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LABEL   To dream that you are fixing a label onto a suitcase or box signifies that there are some surprises in store for you.

LABORATORY   Seeing a laboratory in a dream indicates illness, but to see scientists at work in a laboratory shows that care should be taken where business matters are concerned.

LABOURERS   Dreaming of people working denotes financial gains in business deals, but if they are taking a break this shows financial losses. To dream that you are employing workers signifies that you will find money gains, and if you are handing out wagers this indicates that you have many good friends. Giving someone the sack tells the dreamer to be cautious where neighbours are concerned.

LABYRINTH   To dream that you are in a complicated maze of tunnels and cannot get out shows there are many obstacles in your path, but if you find the way to freedom this indicates that a puzzle will be solved. See Maze.

LACE   Lace denotes problems, the more there is, the greater your worries will be.

LACKEY   To dream of a footman or man-servant shows happiness coming from an unexpected quarter.

LADDER   To climb a ladder in a dream is fortunate and represents advancements, the more rungs climbed, the greater your achievements will be. Going down a ladder tells the dreamer of disaster and disappointments. To feel faint or dizzy on a ladder signifies that plans will find complications. Dreaming of a broken ladder tells you to expect failure, but if the ladder breaks while you are climbing, unexpected problems are nearby.

LADLE   To dream of using this large cup-shaped bowl spoon denotes that you will hear from a friend who you have not seen in a long time.

LADY   See Lord or Lady.

LADYBIRD   This winged beetle is a fortunate omen, but to dream of a black ladybird shows that difficulties are not far away.

LAKE   To dream of a beautiful lake with clear water is fortunate where romance is concerned, but a lake choked with weeds signifies arguments and sadness concerning affairs of the heart. Being aboard a boat on a lake during nice weather signifies domestic bliss, but if it is stormy this tells that you will have to ride out your problems with patience being needed.

LAMB   To see a lamb in a meadow signifies happiness, security, and peace of mind. A lamb which is dead shows that bad news is on the way. Finding a lamb which is lost indicates that you will be uncertain about some situation. Dreaming of lambs bleating is fortunate unless they are black. To see lambs with their mother is an indication of success in business affairs and happiness in the home. However, if the lamb is alone this signifies success being seen, but not being attained.

LAME   To dream that you or others are lame denotes problems with business matters, but if you or they recuperate then your difficulties will be overcome quickly.

LAMP   A lamp which is brightly lit is a fortunate omen, but if the light is dull hard work will be needed if any gains are to be seen. Dreaming of a lamp which suddenly goes out indicates that problems are not far away.

LAND   To dream that you own land is a most fortunate omen, but to sell land shows that changes concerning the home will be seen, not necessarily bringing advancements. Dreaming of being on someone else's property and are ordered off indicates sadness and regrets.

LANDLADY or LANDLORD   Dreaming of a person who lets out property or land for rent signifies problems of a domestic nature.

LANDSCAPE   It is a fortunate omen to dream of beautiful scenery, but if you cannot see because of buildings or a forest then expect problems to soon be rearing up.

LANDSLIDE   To dream of a landslide denotes a return journey to places you once knew well.

LANTERN   To see a brightly lit lantern is a fortunate dream, but if the light is dull or goes out then expect problems to be close at hand.

LARD   To dream that you or others are cooking or baking with lard is an indication that you will overcome your enemies.

LARDER   A room or cupboard where provisions are stored shows that happiness is not far away.

LARK   To see or hear a lark singing is a most fortunate omen. Dreaming of a lark which is in captivity depicts that you expect too much from your plans which can only bring losses and failure.

LASHING   To dream you are lashing someone or that others are flogging you with a whip signifies that problems ahead concerning a loved one.

LATE   Dreaming that you are late denotes that your advice will be asked for. To dream that friends are late indicates that someone is deceiving you.

LAUGHING   To dream that you are laughing shows problems where affairs of the heart are concerned. To hear others laughing is a meaning of opposition and you can expect sadness.

LAUNDRY   Dreaming of clothing and other items which need a wash denotes arguments bringing a parting of the ways between you and others.

LAURELS   The laurel is an emblem of victory and to dream of this foliage shows an unexpected gift.

LAVENDER   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this plant with its beautifully scented dusky lilac coloured flowers.

LAW   To dream of anything concerning the system of the law shows problems concerning business and warns you not to make loans of any kind because they will not be repaid. A professional person concerning a court of justice depends upon the dream. A person who acts on behalf of others where legal matters are concerned signifies business worries and warns you to look at your plans carefully without speculating. If you are the solicitor or lawyer in your dream this indicates success. To dream that you are a barrister signifies that there will be longer delays than expected, but success can be seen. If in your dream you lose your case in court then the above meanings are reversed. For a lawsuit to be going well or that you was acquitted means you will lose. Dreaming that you are accused in a court of law and are acquitted signifies prosperity for yourself and failure to your enemies. Others being acquitted will find prosperity in business.

LAWN   To dream of a well kept lawn indicates money coming your way. Walking on a lawn signifies difficulties and worries. A lawn which is overgrown and choked with weeds tells the dreamer of losses and difficulties.

LAWN TENNIS   See Tennis.

LAWSUIT   See Law.

LAWYER   See Law.

LAZY   To dream you are being lazy indicates problems coming to friends and relatives which you will get caught up in. Others being lazy denotes that severe problems are not far away.

LEAD   This heavy metallic element in a dream is unfortunate and tells you to go over your plans and make changes where pitfalls can be seen.

LEAK   To dream of a leak of water or gas signifies that you are narrowing your field and should have several projects to turn to when one fails.

LEAP YEAR   To dream that it is a leap year indicates that you should solve problems rather than close your eyes and pretend they do not exist. Dreaming of becoming married in a leap year signifies problems in romance and marriage. To have dreamt that you were born during a leap year denotes that you will see an old age.

LEAPING   Dreaming you are successfully leaping over obstacles shows that you will be successful in overcoming difficulties. To dream you are leaping into water denotes that you will suffer from harassment.

LEARNING   It is fortunate to dream that you can easily get a grasp with learning. To dream that learning is a difficult process shows that burdens which you are carrying are too heavy for you. Dreaming that you are learning a new language indicates sadness where affairs of the heart are concerned.

LEASE   It is a very fortunate omen to dream that you take a lease out on any form of land or property.

LEATHER   Leather is a fortunate omen unless in your dream you gave a present made of leather as this shows arguments within the family circle.

LEAVES   To dream of leaves in their full colour on a tree is fortunate and if in flower this is even more favourable, especially where romance is concerned, but it brings luck to all aspects of your life. A tree with leaves and fruit indicates news of a wedding. Dreaming of leaves which are brown or withered denotes sadness, losses, and arguments.

LECTURE   To dream that you or others are giving a lecture signifies that plans will only find partial or short-lived success.

LEDGER   Dreaming of a ledger or any book containing any form of records is not favourable.

LEECH   It is a fortunate omen to dream of this blood sucking worm which is still used in some medical circles.

LEEK   To dream of this vegetable which is the national emblem of Wales, tells you that hard work will be needed if success is to be found.

LEFT-HANDED   Dreaming that you are left-handed shows that obstacles will have to be overcome before you can carry on with plans. To a person who is naturally left-handed such a dream indicates success with few problems being seen.

LEGACY   To dream that you have been left something in a will is a fortunate omen, but if others argue about what you have received and there are resentments, this denotes financial losses. Dreaming that you are making out a legacy denotes that there will soon be problems for you to worry over.

LEGS   To have an accident concerning your legs signifies financial problems, the more severe the injury, the longer your difficulties will last, while bandy or deformed legs indicate that good fortune is waiting for you.

LEMONS   Lemons in any form are an unfortunate omen, but to see lemons still on the tree indicates a need to travel before plans can be put into action.

LENDING   To dream of lending money or other items of value shows that losses are not far away. Lending clothing denotes that someone is out to do you harm and you will soon have difficulties to face. Dreaming of lending a vehicle is a sign that changes in the home will be found. For you to borrow money from someone indicates sadness and failure.

LEOPARD   To see a leopard in a dream signifies that problems are not far away and you will have to travel where business matters are concerned. Dreaming of leopards which are in combat indicates ill health.

LEPROSY   To dream that you or others have this chronic disease shows that this is the time to be rid of difficulties.

LETTER   Dreaming that you have a letter denotes that you will receive some news unexpectedly, but to receive mail by express delivery denotes that a friend will deceive you. To send a letter signifies unexpected difficulties and if this is by express delivery it indicates that a secret could prove dangerous.

LETTUCE   To dream of lettuce shows that hasty decisions and quick actions will be needed if problems are to be avoided.

LIBEL   To dream that someone is damaging your reputation indicates success, the more damming the libel, the greater your merits will be.

LICE   Dreaming that these parasitic insects are on your body indicates financial gains, but to have head lice shows a greater wealth. To kill lice in a dream is a fortunate omen.

LICENCE   To dream of a licence denotes that advancements will shortly be made. Dreaming that you receive a licence shows changes in the home, but if your request for a licence is turned down you may expect a situation to benefit you.

LIE   To lie in a dream is not a favourable sign and tells you that your difficulties will be self-inflicted. To dream that others tell you a lie shows that a friend is deceiving you. If appropriate see Perjury.

LIFEBOAT   To dream of a lifeboat out on a rescue mission is fortunate where business ventures are concerned, but to see a lifeboat in dock shows that problems are ahead.

LIFT   See Elevator.

LIGHT   To dream of a bright light is a fortunate omen, but if it is dim or goes out then problems are not far away. A light being switched on shows that business matters will find success, but to switch a light out indicates problems in affairs of the heart.

LIGHTHOUSE   It is a fortunate omen to see a lighthouse no matter how good or bad the weather may be.

LIGHTNING   Seeing lightning on its own signifies success in business matters, but it is an unfortunate omen if it accompanied by rain. Also see Thunder.

LILAC   To dream of this tree with its fragrant blossoms indicates that your first impressions of others may not be correct.

LILY   Dreaming of these large flowers in full bloom signifies that you will have to be independent and work hard if any gains are to be seen. To dream of a lily which is withered and dying indicates problems of your own making.

LIME   This white caustic substance denotes that you will soon receive a bequest.

LIME TREES    Seeing a row of lime trees is favourable where love and affairs of the heart are concerned, and for the unattached a new romance.

LIMP   To dream that you have a limp is not a good sign, but if you rest this shows that business matters will quickly overcome any difficulties.

LINDEN TREES   See Lime Trees.

LINEN   To dream of linen signifies a bequest, but the colour should also be taken into account.

LINT   Using lint on an injury is a sign that you should forgive and forget if you are to avoid disappointments.

LINTEL   This is timberwork or stone over a window and to dream of this denotes a move of home to a larger residence.

LION   To dream of a lion signifies personal success. A lion in captivity shows the dreamer will overcome an enemy who is out to do harm. Seeing a cub with its parents indicates a true and loyal friend. If appropriate see Cub.

LIONESS   To dream of a lioness is a most fortunate omen.

LIPS   Dreaming that your lips are sore indicates the illness of a friend or relative.

LISP   To dream of someone with a lisp tells you that a friend is not what they seem.

LITTLE   To be little or have shrunk in a dream shows that you can reach heights you had never thought possible.

LIVER   Dreaming that you are eating liver is fortunate where health is concerned.

LIVERY   These are stables which charge for accommodation and the grooming of horses, and to dream of such a place depends upon your position in life. For someone of a lowly disposition this indicates success and gains, but if you live in comfort with total peace of mind, this shows that situations will arise to irritate you.

LIZARD   To dream of a lizard shows you will be deceived. A lizard in captivity tells the dreamer they will have a splendid reputation.

LOAD   To struggle with a heavy load indicates failure of plans and you are advised to look for pitfalls and do not become too confident. Dreaming that you are carrying a load but find it not too difficult to struggle on, signifies that problems will only be short-lived.

LOBSTER   It is fortunate to dream of lobster and denotes happiness in affairs of the heart and home-life. Eating lobster shows financial gains leaving you feeling secure.

LOCKJAW   Dreaming that you have this type of tetanus signifies that your partner in romance will be the one who does all the talking.

LOCUST   To dream of these insects which are very similar to the grasshopper denotes that your happiness will be short-lived.

LODGINGS   Dreaming that you are searching for lodgings indicates that important matters will find you waiting for others to make decisions. 

LOGS   To cut logs is not favourable, but to see fallen branches or a pile of logs is a fortunate dream.

LONELY   It is a fortunate omen to feel alone in a dream.

LONGING   See Yearning.

LOOKING DOWN   To dream you are looking down from the top of a cliff or other tall structure indicates that your plans will not see any great gains.


LOOKING UP   To dream that you are looking up signifies that you should push ahead with plans and be confident that you will find success.

LOOM   To be using or see others working at a loom, signifies losses where money is concerned before financial benefits are seen.

LOOPHOLE   To see a loophole in a contract or plan shows that you can see ahead into the future and this will help when attaining your desires.

LORD or LADY   To dream that you have a conversation with a titled person indicates success. Having an audience with a person of social standing denotes that you will receive good earnings.

LORRY   Dreaming of this vehicle signifies that you should be careful of what you say to people lest it get into the wrong hands. To dream that you are travelling in a lorry indicates an unexpected meeting being in your interests.

LOST   To dream you are lost means disappointments in money matters and romance. Dreaming that you have lost clothing or footwear signifies severe problems of your own making. For a woman to dream that she's lost her wedding ring indicates difficulties of a domestic nature.

LOTTERY TICKET   It is an unfortunate omen where romance is concerned when dreaming that you have a lottery ticket.

LOTTO   See Bingo.

LOVE   For those without a lover to dream they are in love signifies they are denied this feeling in waking hours. It is a fortunate dream to see your lover. Dreaming of a love affair failing indicates a happy marriage.

LOVE LETTER   Receiving a love letter denotes that you will have to answer to others about your actions, but several love letters indicate that you should remain honest and truthful. Reading a love letter tells you there will soon be some good news. To dream that you are destroying love letters signifies sadness and disappointments.

LOVE TOKEN   To dream of something which is given as a sign of love indicates a secret romance, but one which too many people know about and warns you to remain cautious.

LOVER   It is a fortunate omen to dream you have a lover who is pleasing to be with and attractive to look at, but if they are plain or have an unappreciative personality this is not so favourable. For a man to dream of embracing his lover signifies a rise in wages while for a woman it indicates a happy event. To see lovers caressing denotes bad news.

LUCKY   In whatever area of your life you dream you are lucky denotes there will be an opposite effect.

LUGGAGE   To dream you are burdened with luggage shows that difficulties are not far away, but if you have a small amount which you can manage easily, this signifies that problems will be trivial and short-lived. 

LUMBER   To dream you have a lot of unwanted articles indicates sadness, but a large amount which you have trouble clearing shows that a job needs doing which will irritate you. To make a bonfire of lumber is a signification that financial gains will come as a surprise.

LUNATIC   To dream that you are insane shows that problems are not far away. Dreaming that you are in an asylum or mental hospital denotes severe problems. A lunatic in a dream tells you that news will find a change of surroundings.

LUXURY   The more lavish and expensive your surroundings in such a dream indicates the depth of the troubles you are to face, the more luxury, the more severe your problems.

LYING   See Lie.

LYNX   To dream of this member of the cat family signifies that a friend will be revealed as really being an enemy.

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