a deceitful friend will be the cause of failure. Being stung by a scorpion tells the dreamer that business matters will find success.

SCRAPBOOK   To dream of a book filled with newspaper or magazine clippings indicates that you dwell on past events too much.

SCRATCH   For you to scratch someone in a dream indicates that you should not take people or situations too seriously. For someone to scratch you, shows that some harm will befall you, but if a cat scratches you this warns of health problems, a dog scratch denotes a deceitful friend. Dreaming of scratching your back due to an itch signifies financial gains.

SCREAM   Screaming, but not physically, is a fortunate sign, but if it is another who is screaming then this shows an untrustworthy person will try to do you harm.

SCULPTOR   To dream you are doing this type of artwork indicates that changes will soon be seen. Seeing a sculptor in a dream signifies happiness in romance but a loss where finances are concerned. To model for a sculptor tells the dreamer of a boost to social life.

SEA   Being by the sea on a nice pleasant day denotes happiness, but sadness can be seen if there is a storm. Travelling on a calm sea is a fortunate omen but if it is rough and stormy then expect difficulties to arise.

SEAL   Dreaming of this mammal indicates that situations are out of your hands and you are not sure which way you are going to go, but soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and then you will be able to enjoy life again.

SEARCHING   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you are searching for someone or something, but difficulties will not be so great if you find what you are looking for.

SEA-SAW   Dreaming of this playground amusement indicates a new, but short-lived romance will soon be seen.

SEA SHELLS    Collecting shells by the sea indicates that financial matters need to be looked at and spending brought down. It is an unfortunate omen to see an empty shell in a dream. If a shell contains its living aquatic animal then financial gains will be seen, but news of a death will be received if the shell contains a dead animal.

SECRET   To dream that you are keeping a secret indicates great gains, while keeping a secret from a lover tells you there is a lot of work for you to do together. Telling a secret to others shows unhappiness in affairs of the heart. Dreaming that someone you know tells you a secret indicates financial gains, but a stranger telling you a secret signifies that you will need to keep your emotions under control.

SEEDS   To dream that you plant seeds ready for growing tells you not to get involved in any plans which you are uncertain about and keep your money in your pocket for this is not a time for any form of gambling.

SENTRY   Seeing someone on guard in a dream signifies that a journey will be undertaken.

SEPARATION   To dream of the separation of a married couple tells of idle chit-chat. Separating from friends or family is a sign that a hoped for outcome will elude you. 


SEQUINS   To dream of sequins or spangles signifies a boost to your social life.

SERMON   Being instructed on religion or hearing a sermon in a dream is a warning of oncoming illness.

SERPENT   See Reptiles or Snakes.

SERVANTS   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you have servants.

SETTEE   See Sofa.

SEWING   To dream that you are sewing depends upon how the work turns out. If it is done well and you are pleased with the results this is a favourable sign, but if you leave it unfinished this is unfortunate. Making your own clothes is not fortunate and indicates disgrace, while mending clothes with a needle and thread signifies a downfall in your living standards. Dreaming of others sewing tells you to expect news from afar.

SEX   To dream of being in love or being loved signifies that you will be involved in a scandal. For a female to dream that she was sexually aroused, indicates that some of her desires will be realised. A man dreaming of sexual pleasures shows disgrace. For a man to dream he is tempting a woman into having sexual intercourse denotes that financial problems will never be severe during your life, and if you are too aggressive this tells you that a situation will find happiness. Dreaming that someone is seducing you is a sign of happiness and peace of mind.

SHABBY   When you dream that you are shabbily dressed this indicates that you will soon have some new attire.

SHACKLES   See Handcuffs.

SHADOW   Seeing your own shadow or that of someone or something in a dream is a sign of money coming your way, but do not expect too much.

SHAMPOO   Washing your hair or having others wash your hair with shampoo indicates a secret admirer. Others having their hair washed denotes that you should not repeat idle chatter.

SHAMROCK   Dreaming of this plant which is the Irish emblem, signifies that a situation will be repeated but this time it will be of advantage to you.

SHARK   To dream of a shark indicates a near mishap concerning health or business matters. Dreaming that a shark attacks you is not favourable and tells of losses where money is concerned.

SHAVING   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you or others are being shaved.

SHAWL   Dreaming of a shawl is a favourable sign where affairs of the heart are concerned, but the colour should also be noted. To have lost a shawl in a dream indicates sadness.

SHEARS   See Scissors.

SHEEP   It is a fortunate omen to see sheep in a dream. Also see Lamb.

SHEIKH   To dream of a person of this eminent title warns you to make a check on your spending and tighten the purse strings now so the bumpy ride ahead will not be so financially worrying.

SHELF   Dreaming of a shelf indicates that plans will come to nothing. Seeing more than one shelf depends upon their state, full shelves denote material gains, but an empty set of shelves tell of losses and sadness.

SHELLS   See Nutshells or Sea Shells.

SHEPHERD   Dreaming of a shepherd without his flock is an unfortunate omen, while a shepherd tending his sheep warns of problems, but with patience and perseverance they will be overcome to find the success you were seeking.

SHINGLES   To dream of these small pebbles which are found by the sea indicates that another step up the ladder of progress will be attained.

SHIP   To dream you are taking a journey by ship is a favourable sign, but only if you come into dock, though to disembark from a ship is an unfortunate omen. A ships mast being important in a dream denotes travel concerning important matters. Dreaming of a ship which is sinking indicates large financial gains.

SHIPWRECK   To dream of a shipwreck is a most unfortunate omen. Dreaming that you are shipwrecked, either alone or with others, shows that severe problems are not far away, but if you are rescued then expect emotional trauma.

SHIRT   It is a favourable sign when dreaming of a shirt or blouse which you own. To dream of putting on this type of garment indicates that the opportunity will arise where you will consider cheating on your lover or spouse, but to shed a shirt or blouse signifies unhappiness in affairs of the heart. For a man to dream that he is wearing a new shirt denotes happiness in romance. To put on or wear a shirt with a dirty collar shows a changeable lover. If the collar of a shirt is too tight this indicates a win for an enemy. Washing a shirt in a dream denotes love and happiness.

SHIVERING   When dreaming you are shivering due to being cold, this indicates you will have some new clothes.

SHOES   New shoes tell the dreamer of success where business matters are concerned, but old shoes show that problems will have to be overcome first. The colour of the shoes should also be noted to see if your fortunes are good or bad. Unfastened shoes denote arguments.

SHOOTING   To dream you shoot a gun or injure or kill any living thing is a most unfortunate omen, but if you do not hit your target there will still be problems but these will not be so severe. Also see either Gun, Pistol, or Revolver.

SHOP   To dream that you own or manage a shop is a fortunate omen if the profits are high, but if there are only a few customers expect difficulties coming your way. Being a customer in a shop indicates that there are many exciting moments coming your way.

SHOT   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you have been shot.

SHOTGUN   See Gun.

SHOUTING   To dream that you are shouting indicates arguments within the family circle. Others shouting tells the dreamer that once problems have been overcome harmony will be restored and comfort and peace of mind will be yours.

SHOVEL   See Spade.

SHROUD   To dream of this burial gown means news of a marriage.

SHY   To dream that you are shy shows that a good time is in store for you at a social gathering. Dreaming of children being shy signifies joy. Seeing your friends being shy warns of oncoming problems.

SIEVE   Dreaming of a sieve signifies that happiness will elude you.

SIGHING   Sighing out of sadness is a dream of opposite meaning.

SIGN POST   Seeing a post which gives directions shows a change in your surroundings.

SIGNATURE   To dream that you are signing your name is a favourable omen and shows that your friends are true. Signing a birth certificate indicates financial gains. Dreaming of being a witness to a marriage tells of happiness where health matters are concerned. Giving your signature to a certificate of death shows signs of health problems, particularly in the area of your eyes.

SILK   To dream of this fibre which is made by insects signifies that arguments will be mended, but if they are to be forgotten this depends upon the colour.

SILVER   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this precious metal. 

SILVERWARE   Dreaming of items made from silver shows unhappiness of a domestic nature.

SINGING   Singing in a dream is not a fortunate sign and tells you that problems are not far away, but this will not be of a long duration. For others to be singing in a dream denotes that other people will be the cause of your troubles.

SINGLE   For a married person to dream they have never been wed signifies petty arguments due to jealousy and idle talk.

SINKING   To dream that you are sinking is a sign of losses in all areas of your life.

SIPHON   To dream that you are drawing liquid through a tube denotes a boost to your social life.

SISTER   Seeing your sister in a dream indicates that you will live to an old age, but if you quarrel this is not so favourable and warns of arguments within the family circle.

SITTING   Sitting on a low seat denotes that situations will benefit you, but the higher the seat, the better your luck will be. See Chair or Stool.

SKATING   It is an unfortunate omen to be ice skating in a dream, but to see others skating shows that idle talk about you will be harmful.

SKELETON   A skeleton indicates problems where the home is concerned.

SKIN   To dream of your skin depends upon its condition, if it is in good condition this is favourable, but unhealthy skin denotes that help will come from a surprising source.

SKITTLES   See Ninepins.

SKULL   A skull tells the unwed dreamer they will give or receive a marriage proposal in the svery near future. For those who are already attached this is a time when romance will be given a boost.

SKY   A clear sky seen in a dream is a fortunate omen, but if there are dull clouds these represent obstacles which will be minor if there are a few, and severe if there are more. Dreaming of a red or pink sky indicates financial gains. A blue sky with sunshine indicates gains in wealth with domestic affairs going well and faithful friends. Dreaming of a sky at night with no stars denotes bad news being received. To be floating in the sky shows that people respect your opinions and ideas, but if you are coming down from the sky this warns you to beware of accidents.

SLAUGHTER   Witnessing the slaughter of animals may be an unpleasant experience but it is a favourable dream which tells of advancements coming your way.

SLAVE   Being sold for slavery depends upon your position in life. For a person who is financially secure such a dream is not fortunate, but to a person who is poor this is a very favourable dream.

SLEDGE   Riding on a sledge tells the dreamer not to take the attentions of another too seriously or you will get hurt.

SLEEPING   To dream that you are sleeping alone is a most unfortunate omen. For a man to dream he is asleep next to a beautiful female indicates irritations and disappointments, a woman dreaming that she is with an attractive man shows happiness followed by sadness.

SLEET   Dreaming of this form of snow signifies that you will receive unwanted guests, but you will also learn a secret.

SLEEVE   To dream of a sleeve indicates that many journey's will be taken throughout your life with the majority of them being tedious but necessary.

SLIDING   Sliding on snow or other slippery substance is a sign of a forthcoming marriage.

SLIP   See Petticoat.

SLIPPERS   Dreaming of slippers tells that if you offer your help with a minor problem the benefits will be great in the future.

SMALL POX   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you or others are suffering from this contagious disease.

SMILING   To smile or see others smiling is a very favourable dream.

SMOKE   This is not a very good dream and indicates failure of plans and troubles coming your way, the thicker the smoke, the more severe things will be. To dream that you are suffocating because of smoke indicates that someone will give your ego a boost, but don't take their words too seriously.

SMUGGLING   To dream that you conceal items to take out of a building or country shows that success of plans is close seems certain but then failure will be seen.

SNAILS   To dream of these slow moving shelled creatures tells you that impatience will throw you out of your routine.

SNAKES   A snake in a dream is a most unfortunate omen, showing a disloyal friend. More than one snake indicates disruption to all areas of your life. To kill a snake in a dream signifies that rivals will be overcome.

SNARE   See Trap.

SNEEZE   Luck is with you when you dream that you or others sneeze.

SNOW   To dream that the ground is covered in newly fallen white snow is a favourable sign and tells of money coming your way, but to see snowflakes falling indicates emotional trauma. Dreaming that you are caught in a snow-storm signifies that problems are not far away, and if you are in some form of transport this denotes sadness.

SNUFF   It is a favourable omen to dream of tobacco in this powdered form.

SOAP   To dream of soap shows that a surprise meeting will solve a problem for you. Washing yourself with soap indicates that friends will require your aid, but if it is clothing you use soap on this is a sign of money coming your way.

SOCIETY   To dream of joining a society or institution indicates a powerful enemy and is warning you to be on your guard.

SOCKS   See Stockings.

SOFA   A comfortable or luxurious sofa is an unfortunate omen, but one which old and worn denotes financial gains.

SOLDIERS   Dreaming of soldiers in combat is a fortunate omen, but if they are injured this shows problems of your own making. Soldiers which are marching in a dream indicates that there will be many changes before you can feel comfortable and secure with your position in life.

SOLES   To dream of the soles of feet or shoes is a signification that people and situations will irritate you.


SON     Dreaming that you are proud of your son's achievements tells that you have high hopes for him which he may not aspire to. To dream that you have lost your son and cannot find him or that he is seriously ill is unfortunate and losses can be expected. 

SORROW   See Disappointment or Sadness.

SOUP   Preparing soup tells you to go with your intuitions over the next two days. Having a bowl of soup that is pleasing to the taste tells you to expect some good news.

SOUTH   To dream that you are travelling in a southerly direction or are in southern parts of a country is fortunate where romance is concerned.

SPADE   Dreaming of a spade or shovel tells you there is hard work for you to do. Working with a spade indicates that you should stay within your range and not plan anything which you know little or nothing about. For a spade in a suite of playing cards see Cards.

SPARROWHAWK   To dream of this bird of prey is a sign of an enemy who is out to do your harm.

SPARROWS   These common little birds in a dream tells you that hard work finds its own rewards.

SPATS   Spats were once a dated thing but more men are turning back to them and they are once again becoming fashionable footwear. To see them in a dream shows that a male figure of authority is taking an interest in you, but he is a person who you should be cautious of.

SPEAR   Dreaming of a spear or javelin is a most fortunate omen even if you or others are using it to hunt with.

SPECTACLES   To dream of spectacles tells you that the actions of others will cause you to change your plans. Having to wear spectacles in a dream warns you of deceitful people who you do not know very well, or those of a short acquaintance. Having broken a pair of spectacles indicates good fortune coming from a surprising area.

SPELLING   To dream that you are spelling words correctly is a fortunate sign, but if you are getting them wrong then expect problems to be around the corner.

SPENDING   Being wasteful in a dream indicates financial problems in the future if the purse strings are not drawn now. Also see Buying.

SPIDER   It is an unfortunate omen to see this member of the arachnid family in a dream, but if you kill it your difficulties will soon be overcome.

SPINNING See Twirling.

SPONGE   Dreaming of this sea creature which we use when bathing is a sign that someone is attracted to you where there is a link with the sea.

SPOOL   See Reel.

SPOON   To dream of one spoon or more signifies domestic happiness, but if you have lost a spoon then expect accusations to be thrown at you.

SPORTS   Watching any sport taking place in a dream indicates that there is happiness, but you will have to work hard with others to accomplish things which you cannot achieve on your own. To dream that you are taking part in sporting activities tells you not to expect too much from others because not everyone can live up to your expectations.

SPOTS   Dreaming that you have broken out in spots denotes that a chance to be promoted will arise where employment is concerned.

SPY   To dream that you are a spy shows an exciting time ahead, but dreaming of a spy is a sign of obstacles getting in the way of plans.

SQUARES   To see squares on a board or in any situation in a dream is not a fortunate omen.

SQUINTING   Seeing a man squinting in a dream is a favourable sign, but to see a woman squinting is an unfortunate omen.

SQUIRREL   A squirrel indicates many changes to your advantage, but if it is being hunted or dead then be careful of what you say and do or you may lose friends.

STABLE   Dreaming of a stable denotes that you will make a new and true friendship. A stable full of straw indicates happiness where home-life is concerned.

STAG   A male deer is a most fortunate omen, but if you hunt or kill a stag this shows that you will cause the failure of your plans.

STAGE   See Theatre.

STAIRS   Going upstairs is a fortunate omen with surprises coming your way, but going down a set of stairs is looked upon has unfavourable in the areas of business and romance. Falling downstairs tells the dreamer that rivals will cause problems.

STAMPS   To the philatelist who recently looked or added to their collection such a dream holds no meaning. To dream of stamps is a sign that authoritative figures will be a problem, but once they have been overcome rewards will be seen. Collecting stamps denotes much happiness. Dreaming that you bought stamps signifies unhappiness.

STARCH   To dream that you starch your laundry is a sign that your spouse will be a hard worker.

STARS   It is a very fortunate omen to see stars in the night sky, and even more luckier to see a shooting star. However, of very bright stars denotes misfortune in the area of business. Seeing stars fall from the sky rather than them being shooting stars tells of a tragedy bringing about a crisis situation.

STARVING   To dream that you are dying from hunger is a most fortunate omen showing gains in all areas of your life.

STATUE   Dreaming that a statue comes to life indicates financial gains.

STEALING   To dream that you steal something denotes a surprise for you to wear. For someone to steal from you see Thief.

STEAM   Dreaming of steam signifies that quarrels with friends or relatives that have caused a rift can only be mended if you make the first move towards an amiable agreement.

STEEL   To dream of this metal is a sign of happiness with a true spouse or lover. Dreaming of a tool or item with a steel blade shows that an enemy is seeking your downfall.

STEEPLE   The steeple of a church is a favourable dream with it being the outside structure of a religious building, but a steeple like a chimney is less fortunate. To dream that you are climbing a steeple indicates that some of your desires will be realised.

STEPPING STONES   It is a fortunate omen where romance is concerned when dreaming of crossing a place by using stepping stones.

STEPS   See Stairs.

STEW   To dream of this meat and vegetable mixture is a sign that you will soon receive a gift of money.

STILE   Using a stile to go over a fence or wall warns you to be cautious of an enemy.

STOCKINGS   To dream of a pair of stockings or tights which are laddered or have a hole indicates losses. Stockings which are light in colour tell the dreamer of sadness, but a dark pair signify happiness. Stockings which are made of silk denotes a drop in living standards. To have dreamt of putting on stockings shows that people think highly of you, and if you take them off it is a sign that better times are on the way.

STONES   Dreaming of stones indicates that arguments will take place.

STOOL   Being sat on a stool indicates that hard work will be needed if you are to reap any rewards.

STORE   See Shop.

STORK   This is not a favourable sign, but if you see a pair of these birds this denotes a happy marriage.

STORM   To dream of a storm is not a fortunate sign where affairs of the heart are concerned, but the calm after a storm signifies reconciliation with friends.

STRANGE PLACE   Being in a strange place indicates financial gains due to a bequest.

STRANGER   It is fortunate to dream of a stranger and denotes a true friend who will offer help when required, the more people you see in a dream who are unknown to you, the more favourable.

STRANGLE   To dream that you are strangling another shows that some of your desires will be realised. Dreaming that you are being strangled denotes that others will be the cause of your problems.

STRAW   Dreaming of straw is a sign that you will have to work hard to triumph over problems. Seeing straw in a stable tells the dreamer of happiness where home-life is concerned. Many bales of straw indicates happiness in all areas of your life.

STRAWBERRIES   This gift of nature is a fortunate omen for both romance and home-life. Also see Berries.

STREET   Walking down a street tells the dreamer to expect disappointments, but unknown streets indicates that travel will find happiness.

STRING   Dreaming of string denotes a journey to or over water.

STRUGGLING   Struggling to free yourself from bondage or from a person is fortunate where health matters are concerned. It is also fortunate when struggling against an animal or wild beast, but only if you do not lose.

STUMBLE   To stumble and fall in a dream is a sign of difficulties heading your way, but if you manage to keep your balance they will only be trivial.

STUNG   To dream that you have been stung indicates sadness and is not a favourable sign.

SUGAR   Dreaming of sugar signifies problems of a domestic nature. Putting sugar on food or in a drink is a more fortunate omen than usinf it in baking with this showing that friends will prove deceitful.

SUICIDE   To dream that you are planning or actually going to commit suicide in a dream is a most unfortunate omen and tells you of emotional trauma taking place in any part of your life. It holds the same definition when dreaming of saving someone from committing suicide, effecting all areas of your life.

SULKING   For you to be sulking over something in a dream indicates both financial and material losses.

SUM   See Adding.

SUMMER   To dream that it is summer during the season of winter is a most unfortunate omen. Dreaming that it is summer in spring or autumn shows trivial problems coming your way.

SUMMERHOUSE   Future happiness can be expected when dreaming of a summerhouse.

SUMMONS   To dream that you receive a citation to appear before a court of law shows that others will say what they think to the point of rudeness while gossip will irritate you.

SUN   To dream of the largest star in our solar system is a fortunate omen where financial matters and romance are concerned.

SUNDAY   Dreaming that it is Sunday on any other day of the week indicates changes for the better.

SUNDIAL   To dream of this solar clock shows that you will receive news of a wedding and also a bereavement.

SUNRISE   Seeing the sun rise in a dream is a fortunate omen concerning your desires with some of them being seen.

SUNSET   To see the sun setting is unfortunate and signifies that plans will find failure.

SUNSTROKE   To dream that you have over-exposed yourself to the sun is a sign that others will have cause to be jealous of you in the near future.

SUPPER   Sitting down to this evening meal indicates that you will learn of the news of a birth.

SURF   Dreaming of the surf of the sea signifies that you will get the attentions of a person who you do not feel the same way about.

SURGEON   A surgeon in a dream indicates that a friend will find a minor health problem which will bring a stronger friendship. To dream that you are a surgeon denotes happiness.

SURPLICE   Dreaming of this vestment worn by the clergy depends upon your marital status. To a person who is not wed it tells that marriage is not far away, and to those with a spouse such a dream denotes a boost to romance.

SUSPENDERS   To dream that you or others are wearing suspenders is a sign that worries will be of your own making, but if the suspenders are damaged this shows that you will have to apologise for what you have done.

SWALLOW   This bird with its forked tail is favourable when seen in a dream and denotes happiness where home-life is concerned.

SWAMP   See Marsh.

SWAN   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this beautiful aquatic bird, especially if the plumage is white, but a black swan indicates business troubles. To dream of killing a swan is not a favourable sign, also connected with business matters.

SWARM   To see bees in a swarm is an indication of financial gains within the family circle, but a swarm of flies tells of losses.

SWEARING   To swear or blaspheme in a dream is always an unfavourable sign.

SWEATING   To dream that you are sweating signifies that hard work will be needed if any gains or advancements are to be seen.

SWEEP   It is a very fortunate omen to see a person who sweeps chimneys. To dream that you are sweeping a floor shows a happy and contented home-life.

SWEET TASTE   To experience a sweet taste in a dream is a sign that you have everything under control.


SWEETS   To dream of sweets and chocolate signifies happiness in your domestic affairs. To receives sweets or candy in a dream shows that you have an admirer, but to send a gift of sweets tells the dreamer that there are disappointments ahead. Dreaming of eating sweets indicates a boost to your social life. Business matters will find profits if you dream of making sweets.

SWIMMING   To dream that you are swimming in a pool is a fortunate omen. Swimming with ease and reaching your desired aim is also favourable, but if you are floundering and having difficulty this shows that obstacles are in your path and you will have problems to confront. To be having swimming lessons is a sign that situations are causing you worries.

SWING   Dreaming of this amusement is a fortunate omen and even more favourable if you have a go.

SWORD   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of anything with a sharp blade.

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