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QUACK   To dream that you are being treated by an insufficient medical person warns you to be careful of unscrupulous people who will try to deceive you.

QUADRUPED   To dream of an animal with four legs depends upon the species and the index should be consulted.

QUAGMIRE   See Marsh.

QUAILS   It is unfavourable to dream of these game birds and warns of false accusations and arguments within the family circle.

QUAKER   To see someone of this religious denomination is a very fortunate dream.

QUARREL   To dream that you have a quarrel denotes that you will have to overcome difficulties before gains are seen.

QUARRY   Dreaming of a quarry which is being mined for its materials signifies that problems are not far away. If you walk away from a quarry your troubles will be slight, but to fall into a quarry shows that situations will find severe problems.

QUAY   Being on a quayside is not a good sign and problems can be expected, and if you board a ship from a quay then your troubles will be harder to overcome.

QUEEN   Seeing a queen in a dream shows that friends will benefit you. Dreaming that you meet and talk with a queen indicates arguments concerning domestic affairs.

QUESTIONS   Being asked questions in a dream shows that difficulties lie ahead, but if you reply correctly then they will only be minor problems.

QUEUE   To dream that you are stood in a queue tells you to expect the return of an old flame.

QUICKSAND   Dreaming that you are caught in quicksand signifies that there are many ways which you can turn but most of them are unscrupulous, think well before making a decision.

QUICKSILVER   To dream of this metallic element indicates a boost to your social life but warns you against gossip.

QUILT   A tidy clean quilt seen upon a bed is a fortunate omen, but if it is untidy or dirty then expect problems coming your way.

QUINCE   Dreaming of this fruit is fortunate, telling of changes to benefit you.

QUOITS   To dream of this game which uses rings of rope or wood which are thrown over a peg or stake shows that hard work will be needed with disagreements and arguments taking place.

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