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PACKAGE   Receiving a package in a dream signifies that you will have to labour hard to stall off any difficulties, the larger the package, the greater your problems. Opening a package denotes that things will not be too bad.

PACKING   Packing cases in readiness to travel shows that problems will be seen.

PADDOCK   To dream of a field used to enclose horses warns you not to take any risks or you will fail.

PADLOCK   Being trapped in a room or other place which is fastened by a padlock denotes difficulties. Using a padlock shows that you will untangle your problems with ease.

PAGEANT   To dream of a mock battle or show being put on tells you not to let first impressions count.

PAIL   See Bucket.

PAIN   To dream that you are in pain during your sleeping hours but not your waking, is a fortunate omen. Dreaming that you have stomachache denotes a boost to your social life, while leg pains indicate pleasant news.

PAINT   For people who use paint regularly in their daily working lives or hobby this dream holds very little meaning. Seeing or using paint is a very favourable dream.

PAINTER   To dream that you are a painter and decorator is a fortunate sign.

PAINTING   See Artist.

PALACE   To dream of a palace with luxurious surroundings is fortunate for those of a poor disposition.

PALL   Dreaming of this velvet cloth which is used for covering a coffin in church or while in a hearse signifies news of a death.

PALLID   It is an unfortunate omen to see your own or another's face which is pail or looking ill.

PALM TREES   To see palm trees in a dream indicates that once a problem is tackled you will be able to enjoy good fortune and peace of mind.

PANCAKES   Eating pancakes in a dream shows that difficulties will be overcome with the aid of a friend. Burnt pancakes are an unfortunate omen.

PANS   To dream of pots and pans warns you not to discuss your plans with others or unhappiness will be found.

PANSY   Happiness and peace of mind are to be found when dreaming of this plant with its colourful petals.

PANTHER   To dream that you are being hunted by this member of the cat family denotes difficulties for you to worry over. Dreaming that you hunt and kill a panther indicates financial gains.

PANTRY   Only minor success can be seen when you dream that you are in a room used for storing food.

PAPER   A nice neat clean sheet of paper tells the dreamer to expect financial difficulties, but these will not be too bad. However, if the paper is grubby or screwed up this signifies that you will make problems for yourself. To dream of a blot or that you make a smudge on a piece of paper indicates there will be a need to travel and a strange bed to sleep in.

PARACHUTE   Dreaming that you are descending by parachute signifies family problems. Seeing a parachute in a dream shows that you will need to relax more, it is not doing you any good being on the go all of the time. Several others descending by parachute indicates news of a family member.

PARADISE   To dream that you are in paradise signifies that bridges should be mended and arguments forgotten. Being rejected from paradise tells of unhappiness. Any other dream where paradise is seen is a fortunate omen.

PARALYSED   Being paralysed in a dream signifies disappointments in romance.

PARASOL   Dreaming of this umbrella used for a sunshade depends upon its situation, if it is open then good weather will be seen which will be helpful to plans, if it is closed this signifies unpleasant weather and unhappiness. See Umbrella.

PARCEL   It is a favourable sign to receive a parcel in a dream, but your fortune could go either way if you open it.

PARCHED   To dream that it is hot and arid signifies a journey to a country with a warm climate.

PARENTS   See Father and also Mother.

PARK   To dream that you are in pleasant surroundings on your own is a fortunate omen, but if you are with others each person represents an obstacle that you will have to face. Seeing children in a park tells the dreamer of happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned.

PARLIAMENT   To dream that you visit the House of Commons denotes sadness and arguments. Dreaming that you have been elected a Member of Parliament indicates changes in your situation which will not be of help to you.

PARROT   It is not favourable to dream of this tropical bird and is a signification that neighbourhood gossip will do you harm.

PARSLEY   This herb is a fortunate omen for the dreamer with any gains being of your own making.

PARSNIP   To dream of this root vegetable shows that someone will use you to gain success for themselves. 

PARTRIDGE   See Game Birds.

PARTY   Giving a party in a dream is unfortunate, but to attend a party being given by others is more favourable.

PASSAGE   Going along a passage or corridor is an obstacle dream and shows that problems are on the way. The longer the passage, the more severe your troubles, but if you come out the other side or manage to escape then they will quickly be overcome.

PASSENGER   Being a passenger in a dream denotes disappointments. Dreaming of meeting passengers indicates advancements.

PASSION FLOWER   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this flower which is linked to the passion of Christ.

PASSIONATE   For a man to dream that he is feeling passionate signifies a romance, but this will not be of a long duration. A woman dreaming that she is passionate shows that false accusations will be made.

PASTE   To dream that you are using paste shows that your plans will find success, but you may lose a friend in the process.

PASTRY   Dreaming that you or others are using pastry is an unfortunate omen where health, business, and romance are concerned.

PATCH   Gains due to a bequest are seen when you dream of having a patch sewn on your clothing.

PATCHWORK   To dream of something made from patches of material which are sewn together denotes a surprise where gains in money are concerned.

PATH   To dream that you are walking down a path depends upon your progress. If you find it a pleasant stroll this is a fortunate omen, but to find difficulties or a path which twists and turns indicates that problems are not far away. Going along a narrow path signifies that hard work will be needed if you are to obtain success, but it will come to you when you are at the very peak of pessimism.

PATTERN   A knitting or sewing pattern seen or used in a dream shows domestic problems of a trivial nature.

PAWNBROKER   Dreaming of a pawnbroker or that you are pawning goods is a most unfortunate omen.

PAYING   Paying someone money for an item or paying off a bill is a favourable dream, but to have people paying you is not so fortunate.

PEACH   The colour peach tells the dreamer of a boost to social life.

PEACHES   This fruit in a dream signifies happiness in romance, and if they are growing on a tree plans will exceed your expectations. Dreaming of eating peaches shows that your hopes will be dashed.

PEACOCK   This splendid bird with its beautiful coloured tail which he spreads out like a fan when seeking courtship is unfortunate when in a dream, denoting a failure of plans.

PEARLS   To be given a gift of pearls in a dream shows a happy and contented marriage. Buying pearls tells the dreamer that plans will succeed. Dreaming that you have lost some pearls denotes you will be introduced to new friends.

PEARS   Dreaming of this fruit shows that good times will be followed by bad.

PEAS   These small podded vegetables in a dream indicate a change in your fortunes for the better, but you may have to wait a while. If the peas are dried this indicates financial gains from a dubious source. To dream of unpicked peas is a fortunate omen.

PEBBLES   To dream of small stones indicates oncoming problems caused by jealousy or a selfish nature.

PEDDLER   Dreaming of a vendor, whether you buy anything or not, denotes that friends are not loyal and will try to use you.

PEDESTRIAN   It is a favourable sign to be walking to some destination in a dream.

PEN   Dreaming of a pen indicates that you will receive news of friends from a distance. However, it is not a fortunate omen to dream of the point of a pen and difficulties are seen if the nib is broken or that you break it.

PENANCE   To dream that you are seeking absolution from the church or showing that you are sorry for the sins you have committed, warns you to be careful where strangers are concerned, especially when taking a journey.

PENCIL   To dream of a pencil shows that problems will arise to worry you. Being given a pencil by someone you know signifies that a situation will arise to separate you from that person.

PENDULUM   Seeing a pendulum in a dream indicates that you will receive news which will find you having to travel.

PENNY   Finding a penny shows that business matters will find success, but if you lose a penny this tells you to be careful in your spending. To count money in a dream warns of financial problems. Also see Money.

PENSION   To dream that you are claiming a pension indicates that hasty decisions should be avoided and you should think things over carefully before giving any answers.

PEONY   It is not fortunate to dream of these large blossoms and foretells of unhappiness and irritations.

PEOPLE   This is an unfortunate sign. People you invite into your home signifies sadness and a time to weep, while unwanted guests indicate sorrow. To dream of people wearing white clothing denotes a separation between you and a friend, and for them to be in black shows that situations will bring anxiety and sorrow.

PEPPER   This aromatic spice tells you of a person within the family circle with an aptitude which will be their fortune if used to its potential, especially if the pepper makes you sneeze in the dream.

PEPPERMINT   Dreaming of this herb tells that your children or close family members will make you proud of their achievements.

PERAMBULATOR   To dream of a babies carriage indicates that you will be burdened with too many responsibilities.

PERFORMING   Entertaining others by putting on a show tells you not to be over-anxious about the way you look.

PERFUME   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a pleasantly scented perfume, but if it is not to your liking this is less favourable.

PERIL   To dream that you are in peril shows there are obstacles to be faced in your waking hours. However, if you are rescued or get out of a difficult situation in your dream then problems should be easily overcome.

PERJURY   Dreaming of swearing to a statement being true when you know it is not, or giving false evidence, indicates that troubles are not far away and will be self-inflicted.

PERSPIRING   See Sweating.

PETROL   This inflammable substance in a dream is an unfortunate omen.

PETTICOAT   To dream of this type of underwear indicates that you should be careful in your associations. Seeing a petticoat which is white tells you to expect a present while a coloured slip shows there will be a wedding. A petticoat which is ripped in a dream denotes long-term sadness.

PEWTER   Anything made with a mixture of lead or any other metal indicates happiness, but not concerning money.

PHANTOM   See Apparition.

PHEASANT   It is a fortunate omen when this game bird is seen in a dream.

PHOTOGRAPHY   To see a photograph of yourself in a dream is not favourable, but a photograph of others is a fortunate omen. Negatives for making photographs is a fortunate sign and your intuition will enable you to avoid any serious troubles.

PHYSICIAN   See Doctor.

PIANO   Hearing piano music being played to your taste is fortunate, but if the music is off key or the piano out of tune this is less favourable. Dreaming that you are playing a piano shows that arguments are not far away. To dream of one of these large stringed instruments tells of sadness and regrets.

PICKING FLOWERS   To pick flowers in a dream is fortunate where romance is concerned. However, some flowers have their own definitions and the index should be consulted.

PICKING FRUIT   To dream that you are picking various varieties of fruit is favourable, showing a more outgoing nature. Some fruit have their own definitions and the index should be looked at.

PICNIC   A picnic which goes well in a dream signifies happiness in romance, but if the weather is bad and the picnic not over this shows sadness and disappointments in affairs of the heart.

PICTURE   To dream of a painted picture indicates that someone you trust will prove to be disloyal. Many pictures signify that hard work will be needed to keep a situation stable rather than seeing any gains.

PIE   To dream that you make a pie shows domestic happiness, but to eat a pie denotes quarrels with family members.

PIER   Dreaming of a pier spanning out towards the sea tells you of someone else's fortune, but you will find happiness in the future.

PIG   Seeing a pig in a dream is a fortunate omen. Dreaming of many pigs shows a bumpy ride ahead with some situation bringing losses while others find success which tends to bring about a balance rather than any advancements or gains.

PILGRIM   Some of your desires will be realised when dreaming of a person who takes a journey to a sacred place due to their religious compulsions.

PILLOW   A nice clean pillow is a fortunate dream. To see a dirty or torn pillow shows that you will be the cause of your own problems.

PILLS   To dream of this form of medication indicates that you will happily travel to distant countries.

PILOT   A pilot in a dream signifies that happiness will be marred by an enemy.

PIN   A pin in a dream shows unhappiness in affairs of the heart with situations being severe if you prick yourself with it.

PINAFORE    To dream of this overdress tells you that a gift will find happiness but be cautious of what you say and do.

PIN CUSHION   It is a fortunate omen if you dream of a pin cushion containing a lot of pins, but if there are no pins and just the pin cushion then expect regrets to bring sadness.

PINEAPPLE    This juicy fruit tells the dreamer to expect more happiness in the home with a boost to social life.

PINE TREES   To dream of this evergreen tree indicates good news being received about people who are older than yourself.

PING-PONG   See Sports.

PINK   This is a combination of white and red and indicates arguments with friends or neighbours, the deeper the hue, the more serious the quarrels will be.

PINKS   These sweet scented flowers indicate new clothing for the dreamer. To sell these flowers in a dream tells that happiness in your social life is not far away.

PIPE   Dreaming that you are smoking a pipe is a fortunate omen.

PIRATE   To dream that you are a pirate shows that plans may not be scrupulous with any gains coming from a dubious source. To see pirates in a dream shows that someone's deceit will prove to be to your benefit.

PISTOL   To fire a pistol in a dream signifies that hard work will be needed with little reward. Dreaming that you are in possession of a pistol indicates that you are not liked by those who could be of help to you. See Gun or Revolver.

PIT   To dream of a pit shows that there are problems which will have to be faced concerning romance or employment. Falling into a pit is very unfavourable and tells you that difficulties will be long-term.

PITCH   Because of the dark colour of pitch which is usually black, this not a fortunate dream.

PITCHER   See Jug.

PITY   To dream that you pity someone is a sign that situations and people will irritate you. Receiving pity signifies that your ego will be bruised and your pride will take a fall.

PLAGUE   To dream that you or others have this disease is a fortunate omen both for money and romance.

PLAID   This woollen cloth with a tartan pattern tells the dreamer of a good friend and good health.

PLANK   To dream of a piece of timber indicates that a journey may soothe your itching feet.

PLANTS   Certain plants have their own definitions and the index in this book should be consulted otherwise see Herbs.

PLASTER   Family problems are seen when dreaming of plaster which is cracked or damaged on a wall in your home. To be wearing a plaster cast in a dream indicates that people will lie about you.

PLATE   See Dish.

PLATFORM   Dreaming of a platform tells of an unexpected marriage.

PLAY   It is a fortunate omen to be in the audience watching a play. Being in a play in a dream is not a favourable sign.


PLEADING   To dream that you plead for something indicates that you should be more confident and go boldly on with your plans to see success.

PLEASURE   This is an unfortunate dream, the more pleasure you experience, the more severe your problems will be.

PLOUGH   To dream of a farmer ploughing a field shows that hard work will be needed to find the success that is waiting for you. Dreaming that you are using a plough tells that hard work and patience will find advancements in the long-run.

PLUME   To dream of an ornamental feather which is usually white indicates surprises which bring advancements and benefits.

PLUMS   Picking plums is a fortunate sign, but if they are unripe this shows that plans will fail due to carelessness. Gathering fallen plums denotes changes both good and bad. Eating plums in a dream is an indication of domestic worries. If the plums were damsons this indicates uneasiness over some situation, while eating damsons denotes that false friends will bring you problems. See Prunes if appropriate.

PLUNDER   See Stealing.

POACHING   Trespassing on others land for illicit purposes warns you to be cautious of what you say to people for several days after such a dream.

POCKET-BOOK   See Purse.

POCKETS   This is an obstacle dream, the more pockets, the more obstacles. The deeper the pockets, the more serious your difficulties will be.

POETRY   To dream that you are writing poetry signifies that you will receive a gift in the near future. Reading poetry in a dream depends upon your status, to an unattached female it means that she should not betray her feelings, to a woman who is married it tells her to be careful of flirting if things are not to get out of hand. For a man to dream of reading poetry it warns him to be careful of what he puts in correspondence.

POISON   To have been poisoned in a dream denotes that a friend or business associate will deceive you and bring about losses where money is concerned. However, if in the dream you overcome this dilemma and fully recuperate this shows that you can over-ride your difficulties if care and attention to detail is gone into.

POKER   To dream that you are using a poker on a fire signifies that if any advancements are found it will be through hard work and patience. To be playing the card game see Gambling.

POLECAT   See Ferret.

POLICE   To dream that you are in trouble with the police is a good sign and shows that problems you are facing now will soon be defeated. It is an unfortunate omen if you are placed under arrest in a dream.

POLICE DOG   A police dog indicates arguments with business associates or fellow employees.

POLICE STATION   To dream that you are being held at a police station for questioning denotes joy, but if friends or relatives are being questioned this indicates financial losses.

POLISH   Whether using polish or dreaming of polish in general, warns you not to make any commitments where financial matters are concerned.

POMEGRANATE   This fruit promises the dreamer happiness.

POND   A pond which is full of clean water is a fortunate dream where romance is concerned, but a pond with murky water or which is overgrown with weeds denotes problems with a lover.

PONY   See Horse.

POOL   See Billiards.

POPPIES   These flowers indicate that a situation or person will steer you down the wrong path and tells you to be careful of what you do over the next few days.

PORCELAIN   See China.

PORCUPINE   This North American animal with its protective quills seen in a dream denotes problems where business and employment are concerned.

PORRIDGE   To dream that you are eating porridge indicates good times coming with good friends. Cooking porridge shows there is a danger of becoming over-bossy with people.

PORTER   Dreaming of a person who handles luggage in a hotel on the railways or at airports is a sign that people will irritate you due to your affairs being local gossip.

PORTRAIT   To dream of the portrait of a friend, relative, or yourself shows that a bad influence is nearby which will be worse if the picture is damaged or dirty.

POST OFFICE   Dreaming of a post office signifies changes. It is an obstacle dream if you post letters at such a building. To buy a stamp at a post office is an unfortunate omen.

POST PERSON   Seeing a person who delivers the mail in a dream signifies a surprising event. Dreaming that you are working for the postal service denotes a loss of material wealth.

POTATOES   Cooking potatoes in a dream depends upon the way in which they are being prepared. To boil potatoes indicates an unwanted guest in your home, baked potatoes show quarrels in romance, and fried potatoes means news of a marriage. To dream that you dig up potatoes from the ground signifies that hard work and using your initiative will bring rewards while setting potatoes finds that some of your desires will be realised.

POTS   See Pans.

POULTRY   It is a fortunate omen to see any domestic bird reared for food in a dream.

POUND   See Enclosure.

POVERTY   This is a dream of opposite meaning, The more poverty stricken you are, the greater your fortune will be. To dream that others are suffering from poverty tells you that a friend or relative needs your help.

POWER   To dream that you have been given a position of power over others is one of contrary and denotes problems and obstacles, the more power you have, the more severe things will be.

PRAISE   To dream that others praise you tells of malicious gossip about your affairs. Praising others signifies that a situation will bring embarrassment. Doing a good turn for someone indicates happiness with a boost to your social life. Dreaming others do a good turn for you shows gains.

PRAM   See Perambulator.

PRAYER   To dream that you are saying a prayer is a favourable omen.

PRAYING   Praying on your knees denotes happiness, and if you are kneeling in church this shows that your hopes will soon begin to be seen.

PREACHER   A preacher indicates that a situation may be causing concern at present but things will turn out alright in the end.

PRECIOUS STONES   To dream of any precious stone is fortunate where business is concerned. Wearing precious stones in a dream is a sign of gains in all areas of your life. Having lost a precious stone is unfavourable. To have dreamt that you have bought some precious stones indicates a rise in wages, but to sell them denotes financial losses.

PRECIPICE   It is not fortunate to dream that you are looking over the edge of a cliff or steep mountain and tells you of forthcoming difficulties. If you walk away from a precipice this shows that problems will be handled with ease, but it is an unfortunate omen if you fall.

PREDECESSOR   See Ancestors.

PREGNANT   For a woman to dream that she is pregnant depends upon her status. To a married woman such a dream indicates arguments and sadness with her partner, but for an unmarried woman dreaming she is pregnant shows malicious gossip against her. For a widowed woman to have dreamt that she was pregnant signifies that she will marry in the near future. Dreaming that someone else is pregnant denotes that situations will find disappointing results.

PRESENT   See Gift.

PRESSING   See Ironing.

PRIEST   Dreaming of a minister of the church denotes that arguments will be forgotten which brings more happiness and less worries. Dreaming that you have an audience with a priest warns you to expect trouble.

PRINCE of  WALES   Dreaming that you meet and converse with the heir to the throne is a fortunate omen, but if you are part of a crowd and watch him go by then expect to receive a gift.

PRINCE or PRINCESS   To dream of royalty of this title signifies that better times are on the way.

PRINT   Seeing something going into print in a dream tells you to be careful of deceitful people.

PRISON   Giving evidence or being the opposing lawyer which sentences someone to prison life is not a fortunate sign and tells you to expect difficulties and losses in all areas of your life. Dreaming of a prison denotes domestic happiness.

PRIZE   To dream that you have won a prize tells you that a bargain may not be what it seems and you should steer clear of cheap goods.

PROCESSION   Seeing a procession going along is a sign of happiness and contentment in romance, the longer the procession, the more long-term joy there will be.

PROMISE   To dream that you make a promise or others give you their promise signifies that you will be given an opportunity, think it over before making a decision.

PROMOTION   Being given a promotion or making advancements signifies success in some undertaking. If you are employed by someone and dream of being promoted at work this indicates that success is assured, and if you are your own boss success is certain. Legal matters can also concern such a dream, but if advancements were seen involving a lawsuit then you will lose.

PROPERTY   To dream that you own property is a favourable sign, but if you own a great deal of property or a large house then sadness will be found. Dreaming that you are selling property indicates failure.

PROPOSAL   To receive a proposal in a dream warns you not to get involved with another persons plans or ideas. Dreaming that you are putting forward a proposal indicates that better times are not far away. For a man to dream he proposed to his lover and being accepted, or for a woman to be proposed to and accepts shows that affairs of the heart will take a long time before everything comes right.

PROSTITUTE   To dream that you have taken up prostitution signifies that someone is out to injure you. Dreaming that you are a customer of a prostitute indicates that a journey will be undertaken. To see a prostitute denotes a boost to your social life.


PRUNES   To dream of dried plums is an indication that problems are not far away.

PUBLIC HOUSE   It is an unfortunate omen to be in a public house drinking. Dreaming that you are the owner of a public house shows that work will be needed if you are to overcome losses.

PUBLIC SPEAKER   Dreaming of someone giving a lecture or speech in public indicates that you will be told off or nagged at. 

PUDDING   A plain pudding is a favourable sign, but it is an unfortunate omen to dream of an elaborate dinner party with rich food.

PULPIT   This is an unfortunate omen with the pulpit being linked to the inside of a church, although the exterior of a religious building is a favourable sign.

PUMP   To dream that you are using a pump to obtain water depends upon the state in which it is in. Clean water means that business affairs will find success, but dirty or muddy water tells of malicious gossip.

PUNCH   Drinking punch in a dream indicates news being received that will find financial losses.

PUNISHMENT   To dream that you are receiving punishment denotes a surprise which brings happiness.

PUPPY   Dreaming of a young dog indicates that you will be asked to a social gathering, enjoy yourself but do not tell others your personal affairs or plans.

PURGATORY   To dream that you are suffering for your sins indicates an illness which will make it necessary for you to take a journey.

PURPLE   The colour purple dominating a dream is a very fortunate omen for all areas of your life.

PURSE   Dreaming that you have found a purse containing money is a fortunate omen and still a favourable sign if it is empty. To lose a purse in a dream indicates problems of your own making.

PURSUED   Being chased or hunted shows difficulties arising which bring disappointments.

PUSHING   To push against something in a dream represents an overwhelming obstacle which you will have to face during your waking hours.

PUTTY   Using putty in a dream signifies that you will have to labour and suffer before you can get on a level footing again.

PUZZLE   Dreaming of a puzzle which you are unable to complete is most unfortunate, but if you solve a puzzle this shows that any problems which arise will be quickly overcome. In general any form of puzzle is a warning of coming troubles which are more often caused by hasty or ill-timed decisions made by yourself. Hold back on any new plans and do not take any unusual risks where business is concerned.

PYRAMIDS   To dream of these ancient Egyptian structures is a most fortunate omen.

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