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NAGGING   To dream that others are nagging you signifies news which will make you happy.

NAKED    To dream that you are wearing little clothing or are naked is favourable, any problems seen will be self-inflicted in which case you have to help yourself get out of difficulties. To see others without clothing indicates unexpected good fortune coming your way.

NAME    It is fortunate in the area of romance to hear someone call your name in a dream, but if it is a different name to your own which others are calling you by, this is unfortunate, especially where romance is concerned.

NAPKIN    Using a plain napkin tells the dreamer to expect good news, if it is patterned it will be news of a wedding. Dreaming that you are given napkins in the form of a gift denotes arguments within the family circle.

NARCISSUS    The beautiful youth Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and was turned into this flower of which the daffodil is part of this family. To dream of narcissus in a garden shows a happy and contented future. To see them in a vase or growing indoors is less favourable and tells you to expect difficulties arising along the way.

NATIVITY    To see the nativity in a dream indicates peace, happiness, and contentment.

NAVAL BATTLE    Dreaming of a naval battle taking place indicates a higher rank for yourself or someone known to you in one of the armed services.

NAVIGATOR    To dream of plotting a course or guiding any form of transport denotes that you will travel far.

NAVY    Being in the navy tells the dreamer that success is not far away, but if you are unhappy with your situation this foretells difficulties where affairs of the heart are concerned. A woman dreaming that her husband or lover joins the navy signifies that he will be successful.

NECK    Dreaming that you have a pain in your neck or that it concerns you in some way is a sign of financial gains.

NECKLACE    Wearing a necklace in a dream is fortunate where romance is concerned, but if it breaks or you lose it then unhappiness and arguments concerning affairs of the heart can be seen.

NEEDLE    Sewing with a needle in a dream denotes that you will need to turn to friends for help or guidance. To have dreamt of threading a needle shows that your patience will be needed in some situation. Having lost a needle indicates unhappiness in romance, but to find a needle tells you that new friends will be made.

NEEDLEWORK    To dream that you or others are doing needlework signifies that someone who you confide in will prove deceitful.

NEGRO    To see a dark skinned person or people in a dream is a warning of arguments with friends and deceit on their part.

NEIGHBOURS    Dreaming of your neighbours is not favourable and indicates problems, especially where business and employment are concerned. To be happily chatting to them shows financial difficulties, and to go to your neighbours home signifies arguments within the family circle.

NERVOUS    Being nervous about something in a dream denotes that a mystery will be solved and find great fortune for you.

NEST    See Birds Nest.

NET    Dreaming that you are using a net shows that business ventures will find success, but to see others using a net indicates that your money problems will soon be solved. To catch a fish with a net signifies changes that could well lead you to find people being cool towards you, but to catch anything else foretells of surprises. Having dreamt that you were caught in a net finds you being entangled in an unfortunate situation. A net which is ripped warns of losses in all areas of your life.

NETBALL    Taking part in a game of netball or just being a spectator indicates that a letter may find you feeling disappointed, but things will turn out alright in the end.

NETTLES    It is a fortunate omen to see nettles growing in a meadow or garden, but if you are stung this is unfortunate and indicates that a friend or lover will be deceitful.

NEW YEARS DAY    To dream that it is New Years Day indicates that advancements are not far away.

NEW YEARS EVE    Being at a New Years Eve party tells the dreamer to be careful of who they confide in, but to get drunk at a party is a good sign for romance. To propose or accept a proposal of marriage when it is New Years Eve in a dream denotes wedded bliss, but to dream that your wedding is taking  place on New Years Eve shows a separation between you and your lover or spouse. A baby being born on New Years Eve depends upon the sex of the child, a girl represents a prosperous marriage while a boy signifies that you will be a self-made person.

NEWS    This is a dream of opposition, to receive or give bad news is a fortunate omen, but to hear or tell good news is an unfavourable sign.

NEWSPAPER    Reading a newspaper in a dream denotes a change for the better. A newspaper which comes out daily signifies that your affairs could become common knowledge if you are not careful, but a Sunday edition indicates that you will not see a great old age.

NIBBLING    Nibbling at food tells the dreamer to take care in correspondence and when putting your name to anything.

NICK-NACKS    See Knickknacks.

NICKNAME    For others to call you by your nickname in a dream is a fortunate omen, but a nickname which you are not known by in your waking hours is not so favourable.

NIECE    Dreaming of your niece signifies that an alliance with a friendly relative will prove beneficial to both of you.

NIGHT    To dream that it is night time is an unfortunate omen, but if daylight is seen before you awake then this tells you that difficulties will not be too severe.

NIGHT-CAP    To dream that you are wearing this night time head dress warns you to be careful of a mere flirtation.

NIGHT CREATURES    To see any nocturnal animal in a dream is unfortunate, but difficulties will only be short-lived.

NIGHTINGALE    To dream of this small bird for which the male is known for its beautiful melodious song is a fortunate omen with it having a link to nature.

NIGHTMARE    To dream that you are having a nightmare signifies that someone who you confide in, or a good friend will become your enemy.

NIGHTSHADE    Eating the deadly berries of any variety of these plants in a dream is a fortunate sign.

NINEPINS    To play ninepins in a dream indicates that for several weeks there will be a bumpy road on your path of destiny.

NOBILITY    To dream that you are in the company of people of noble birth is an unfortunate omen.

NODDING    Nodding your head signifies problems where health is concerned, relax more and take things easy for several days after such a dream.

NOISE    Hearing a noise which is only taking part in your dream indicates arguments with friends or family, the more noise or the louder the volume, the more severe the arguments will be. To dream that you are making a lot of noise indicates a wasteful nature.

NOOSE    A hangman's noose tells the dreamer of rivals and difficulties, stand and fight your adversaries.

NORTH    To dream that you are travelling north or are staying in Northern countries or towns indicates that hard work will be needed if you are to find success.

NOSE    It is a fortunate omen to dream that you have a nose which you like, having a large nose indicates gains and advancements. Dreaming that you have lost your sense of smell or that your nose is blocked in some way shows a deceitful friend.

NOSE-BLEED    This is a most unfortunate omen, take care in money matters and where investments are concerned for several days after such a dream.

NOSEGAY    It is a fortunate omen to see a bunch of sweet scented blossoms unless they are presented to you, which is less favourable. To dream that you are picking flowers is a sign of failure.

NOVEL    Writing a novel in a dream indicates sadness, but to see a novel signifies financial and business worries.

NUGGET    Financial improvements are to be seen when dreaming of a nugget of gold or other metal.

NUISANCE    To dream that something or someone is being a nuisance shows unfortunate news bringing sadness.

NUMB    Dreaming that you are numb is not a definition in itself but your body telling you of oncoming illness.

NUN    Because the colour of a nuns clothing is usually black this is an unfortunate dream and indicates that a friend will try to deceive you.

NURSE    To dream that you are a nurse signifies that new friendships will be found. A nurse on duty in a dream is fortunate where business is concerned.

NURSERY    Dreaming of the inside of a nursery is an unfortunate omen.

NURSING    To dream that you are nursing a sick person is a fortunate sign and even greater if recovery is being seen.

NUTMEG    To dream of this spice shows that changes will find it necessary for you to take a journey.

NUTS    It is a fortunate omen to dream of these fruit in any form.

NUTSHELLS    Dreaming of nutshells is a fortunate omen and shows advancements and to break them with your feet indicates even greater gains.

NUT TREE    To dream of a tree bearing nuts is a favourable sign, but to take the nuts and eat them denotes that only hard work will find financial gains.

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