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MACHINE GUN   To dream of a machine gun indicates that hostilities are being aroused.

MACHINERY   Dreaming of machinery shows that any gains will have to be worked for. An automatic vehicle or machine indicates that a turn of events will find surprising results.

MACINTOSH   See Raincoat.

MACKEREL   This type of fish in a dream is an unfortunate omen.

MAD   See Insane.

MAD DOG   To dream of a rabid animal signifies that lies and deceit will be found but the falsely accused will be justified.

MADNESS   It is fortunate in all aspects of your life to dream that you are mad or of others who are insane.

MAELSTROM   See Whirlpool.

MAGAZINE   To dream of a magazine tells you to take care because losses are seen.

MAGGOT   Dreaming of the larva of a fly indicates arguments of a domestic nature.

MAGIC   To see things which appear to be happening by magic signifies that something will happen which will seem unfavourable at the time but will find a twist of fate which brings advancements.

MAGISTRATE   It is unfortunate to dream that you are found guilty of some offence by a magistrate, but if you are seen to be innocent then things will go in your favour.

MAGNET   A magnet tells you to be careful who you put your trust in where business matters are concerned.

MAGNIFYING GLASS   Dreaming of a magnifying glass shows that things are not so bad as you make them seem, face your difficulties and they will soon be a thing of the past.

MAGPIE   Dreaming of this black and white bird gives a combination of both colours and indicates slight difficulties in areas of romance and home affairs.

MAID   To dream that you have a maid serving shows a situation bringing regrets.

MAILING   To dream that you mail a letter with money or a cheque enclosed indicates that good news is on its way. Putting a parcel in the mail tells the dreamer to expect a gift. Documents or business papers being put in the mail signifies that you are being deceived by an untrue friend.

MALICE   Dreaming of others wishing you ill is a fortunate omen, the more malice being put towards you, the more favourable things will be.

MALLOWS   Eating mallows in a dream indicates that your problems will be trivial and short-lived.

MALT   To dream of this grain used for brewing denotes a happy marriage.

MAMMOTH   Dreaming of this long extinct animal shows that hard work will be needed to overcome the overwhelming obstacles which are looming up before you.

MAN   To dream of a stranger is a favourable sign, seeing a man who is tall shows good fortune, but a man carrying a weapon signifies sadness. A man who is too much overweight tells you that plans should be checked thoroughly before putting them into action.

MANACLES   See Handcuffs.

MANGLE   Dreaming of this device used for wringing out laundry shows that a friend will be of help.

MANICURE   To dream that you are beautifying your hands and finger nails denotes that you will enter into a happy marriage with a spouse who is a lot older than yourself.

MANSERVANT   See Footman.

MANSION   Dreaming of a large luxurious house is an unfortunate omen, but if it is run-down and unfit to live in this signifies that troubles will not be so bad.

MANSLAUGHTER   To dream you have committed manslaughter or that you are on trial for such a crime is an unfortunate omen for all aspects of your life.

MANURE   To dream that you are using manure in a garden depends upon your situation, for those who are struggling in life this is favourable, but for those who are comfortable and have financial security this is an unfortunate dream.

MAP   Looking for somewhere on a map indicates a move of home or change of work place.

MARBLE   Because marble is seen to be a luxury, this is an unfortunate dream.

MARCHING   Marching in a dream indicated business matters finding success.

MARIGOLDS   Dreaming of these plants with their golden yellow flowers indicates that good luck is on your side.

MARIJUANA   These are the leaves of the Indian hemp plant which are dried to turn into narcotic cigarettes or others forms of smoking. To dream you are smoking this drug on your own signifies that your hopes and wishes are too high to be reached, but to smoke marijuana with another person of the opposite sex shows happiness in romance. Coming into contact with the law for possession of marijuana denotes that you should behave more responsibly than you are at present.

MARINER   See Sailor.

MARJORAM   To smell this herb in a dream indicates problems with hard work being needed, but you will have to face a time of unhappiness.

MARKET   Dreaming that you are at a market either buying or selling shows you will have financial security and peace of mind. To be browsing over stalls but not making a purchase tells the dreamer than an opportunity will be missed.


MARRIAGE   For a single person to dream they are married signifies they will receive some unpleasant news. Dreaming of the marriage of others indicates happiness, but if the bridal procession is tearful then unhappiness is foretold. Banns being read for marriage signifies that you will receive good fortune but not until you have gone through a bad patch. A married person dreaming they are marrying someone other than their spouse shows that a situation will bring out feelings of jealousy on your part. To dream of a bigamous marriage denotes that a family member is trying to deceive you.

MARSH   Being stuck in a marsh or bog is an unfortunate omen, but if you manage to get free then your problems will not be so great.

MARSH MALLOWS   See Mallows.

MARTYR   Dreaming that you are making a martyr out of yourself on religious grounds foretells great happiness.

MASCOT   To dream of a talisman or that you are made a mascot signifies that news coming unexpectedly will lead you to change plans.

MASK   Seeing someone wearing a mask is a sign that things are being concealed from you and that you are being deceived. Dreaming that you are wearing a mask indicates a discrepancy or secret which you wish to keep to yourself.

MASON   To dream of a mason building a stone structure shows that health problems will bring losses.

MASS   To be attending mass in a dream is fortunate where health matters are concerned.

MASTIFF   Dreaming of this large dog tells you to be cautious about making impressions of people because they could be wrong. To dream that you are attacked by a mastiff or any large dog indicates problems where affairs of the heart are concerned.

MAT   Problems are seen heading your way when dreaming of a mat, no matter where it is situated.

MATCHES   Dreaming of matches shows gains in money are to be seen.

MATTRESS   To dream of a mattress signifies money losses leading to a downfall in standards, tighten your purse strings now so that things will not become too bad.

MAY   To dream of the fifth month of the year indicates unfavourable news.

MAYOR   This is not a fortunate dream. To be in the company of a mayor or council official warns you to be careful of speculating and watch your behaviour in general.

MAYPOLE   At one time no English village was without a maypole and this gaily decorated pole being seen in a dream denotes a boost to social activities.

MAZE   To dream you are in a maze but manage to find the exit signifies that worries will soon be over with you finding a solution to your problems, but if you are unable to find the way to freedom this warns you not to let false friends lead you astray. See Labyrinth.

MEADOW   To dream that you are in a meadow is fortunate where business matters are concerned, but if there is a stile to climb or a stream to cross this shows there are obstacles to face before success can be reached.

MEAL   Dreaming that you are eating a large meal indicates financial losses and sadness. To have a meal where there is not much to eat denotes financial gains and comfort.

MEASLES   To dream you have this infectious disease denotes financial gains which may come from a dubious source.

MEASURING   To take measurements in a dream signifies that you could loosen your purse strings a little otherwise you may find you have lost out rather than saved anything.

MEAT   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of eating meat, but more favourable to be cooking meat for others. Carving meat for yourself, so long as it isn't eaten, denotes more wealth coming your way, while carving meat for others tells the dreamer that someone will benefit by your actions. Meat in a butchers shop denotes news of a bereavement.

MEDALS   To dream that you are wearing medals shows that better times are on the way. Dreaming of an officer wearing medals indicates that gains in money will soon be seen.

MEDICINE   Problems are not so bad as they appear to be when dreaming that you are taking medicine. Coaxing children to take medicine signifies that there are hard tasks up ahead.

MEDITERRANEAN OCEAN   To dream of taking a journey to countries in the Mediterranean signifies financial security, but not for a while.

MEDLARS   These fruit are a type of apple which are brown in colour and eaten when they start to rot. To dream of meddlers indicates that happiness will turn to sadness.

MELANCHOLY   To dream that you or others are depressed or sad denotes great happiness.

MELODY   It is a fortunate omen to dream of listening to music you enjoy.

MELONS   To dream of this sweet fruit indicates that you can help sort out a dispute between friends.

MEMORY LOSS   Dreaming that you have lost your memory signifies advancements.

MENAGERIE   Seeing animals caged is not fortunate and shows problems in business matters.

MENTAL DISORDER   To dream that your mind is in a state of disorder or playing tricks on you indicates that a secret could prove dangerous. To see others who seem to be mad or are going mad denotes that someone is trying to aid you without letting you know.

MENTAL INSTITUTION   To dream of the outside of an asylum or mental institute signifies that you will have a chance to help someone in trouble, although you may have expected good fortune to come your way. Being inside a mental institution tells you to expect trouble of a serious nature. Dreaming that you are avoiding being put into such a place signifies that you should take care of yourself health-wise. For an unattached female to dream of an asylum means she will soon be wed.

MERCURY   See Quicksilver.

MERMAID   This is an unfortunate omen and worsens for those who live on a coastline or are connected with the sea via employment.

MERRIMENT   Too much happiness in a dream is always a bad sign and warns of domestic troubles.

MESMERISED   Dreaming that you are placed under a hypnotic trance shows that you should take care in who you confide.

METALS   To dream of mixed metals foretells that someone holds a grudge against you and is talking with an acid tongue. For you to be engraving metal signifies a change of job and even home. Refer to index to see if there is a definition for the metal that was the most prominent in your dream.

MICE   To dream of these little rodents shows that people will cause problems for you, but if you set traps and catch them this denotes that you will be the victim of malicious and false gossip. A dog catching mice indicates that problems will soon be resolved while a cat catching mice denotes that enemies will be overcome.

MICROSCOPE   Dreaming of a microscope indicates news of a birth within the family.

MIDGET   See Dwarf.

MIDWIFE   A midwife in a dream signifies that you will receive news of a birth and that you will also find out a secret.

MIGNONETTE   To dream of this plant with flowers of a greyish-green colour is a very fortunate omen.

MILDEW   Dreaming of this fungi indicates that you will be introduced to a new friend in your own home, keep private items away from prying eyes.

MILESTONE   To dream of these stones which are set on the side of the road to tell the mileage from that place to another warns you that when problems are being faced you should not borrow from others.

MILK   It is a fortunate omen to drink milk in a dream. For those who are in love to give milk to others is favourable for romance. To sell milk is not a fortunate dream and to spill it denotes sadness.

MILK PAILS   To carry milk pails in a dream signifies news of a birth.

MILLET   Dreaming of this cereal plant indicates great happiness.

MILLSTONE   To dream of a millstone which is used for crushing corn signifies news of a birth.

MINCE PIES   Mince pies are a fortunate omen, but if you dream of them in connection with Christmas celebrations this is not so lucky with it suggesting joy and happiness.

MINE   To dream of a working mine indicates that gains and advancements will be seen where business is concerned, but a mine which is no longer worked shows that business affairs will suffer.

MINISTER   Dreaming of a minister of religion denotes sadness and regrets.

MINT   To those who are ill, this herb signifies a quick recovery and good luck for those who are suffering from any health problems.

MIRACLE   To dream that you witness a miracle indicates that things will happen which will surprise and dismay you.

MIRAGE   An optical illusion in a dream signifies a parting with a friend.

MIRE   To dream that you are stuck in such swampy marshland indicates problems and worries, but to get free from a mire tells you your problems will only be short-lived.

MIRROR   Seeing yourself in a mirror denotes health problems. A broken mirror indicates news of a death. Having dreamt of your lover or spouse in a mirror is a sign of quarrels.

MISER   Being a miser and storing money or other items is an unfortunate omen, the more you have collected, the more unfavourable the dream.

MISERABLE   To dream of feeling miserable warns of hard times but only for a short while.

MISFORTUNE   Dreaming that you or others are suffering misfortune tells that a twist of events will bring surprising success.

MISSIONARY   To dream that you are doing missionary work shows a more interesting position in employment or new hobby taking up some of your time.

MIST   Being in a mist tells the dreamer of problems due to costs in inflation.

MISTAKE   Making a mistake in a dream shows that it would be wise to seek advice from others and check out facts before putting plans into action.

MISTLETOE   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this parasitic plant.

MISUNDERSTANDING   To dream that you are in conflict with others is a fortunate omen.

MOANING   To hear moaning in a dream is not a good sign and warns of friends whose faithfulness you doubt, and you should also be cautious of questionable actions.

MOCKING   To dream that you are mocking others or being mocked shows that friends will require your help, but do not neglect your own affairs while giving your aid.

MOLE   Dreaming of this burrowing little animal indicates unhappiness.

MOLLUSC   To dream of shellfish signifies an experience of the unknown. Some molluscs have their own definitions and the index should be consulted.

MONARCH   A royal ruler or President of a country in a dream is not very fortunate and shows that hard work will be needed to get over problems which keep occurring or reoccurring. Dreaming of a monarch abdicating the throne of any kingdom shows anarchy and revolution in that country.

MONASTERY   The outside of a monastery tells the dreamer to expect financial gains, but the inside of this home for monks is not so fortunate.

MONEY   It is a fortunate omen to dream of picking up money or paying off debts or giving money to others, however, it is unfavourable to borrow or find money. To dream of stealing money denotes that you should not push for a hard bargain otherwise you will lose out.

MONK   A monk seen in a dream implies that problems are not far away.

MONKEY   See Ape.

MONOCLE   A monocle denotes that a friend will have good news for you.

MONSTER   It is unfortunate to see a sea monster, but a monster on land is a favourable omen.

MONUMENT   Dreaming of a commemorative statue is an indication that success is not far away.

MOON   To dream of a new moon is favourable where business is concerned. A full moon seen in a dream is fortunate for romance. The moon in a bright cloudless sky shows great happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned, but a cloud covered moon tells the dreamer to expect health problems or some form of misfortune to interfere with happiness and peace of mind.

MOONLIGHT   Dreaming of a stream of moonlight but not seeing the moon indicates a happy marriage.

MOOR   Taking a walk over a moor shows that financial gains are not far away.

MOP   To dream of a mop or see others using one denotes that care will be needed with problems being just around the corner.

MORNING   Dreaming that it is morning is a most fortunate omen.

MORTGAGE   If you already have a mortgage this dream may have no meaning. To dream that you have a mortgage is a sign of coming troubles concerning money. Signing a mortgage contract tells you to be careful of your spending. Holding a mortgage on property for someone indicates financial gains.

MORTUARY   Dreaming of this temporary placement for the dead indicates a period of sadness before happiness is found.

MOSS   To dream of this plant growing anywhere tells you to be careful of what you put in writing.

MOTH   Dreaming of a moth signifies that you should be careful of what you say and do otherwise it will twisted around and used against you.

MOTH-EATEN CLOTHING   Dreaming of clothes which are moth-eaten shows there is a friend in difficulty, but you may find yourself unable to help.

MOTHER   Having a conversation with your mother or showing affection towards her in a dream is very favourable. Dreaming that your mother is dead is unlucky where property and personal affairs are concerned.

MOTHER of PEARL   Mother of pearl indicates future happiness.

MOTHER-IN-LAW   Dreaming of your spouses mother holds the same definition for mother. To quarrel with your mother-in-law shows that situations and people will irritate you.

MOTOR   To dream you are travelling by motor vehicle denotes changes in surroundings.

MOULD   Seeing things covered in this type of fungi in a dream signifies more money coming your way, do not take risks or it will soon be slipping through your fingers.

MOULTING   To dream of animals moulting their fur or feathers indicates that a social event will find you making new friends.

MOUNTAIN   Difficulties are seen when dreaming of a mountain. To climb a mountain in a dream denotes that you will have problems to face but will overcome them if you reach the top. Meeting others on the ascent depends upon their attitude, if they are friendly others will be there to help you, otherwise they will cause you difficulties.

MOURNING   It is a good sign for all your affairs to dream that you are mourning the loss of someone or something.

MOUSTACHE   To dream that you or others have a moustache indicates that you should not let silly little quarrels get out of hand.

MOUTH   Dreaming of your own mouth tells you to be careful what you say. A large mouth signifies a valuable friend, while a small mouth denotes financial gains.

MOVIES   To dream that you are acting in a film shows that changes are on the way, but to see a friend or relative in a movie indicates problems. Watching a movie on your own signifies you should be careful where romance is concerned. Seeing a movie with a lover or spouse means lasting happiness.

MOVING   Dreaming of moving home to live elsewhere is an unfortunate omen, but if you move in and feel comfortable this is more favourable.

MOWING   To dream that you are mowing a lawn foretells of business bringing prosperity.

MUD   Mud in general in a dream is a fortunate omen so long as it isn't on your body or clothing. Stepping in mud tells of quarrels with the family. Having mud in your shoes or on your clothes indicates that nasty gossip involving you is going around, but for others to have muddy clothes denotes that you will shortly find success.

MUDDLE   Being confused or bewildered warns you to take care where accidents could occur. Dreaming that others are in a muddle indicates happiness coming from mending bridges where a friendship is concerned.

MUFF   Having dreamt of this tube of fabric which keeps the hands warm signifies deceit from someone you confide in.

MULBERRIES   Dreaming of these berries, especially if they are white, denotes news of a wedding.

MULBERRY TREE   To dream of this tree which is the main diet of the silkworm, tells of gains that could be found in any area of your life, whether it be an increase of wealth, material gains, or the birth of a child.

MULE   This offspring of a female horse and a male ass shows that others will try to harm you with malicious gossip.

MULTIPLYING   To dream that you are multiplying figures indicates that you should not let new friends know too much about your business until time proves them to be either true or false.

MUMMY   Dreaming of an Egyptian mummy or preserved body signifies that success is close at hand and you can go boldly on.

MURDER   To dream that you have deliberately killed someone in a dream rather than having committed manslaughter shows that problems are getting out of hand, do what you can now so that losses will not be too great later on.

MUSHROOMS   It is a fortunate omen to be picking mushrooms in a dream. To eat mushrooms tells the dreamer not to take any risks where business matters are concerned.

MUSIC   Hearing music which pleases you is a fortunate dream for all areas of your life. However, dreaming of music which is played badly or which you do not like indicates deceit and slyness on the part of others.

MUSIC HALL   To be inside or see a music hall in a dream shows comfort and peace of mind in old age.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT   Any musical instrument which is pleasing to the ear is a fortunate omen. Some instruments have their own definitions and the index should be consulted.

MUSICIAN   If you play a musical instrument either for a living or for your own enjoyment, this dream holds little meaning. Dreaming that you can play an instrument indicates that great changes in your life will soon be seen.

MUSTARD   Dreaming of this plant with its yellow flowers or the seeds which are used for flavouring food, signifies that someone will confide in you, do not repeat what you have heard.

MUTINY   To dream of a mutiny tells you not to make any promises before thinking them over. Being involved in a mutiny shows that situations are finding sadness at the moment but they will soon pass.

MUTTON   See Beef.

MYRTLE   Dreaming of this plant with its dark green leaves and white blossoms denotes happiness in affairs of the heart.

MYSTERY   To dream of a mysterious situation indicates that problems are not far away, but if the mystery is solved this shows they will be easily overcome.

MYSTIC   Dreaming that you or others are mystics tells you to widen your interests to find more happiness.

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