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JACK (In Playing Cards)   Dreaming of a Jack in playing cards depends upon the suite to which it belongs. The Jack of hearts shows that your lover is true, the Jack of diamonds signifies an unloyal friend, while the Jack of clubs represents a true friend, and the Jack of spades indicates that you have an enemy.

JACKAL   To dream of this wild dog signifies that an enemy will try to cause you difficulties with spiteful gossip.

JACKASS   If there is a donkey in your dream and it seems important that it is a male, this is fortunate where affairs of the heart are concerned.

JACKDAW   Dreaming of this black bird which is a member of the crow family is unfortunate if it is flying freely, but to see a jackdaw in captivity shows you will overcome your problems.

JACKET   Here the colour of the jacket should be taken into account and the definition looked at, but in general a jacket signifies that it will be a while before plans see fruition and then only if hard work is undertaken.

JADE   Seeing ornaments made of jade is a good sign if it is green or white in colour. Jade jewellery tells the dreamer of financial gains, especially if you put it on.

JAIL   See Gaol.

JAM   To be alone eating jam or marmalade is unfavourable and tells you to expect problems, but only of a trivial nature. It is fortunate to eat jam with others, but only if you do not eat to excess. Dreaming that you are making these preserves indicates happiness in romance and domestic affairs.

JARS   Dreaming of jars whether empty or full is a fortunate omen.

JASMINE   This plant with its lovely little flowers which can be either white or yellow is a dream of nature, being a fortunate omen.

JAUNDICE   To dream of this medical disorder indicates health problems and money worries.

JAVELIN   See Spear.

JAW   It is fortunate to dream that you have pain in your jaw or that you have an accident with this part of the body, but if you recuperate then problems will be overcome after a short struggle.

JAY   This member of the crow family signifies overwhelming obstacles in your path which will bring severe problems.

JEALOUS   Being jealous of others in a dream denotes that you will make problems for yourself. Dreaming that others are jealous of you signifies that an enemy will try to harm you but a twist of fate will find them overthrown.

JEERING   To dream that others are jeering and taunting you shows that enemies will be overcome.

JELLY   Eating jelly in a dream signifies that problems are not far away.

JELLYFISH   To dream of one of these sea creatures indicates that enemies are working out ways to get at you.

JEOPARDY   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are in danger. A lover being in jeopardy shows happiness where affairs of the heart are concerned. Dreaming of a friend or relative being in jeopardy indicates gains in wealth.

JESSAMINE   See Jasmine.

JESUS   See Christ.

JET   This hard black stone is unfortunate when seen in a dream because of its colour.

JETTY   To dream of this type of pier where boats and ships dock signifies that you will soon undergo a journey abroad.

JEWELLERY   Jewellery in a dream shows that your plans have high hopes, but if the jewellery is broken or bent then expect disappointments. Dirty or tarnished jewellery signifies troubles where employment is concerned. Dreaming that you have lost some jewellery denotes losses of material wealth. A present of jewellery tells the dreamer to expect news of a wedding.

JEWELS   It is not favourable to dream of precious stones where affairs of the heart are concerned. Imitation gems and jewellery indicate unfaithful and disloyal friends.

JIG   To dream that you are doing this lively dance tells you not to make your lover jealous.

JILTED   To dream that you have been jilted shows fortune and happiness in affairs of the heart. Jilting another in a dream indicates sadness and problems.

JINGLE   To dream of the jingle of tiny bells signifies a boost to your social life.

JOCKEY   To see a jockey win a race denotes that you will have to work too hard for any financial gains to come your way. Dreaming of a jockey losing a race indicates that friends will try to deceive you. For a woman to dream of seeing a jockey riding a horse at full gallop signifies that she will receive a surprising marriage proposal.

JOINT of MEAT   To dream that you cook a joint of meat for others is fortunate, but if you sit down to eat this shows that problems are not far away.

JOKE   To dream of someone telling a funny story signifies social success.

JOKER (In Playing Cards)   Dreaming of a joker in a pack of playing cards signifies that family and friends will irritate you.

JOURNEY   See Travelling.

JOY   To dream that you are happy but not over-excited is fortunate where health is concerned.

JUBILEE   To dream that you are watching others celebrating an anniversary indicates that a relative will bequeath you their riches. 

JUDGE   For a judge to drop a case which is held against you signifies large gains, but if you are found guilty troubles are brewing.

JUG   It is unlucky to drink from a jug rather than a glass, but to break a jug is a fortunate omen.

JUGGLER   To dream that you are a juggler shows an opportunity being close at hand for you to better your position. 

JUMBLE SALE   To dream that you are helping with a jumble sale indicates fortune in romance. Buying items at a jumble sale tells the dreamer that their ambitions will be realised. To see others selling at a jumble sale signifies a proposal being received.

JUMPING   You will need to be persistent if you are to overcome problems which are scattered along your path when you dream that you or others are jumping.

JUNGLE   To dream that you are in a jungle indicates that money worries are not far away and that you should immediately tighten the purse strings in readiness.

JUNIPER   The dark purple berries of this evergreen plant are used to flavour gin as well as being used in medicines, and to have dreamt of the juniper, signifies that gossip is going around and so you should be cautious of what you say and do.

JURY   To dream that you are doing jury service shows that troubles are on the way, but to see people who make up a jury tells you that although there will be problems you will be able to overcome them fairly quickly.

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