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RABBI   See Clergy or Clergyman.

RABBIT   Seeing a rabbit in a dream denotes news of a birth. A rabbits home tells the dreamer that happiness will come but at a high price.

RACE   To dream that you enter a race signifies hard work and patience being needed if success is to be found. If you win a race this shows that you will be highly regarded by others, but if you lose a race there are signs that you will find more than one enemy. Dreaming of a horse race indicates changes which could be either for the better or worse. A dog race tells the dreamer that enemies will be overcome.

RACECOURSE   To dream of a racecourse finds you going out more with friends, but losses could also be incurred. Dreaming that you are specifically at the Derby, this race first being held in 1780 and held each year at Epsom racecourse, signifies more wealth coming your way, and to be at the Derby with friends and relatives is an even more fortunate omen.

RACEHORSE   Dreaming of a racehorse tells you to tighten the purse strings before things get too bad. Riding a racehorse indicates that you should not follow your intuitions because they will guide you wrongly.

RACKET   See Noise.

RADIO   See Wireless.

RADISHES   These root vegetables in a dream indicate that a secret will be learned.

RAFFLE   Buying raffle tickets in a dream tells you that risks will have to be taken, but only of a minor nature. Winning a raffle denotes that plans will be cancelled.

RAFT   To be on a raft in a dream signifies that you will take an unwanted journey, but if you see a raft this tells you there are many changes to come which will go on for a long while.

RAGE   See Annoyed.

RAGS   It is a fortunate omen to see yourself dressed in rags. To see others in rags tells you to expect a surprise of a pleasing nature. 

RAID   To dream that others are raiding your home indicates sadness with situations seeming to turn on you, but to see another persons home being raided signifies joy and peace of mind. Dreaming of the police raiding property tells you there will be different surroundings. To have dreamt of an air raid denotes that in the near future there will be changes in all areas of your life.

RAILWAY   To dream of a railway track shows that better times are on the way. Walking on railway tracks signifies that difficult situations will cause you to worry.

RAILWAY STATION   Being at a railway station alone tells the dreamer to expect advancements in business and employment. If family members are with you then expect both financial and material gains. To dream of being at a railway station with friends denotes that troubles are around the corner.

RAIN   Problems are soon to be seen when dreaming that it is raining. A heavy fall of rain which could cause flooding is an unfortunate omen where romance is concerned. Being caught out in the rain tells the dreamer that not all your friends are enemies in disguise. To dream of rain leaking into your home indicates an untrue friend who will try to harm you.

RAINBOW   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a rainbow.

RAINCOAT   Putting on a raincoat tells the dreamer that worries will only be short-lived, but to take a raincoat off denotes that your problems will be with you longer than anticipated.

RAISINS   To dream of these dried grapes signifies that you should tighten the purse strings and spend money more wisely. Eating raisins indicates that money you have not got will be spent. Baking with raisins tells the dreamer to expect a present.

RAKE   To dream that you rake leaves into a pile shows that home-life will find much happiness. Raking hay tells of news of a forthcoming marriage.

RAM   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of male sheep.

RAMBLE   To go for a pleasant walk in a dream denotes that some of your desires will be seen, but not for a long time to come.

RAPE   For a single person to dream they are being raped signifies that an offer of marriage will be either asked of you or by you. For a person with a spouse such a dream indicates unhappiness in romance and a yearning for a new lover. Dreaming that you are raping a child or teenager is most unfortunate, but if the person is older this indicates happiness with money gains.

RAPIDS   To dream that you are shooting rapids in a canoe or dingy signifies a failure of your plans due to your own carelessness.

RASCAL   See Rogue.

RASH   To dream that you have a rash indicates that you should think before you speak otherwise your words will cause you difficulties.

RASPBERRIES   These fruit denote happiness in romance and home-life. To dream of eating raspberries means that you will be talked about by gossip-mongers. Also see Berries.

RATCATCHER   To dream of a person who catches rats is a sign that when you are in difficulty there will be at least one person who will offer to help.

RATS   It is not a favourable sign to dream of these rodents and tells of enemies and problems coming your way, the more rats there are, the more severe your situation. Dreaming of white rats indicates minor difficulties.

RAVEN   Because of the colour of this bird it is most unfortunate when seen in a dream.

RAW FOOD   Dreaming of food in its raw state indicates that there is a friend with romantic designs upon you.

RAZOR   To dream of a razor shows that arguments will take place, be careful not to say something you will later regret.

READING   To dream that you are reading any form of writing is unfavourable and shows financial losses while reading a handbook or manual signifies activities increasing in business matters. To read a sermon from the bible indicates advancements in position.

REAP   See Harvest.

REARING HORSE   To ride a horse in a dream which rears up denotes that long-hoped for plans will soon be put into action.

REBELLION   To dream that you are a spectator at a rebellion warns you to take care where business matters are concerned. Dreaming that you are involved in a rebellion shows you will be happy with the way situations are going. If people are killed during a rebellion then this tells you that this is a good time to take a gamble.

RECEIPT   Giving or receiving a receipt in a dream warns you to be on your guard in what you say and do.

RECITING   To dream that you give a recital indicates happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned.

RECONCILIATION   To settle arguments or make friends with someone again after a period of estrangement is a fortunate dream.

RED   This colour is not favourable when seen in a dream and indicates problems, arguments, and losses. A brighter red tells of strong emotional feelings where romance is concerned.

RED HAIR   To dream that you have red hair or of red haired people is a sign that enemies are out to do you harm.

REEDS   These marsh plants tell the dreamer to be careful of a deceitful friend.

REEL   A reel of cotton signifies that patience will be needed if success is to be seen, but there will be delays which will find diversions. An empty reel tells the dreamer of disappointments.

REFLECTION   Dreaming that you look at your reflection in water denotes that you will be alone for a long time to come where romance is concerned. To see the face of a member of the opposite sex reflected in water indicates a new love affair.

REFRESHMENTS   To dream that you are offering refreshments to guests shows happiness in romance. Accepting refreshments in a dream indicates that situations and people will irritate you.

REFUSING   To dream that you refuse a present which is offered to you indicates that you will receive a gift, but for you to offer others a present which they refuse shows an embarrassing situation concerning romance. Dreaming that members of your family refuse your request indicates that better days are ahead, while friends refusing you signifies petty arguments due to differences of opinion. Refusing a drink signifies good fortune coming your way, but this may only be temporary.

REGATTA   Being at a meeting place where a boat or yacht race is being organised is a sign that there are new areas for you to investigate concerning business and employment.

REGIMENT   To see a military procession in a dream warns of arguments with serious consequences.

REGISTRY OFFICE   Dreaming of a building where the records of births, marriages, and deaths are kept shows that this is a time to take fate into your own hands, make the right decision and untold happiness will be found.

REHEARSALS   Seeing others practising before going in front of a public audience signifies that present troubles will be overcome in the future when you find the rewards you deserve.

RELEASED   To dream that you are being released from confinement is a most unfortunate omen, but if you release others this is more favourable.

RELIGION   For those who are devout to their religion and attend church regularly this dream holds little meaning. Otherwise, such a dream is an unfortunate omen and tells you to beware of temptation being put in your path. Reading a sermon from the bible indicates advancements in position. To dream that you are worshipping God denotes the death of a relative. Talking to a member of a religious sect signifies irritable situations for the dreamer. Dreaming that a person of a religious order is dead indicates that doubts may be unfounded and things will go better than expected.

REMOVAL   To dream that you are moving to another home denotes a surprise guest.

RENDERED CLOTHING   See Torn Clothing.

RENT   To dream that you are having difficulty in paying rent shows that you will receive some surprising gains. If in your waking hours you are finding rent payments difficult then this dream does not have any meaning. It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are paying your rent.

REPTILES   Those who own a reptile for a pet can accept that such a dream holds no meaning. Certain reptiles have their own definition in this book and the index should be looked at. In a dream a snake represents a friend who will try to deceive you, while several snakes represent obstacles which have to be faced in your waking hours.

RESCUE   It is not a fortunate omen to dream that someone rescues you. Dreaming that you rescue another signifies large gains where money is concerned, but if it is someone trying to commit suicide who you rescue then this tells of unfaithful friends.

RESERVOIR   To dream of a reservoir which is stored with clean water is a sign of gains coming your way, but if the water is dirty this is most unfortunate. An empty reservoir indicates losses in all areas of your life.

RESIGNATION   Dreaming that you hand in your resignation from employment is a fortunate omen and signifies financial gains to benefit you.

RESTAURANT   To dream that you are eating in a restaurant indicates happiness where new friendships are concerned. Seeing others eating in a restaurant is a sign of illness.

RESTING   This is a dream of opposite meaning, to be resting shows that hard work will be needed.

RESURRECTION   Seeing Jesus rising from the grave after his crucifixion indicates that if you travel to a place of religious meaning that is where happiness will be found.

RETURNED   To dream of someone returning after being away for a long while indicates that problems will soon be overcome and situations will be more beneficial than previous.

REVELRY   Enjoying yourself at a festive occasion is an unfortunate omen, but if you see others revelling rather than taking part yourself, signifies that problems will only be trivial.

REVENGE   To dream that you are seeking retribution from a man shows embarrassing situations arising, but if it is a woman who you are trying the score with this indicates a drop in your living standards. Being vengeful towards relatives signifies that quarrels will be forgotten. Dreaming that others are seeking revenge against you is not a favourable sign, everything will seem to go wrong and you will feel that you can do nothing right, but this should only last a short time.

REVOLVER   This type of gun indicates problems where water is concerned and tells you not to journey to or over water for several weeks after such a dream. Shooting with a revolver signifies that someone is not the trustworthy person you think them to be, but if you kill someone with a revolver it shows that you will live to an old age. Also see Gun or Pistol.

REWARD   To dream that you receive a reward is not favourable and indicates that you are too confident of your plans.

RHEUMATISM   Suffering from painful joints due to rheumatism in a dream but not in your waking hours is a sign of happiness and good health.

RHINOCEROS   Dreaming of this large mammal signifies that business matters will find success.

RHUBARB   To dream of this fruit indicates that an enemy will become a good friend.

RHYME   To dream that you are making up a rhyme or poem denotes that you are being deceived and used.

RIBBON   Dreaming of ribbon indicates happiness and pleasure but also a wasteful time with too much spending which could later find financial problems. The colour of the ribbon should also be noted.

RIBS   It is not a fortunate omen to injure or have pain in the area of the ribs and warns of a deceitful friend.

RICE   To see rice in a dream is a fortunate omen and to cook or eat rice indicates financial gains. Rice being thrown at a newly wedded couple shows happiness in romance.

RICHES   This is an unfortunate dream, the more riches you see, the more severe your problems.

RIDDLE   If you solve a riddle in a dream this shows a surprising opportunity coming your way, but there are pitfalls if you do not solve the riddle, which will find you getting into difficulties.

RIDING   Riding a horse in a dream is a fortunate omen, but if the horse is hard to control or you fall from your mount then expect coming troubles. To ride a horse without a saddle tells the dreamer of illness. Dreaming of others riding a horse bare back shows there is a crisis to be seen in the near future.

RIDING CLOTHES   Wearing or putting on clothes for horse riding indicates that difficult situations will need hard work to overcome them. To see others in riding habit shows that you will find more friends than you realised you had.

RING   To dream of a ring means news of a wedding. Being presented with a ring in the form of a gift shows financial losses. A broken ring tells the dreamer of problems in romance. Dreaming that you have lost a ring indicates that friends or family members will cause problems for you. A wedding ring denotes happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned.

RIOT   To see a riot in a dream indicates money problems ahead. Being part of a riot shows troubles in business matters.

RIVAL   Dreaming that you overcome a rival in business matters foretells of happiness in that area of your life, but if your rival wins then sadness and disappointments will be found. For a man to dream that he's got a rival in love, finds sadness in romance. A woman dreaming that there is a rival for her lover signifies happiness with the companion she is now with.

RIVER   With all dreams concerning water it depends upon the state in which it is in. Clean water is fortunate while dirty water means the reverse. Falling into water warns of problems in your home-life.

RIVET   Dreaming of a nail or bolt which is holding metal plates together is a sign that a journey will be taken.

ROAD   A road full of potholes and bumps is a sign of many obstacles standing in your path, but it is a fortunate omen to go along a smooth road. Little country lanes are also unfortunate, while a road full of bends and turns indicates that a mystery will be solved. A road which is straight and even tells the dreamer of long-term happiness.

ROAR   Hearing an animal roaring in a dream denotes that an enemy is out to do you harm.

ROAST   Dreaming of any roasted meat is a sign of a pleasant meeting with friends or relatives.

ROBBER   See Thief.

ROBIN (Bird)   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this little brown bird with its orange or red breast.

ROCKET   To dream of a rocket signifies that plans will fail.

ROCKING CHAIR   Being in a rocking chair in a dream shows happiness and peace of mind. To dream of others rocking in a chair tells of surprises which will be of benefit. It is less favourable to see a rocking chair with no one sat in it as this indicates sadness and loss of a friend due to arguments.

ROCKS   This is an unfortunate dream and shows that problems are not far away.

ROGUE   To dream that a dishonest person uses and deceives you, holds an opposite meaning and shows there will be gains in all areas of your life.

ROMANY   See Gypsy.

ROOF   Dreaming of a roof indicates new clothes and a boost to your social life.

ROOKS   Due to the colour it is an unfortunate omen to dream of these large black birds which are a member of the crow family.

ROOM   To dream of a room in your home indicates difficulties where money is concerned. Dreaming of a strange room tells of success being found in a situation which was about to be abandoned. A bathroom in a dream indicates ill-health but not necessarily your own. Seeing a hotel room signifies news of a death.

ROOSTER   See Cockerel.

ROOTS   This is an obstacle dream and shows that difficulties are not far away. To dream that you are pulling roots up from the ground warns you to be careful who you tell your plans to or they may be taken and used.

ROPE   Being tied with a rope shows that problems are not far away.

ROSARY   Dreaming of these beads which are used for prayer by members of the Roman Catholic church indicates news of a death. To dream that you are using rosary beads shows that arguments will be mended.

ROSES   It is a very fortunate omen to dream of beautiful roses whether they are small buds or in full bloom, but if they are dying or faded this shows that problems will have to be overcome before success is seen.

ROTTEN   No matter what you see that is rotten in a dream it is always a most unfortunate omen.

ROUGE   Dreaming of this cosmetic is not fortunate and tells you to be on your guard otherwise people will deceive you.

ROULETTE   See Gambling.

ROUSE   To dream that you wake someone is favourable. However, it is not fortunate for others to rouse you from slumber, but this is only when happening in your sleeping hours and not being truly woken by someone.

ROWING   See Oar.

RUBBER   See Eraser.

RUBBING   To be rubbing anything in a dream signifies happiness in romance.

RUBBISH   To dream of rubbish indicates that you will find something to your advantage.

RUDDER   Dreaming of a rudder for a sea craft warns you not to travel where water is concerned for several weeks.

RUINS   To dream that you are walking round an old ruined building is a favourable sign, but this is not the case if it is a new structure.

RUMBLING   Hearing the rumbling of an earthquake denotes severe problems heading your way.

RUNNING   To dream that you are running with the purpose of going somewhere or catching a bus depends upon if you get there or not, if not then problems will befall you, but to succeed shows that troubles will be easily overcome. Running away from something because you are frightened indicates happiness and peace of mind.

RUNNING WATER   Clear water is a fortunate dream while dirty water is less favourable.

RUST   Rust in a dream is not a good sign and shows difficulties and losses of your own making. To dream of stains on clothing or other material caused by rust signifies a family member becoming ill.

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