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OAK TREE   This nature linked dream shows great fortune coming your way, especially if the oak tree is in full leaf. A sapling or tree which is not too old indicates that your fortune will be found in the future. Dreaming of an oak tree in the autumn when the leaves are brown and falling signifies failure and losses where business is concerned. An oak tree which has fallen or been cut down denotes that your misfortune will be severe.

OAR   To dream that you are using an oar in a boat is favourable, but for others to do the rowing shows that you will have to overcome difficulties before success is seen. Dreaming that you have broken or lost an oar is an unfortunate omen.

OASIS   Seeing an oasis in a desert shows there is at least one friend who you will always be able to depend upon when in need of help.

OATH   To make a solemn promise tells the dreamer of peace, comfort and security.

OATMEAL   See Porridge.

OATS   Seeing a field of oats, corn, or barley is a fortunate omen. Dreaming that the harvest is being collected indicates good news. To dream of these crops not being ready for cutting signifies problems of your own making.

OBEYING   To dream that you obey the orders given by others shows that sadness may surround you now but happier days will be seen in the future.

OBITUARY   Seeing the obituary of someone who you know indicates news of a wedding.

OBLIGATION   Dreaming that you are obliged to help someone, or they you, is an unfortunate omen.

OBSERVATORY   To dream of this building from where the universe may be observed signifies a state of loneliness if you do not stop turning friends into enemies as you are at present.

OCCUPATION   Doing a job which you enjoy is very unfortunate, but to dream that you are employed in work which you dislike or are unhappy with is a fortunate omen for all aspects of your life.

OCEAN   A calm sea is a fortunate omen, but it is very unlucky to dream of a storm or rough weather out on the ocean.

OCULIST   See Optician.

ODOUR   Dreaming of a pleasant odour indicates peace and comfort, but an odour which you dislike denotes that situations and people will leave you feeling irritated.

OFFEND   To dream that you offend someone indicates arguments which will interfere with domestic happiness, but for another to offend you shows you will be the cause of your own problems.

OFFER   To dream that you are offering your services to others signifies that hard work will see the advancements which are waiting for you.

OFFICE   To work in an office in a dream shows financial difficulties not being far away.

OFFICER   Dreaming of any kind of officer warns you to be careful what you say and what you write. To dream that you are an officer see Uniform.

OGRE   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this mythical giant.

OIL   For a person who uses oil in everyday situations this dream holds little meaning, otherwise, using oil is a most unfortunate omen.

OINTMENT   To see or use ointment on yourself or others in a dream shows signs of trivial matters where health is concerned.

OLD LOVER   To dream of a boyfriend or girlfriend from the past indicates that some of the old familiar things are going to return.

OLD MAN   An old man in a dream is a fortunate omen. For a woman to dream that she is dating an old man is favourable where romance is concerned.

OLD PEOPLE   Dreaming of old people is favourable where minor matters are concerned.

OLD WOMAN   To dream of an old woman signifies malicious gossip that could injure you. A man dreaming that he is going out with an old woman is fortunate where business matters are concerned.

OLDER   To dream that you have grown old is a favourable sign. Dreaming of old clothing indicates that you should be more confident and head towards your goals.

OLIVES   To dream of these fruit which are mainly cultivated for their oil is a fortunate omen.

OMNIBUS   See Coach.

ONIONS   Dreaming of onions signifies that an outcome will look beneficial at first but will end in disappointment. Gathering onions from a garden indicates that a secret will become common knowledge. To dream of peeling onions denotes problems with family and to cook with them shows that a friend will call upon you. To have dreamt of eating onions foretells of good fortune coming from a surprising source.

OPAL   This gem which some people hold to be unlucky is fortunate when seen in a dream.

OPERA   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are attending or taking part in an opera.

OPERATION   If your daily life revolves around medical matters such a dream holds little meaning. To dream that you are having an operation and everything goes well indicates that plans will be successful, but if complications set in this shows there will be difficulties and pitfalls. To see others being operated on denotes news which you did not expect.

OPIUM   It is most unfortunate to dream of these poppy seeds which are smoked or eaten to bring about a happy state of mind.

OPPONENT   See Adversary.

OPPOSITE SEX   For a man to dream of a woman who is sexually alluring is favourable where money is concerned. A woman dreaming of a man who is sexually attractive indicates that she will live to see an old age.

OPTICIAN   To dream of purchasing a pair of glasses from an optician shows that you have missed an opportunity. To have dreamt that you are having your eyes tested denotes that someone is watching you.

ORANGE   To dream of this colour indicates that situations will stay the same for a long time to come before any improvements are seen.

ORANGE BLOSSOM   Dreaming of these fragrant flowers signifies news of a wedding.

ORANGES   To dream of these fruit shows problems arising where business matters are concerned. Eating oranges in a dream indicates malicious gossip causing sadness and anger.

ORATOR   See Public Speaker.

ORCHARD   It is a fortunate omen to see an orchard bearing fruit ready for picking, but if the trees are bear or have unripe or rotten fruit this shows difficulties along your path. To dream of an orchard with the trees in blossom is favourable where romance is concerned.

ORCHESTRA   It is usually favourable to dream of music in any form, but because there are so many instruments involved this is more a symbol of obstacles and problems which could lead to failure.

ORGAN   Hearing organ music in a dream denotes happiness, but sadness is foreseen if you are inside a church listening to organ music.

ORIENT   Dreaming of people or countries of the Orient indicates affairs of the heart finding happiness, but not of a long duration, in which case it will ebb and die.

ORNAMENTS   To dream of ornaments in a church denotes happiness. An ornament of flowers is a sign of good luck.

ORPHAN   To dream that you adopt an orphan indicates great joy. Going to an orphanage and seeing many orphans signifies that someone unknown to you will be beneficial where financial gains and peace of mind are concerned.

OSTLER   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a person who is in charge of stables at an inn.

OSTRICH   Dreaming of this large flightless bird shows that more healthy eating is needed if health worries are not to occur.

OTTER   This aquatic mammal tells the dreamer of unfaithful friends who will try to do you harm.

OTTOMAN   It is unfortunate for matters of a romantic and domestic nature when dreaming of an ottoman or couch.

OVEN   To dream you are using an oven indicates that present situations are not going anywhere. However, if you cook a delicious meal then things will get better, but if you burn the food then things will become much worse.

OVERALLS   Wearing overalls for some kind of job tells the dreamer that someone will do you a favour. To dream that you rip a pair of overalls is an unfortunate sign.

OVERBOARD   To dream that you have fallen from a sea vessel of any kind is an unfortunate omen and warns you not to take any financial risks for several days.

OVERFLOW   To dream that something has gone beyond its limits and is causing flooding indicates money gains.

OVERHEAD   To dream of an object hanging above you means that some danger is waiting, but this may be avoided if the item does not fall.

OVERTAKING   To overtake someone either on foot or in a vehicle shows that a person will bring changes which benefit you.

OVERWORKED   Dreaming that you are overworked and are given too much to handle indicates a change of your views of opinion or a change of employment.

OWL   An owl signifies that you will be mentioned in gossip, but if it makes a noise this denotes health problems.

OXEN   It is a fortunate omen where finances are concerned when dreaming of these domesticated animals.

OYSTERS   Eating oysters in a dream indicates that success can only come from hard work and you will need self-confidence. Dreaming that you purchase oysters shows a new romance.

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