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KALEIDOSCOPE   Looking through a kaleidoscope shows you may be taking life as it comes with no plans to work on, which finds the future meaningless and unhappy.

KANGAROO   A kangaroo indicates problems coming from someone in a powerful position or an authoritative organisation.

KEEL   To dream of the under part of a ship signifies that you will receive news from someone at sea or from over water.

KEEPER   Dreaming of a person who is on guard or manages a park or other area denotes that you have a rival where affairs of the heart are concerned.

KEEPSAKE   To dream that you have a keepsake is a fortunate omen. Losing or breaking a keepsake is less fortunate and can find you facing problems.

KEG   A small barrel which is full of wine or other alcoholic beverage is unfortunate where business matters are concerned. An empty barrel shows changes of a domestic nature.

KENNEL   A kennel without a dog indicates that you will be asked to the home of someone you know, but this dream warns you to take someone with you if you are to avoid arguments.

KERB   Stepping from the kerb in a dream tells you of arguments with family and friends.

KETTLE   A clean new kettle indicates happiness, but if it boils dry then expect problems bringing losses.

KETTLEDRUM   To dream of this drum which is shaped like a cauldron signifies that many problems cause you to worry.

KEY   A key signifies changes. Giving a key to someone denotes domestic happiness. A broken key tells the dreamer of a situation bringing sadness. Dreaming you have found a key indicates comfort and security, but to lose a key shows plans finding pitfalls.

KEYHOLE   To spy through a keyhole or dream of others doing this indicates that arguments will find losses being incurred.

KHAKI   This is a colour used for field uniforms in the army and is a dull brownish yellow which if seen in a dream signifies that your worries will be short-lived. To dream that you purchase clothing of this colour shows that better times are ahead, but to wear khaki coloured clothes indicates that you look at problems too lightly.

KICKING   To dream that others are kicking you shows that enemies are very powerful and that you will have difficulty in overcoming them. To be kicking a friend in a dream signifies that someone will be there in your time of need.

KID   To dream of a baby goat shows a new face in the home which may take some getting used to.

KIDNAPPING   To dream that you are kidnapping someone signifies that advancements will be found and problems will be a part of the past.

KILL   Killing an animal indicates gains bringing advancements. To kill a bird or insect denotes business problems. Dreaming that you kill a friend is fortunate where health is concerned. To dream that someone tries to kill you foretells that you will live to a long age.

KING   To dream that you meet a king shows there will be huge problems within the family circle. To write or receive a letter concerning a king indicates that you are in danger. For a king in playing cards see Cards.

KINGFISHER   It is a fortunate omen to see one of these birds.

KISS   To kiss your spouse in a dream denotes a happy married life. Kissing a lover goodnight is an unfortunate dream. Giving a kiss to a friend indicates that some situation will find failure.

KITCHEN   To dream of a new or clean kitchen is a favourable omen. A tidy kitchen shows that a friend will unexpectedly turn up. Dreaming that you are getting a meal ready in a kitchen signifies a split with your spouse or lover.

KITCHEN SCALES   Using kitchen scales indicates that you will have to balance things up and decide which is the best option for you to take, choose correctly and financial gains will be seen.

KITE   To dream that you are flying a kite and that it is going into the air easily signifies that success is close at hand, the higher the kite goes, the greater your merits will be. Dreaming that you cannot get a kite to fly is an unfortunate omen.

KITTEN   It is a good sign to see the young of a cat, but to see kittens with their mother indicates emotional trauma.

KNAPSACK   To dream that you are carrying a knapsack on your back denotes that problems are not far away, but if you are struggling, your difficulties will be larger than anticipated.

KNAVE (In Playing Cards)   See Jack.

KNEE   To injure your knee in a dream shows that troubles are just around the corner, but if you recuperate your difficulties will be trivial and short-lived. To fall onto your knees tells you of problems where business is concerned.

KNELL   Hearing the doleful sound of a bell ringing out a death or funeral indicates that future happiness is assured.

KNICKKNACKS   To dream of a dainty little trinket shows sadness and problems where home-life is concerned.

KNIFE   A knife which is sharp denotes that there will be many problems to worry over. Dreaming that you cut yourself with a knife signifies that whatever happens you should keep control of your emotions. A broken knife tells the dreamer of problems where romance is concerned.

KNITTING   To dream that you are knitting something with needles indicates that plans will be more successful than envisaged, but to be knitting on a machine warns you not to make any quick decisions and check all facts before undergoing any new ventures. For others to be knitting signifies that someone will try to deceive you.

KNOCKING   To hear knocking in a dream signifies that you should be careful of what you say to people otherwise your words will be twisted and used against you.

KNOTS   To dream of knots indicates that trivial problems will cause slight worries. Tying knots shows a meeting with a loyal friend, but to untie knots denotes that an accident will just be avoided in time.

KNUCKLES   Dreaming that you are knocking on something with your knuckles is fortunate where love and romance are concerned.

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