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ICE   To dream of ice is a sign that problems are on the way, but to break ice shows that your worries are groundless.

ICE SKATING   See Skating.

ICEBERG   Dreaming of an iceberg signifies that there will be many irritations, but if you keep control of your emotions these can be overcome.

ICICLES   It is fortunate to dream of icicles where affairs of the heart are concerned.

IDIOT   To dream of an idiot indicates that a lucky outcome is just around the corner.

IDLE   To dream that you are idle is a meaning of opposition and signifies that you will have to work hard before any gains are to be seen.

IDOL   Seeing an idol or to be worshipping the image of a false God denotes that you will learn something which will surprise you, do not show your emotions to others.

IGNORANCE   To dream that you are being told, or reading something that you cannot comprehend signifies that what you are striving to achieve will find great success.

ILLNESS   Falling ill in a dream indicates that you will be tempted by an opportunity which if taken will only bring more problems your way. Being in a cold sweat signifies constant changes in your circumstances. To dream that you are of a delicate position and can become easily ill or injured tells you to push ahead with plans to find success. To see others who are ill is unlucky where romance is concerned.

ILLUMINATION   To dream of a bright light is a good sign where affairs of the heart are concerned.

IMAGE   To see your own image or that of a dead relative in a mirror or in the form of a statue signifies that decisions should be delayed where important matters are concerned. Dreaming of the image of your children denotes sadness in affairs of the heart. To dream that you see the image of a saint is an unfortunate omen in matters of business and romance.

IMPALED   To dream that others are impaled on stakes or railings indicates that you should take care in case of accidents.

IMPS   Seeing imps in a dream signifies sadness and regrets.

INCENSE   Dreaming of incense which is of a pleasant aroma shows that success can only come from hard work after facing many difficulties, but if the scent displeases, failure can be seen.

INCOME   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you have enough money to live in comfort.

INCOME TAX   To dream of dealing with income tax signifies that helping others will bring a loss of money. Dreaming that you are getting money from an income tax return indicates success of your plans, but if you are having to pay more income tax this denotes that losses will be incurred.

INDIA   Dreaming of this foreign country indicates that you will receive news of a female influence who you may not like. To dream that you go to India signifies sadness. A person from India denotes an exciting situation.

INDIGO   To dream of this dark blue colour signifies that you will travel overseas and it may be a while before you return home.

INFANT   To dream of children or that you have children that are no longer helpless babies is a fortunate omen.

INFIRM   To dream that you are weak through old age indicates good health and happiness.

INFIRMARY   Dreaming that you are in a room which is for people who are ill is not a good sign unless you recuperate, in which case your troubles will be short-lived.

INJURY   For someone to cause you an injury in a dream shows that you have an enemy who could do you harm.

INK   Using ink signifies financial gains. To dream that you spill ink indicates arguments and failure.

INN   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of an inn. Also see Public House.

INNKEEPER   To dream of an innkeeper denotes news of a death.

INQUEST   Financial gains can be seen if you attend an inquest in a dream.

INSANE   To dream that you have gone insane indicates that plans will find success. Dreaming of a friend becoming insane shows sadness. A relative being insane tells the dreamer they will live to an old age.

INSECTS   Dreaming that you have insects in your home signifies that other people will worry you.

INSOLENT   To dream that you are insulting or being offensive to others denotes that problems are not far away, but if others are insolent towards you this is a favourable omen. See Insult.

INSTRUCTIONS   Dreaming that you are directing or giving orders to others signifies that friends will require your help. To dream that you are receiving instructions indicates that you will lose out due to a rival.

INSULT   To dream that you insult friends denotes losses of your own making. To be insulted by others shows a change of employment or home, but if you are not upset by the insults this is unfortunate and tells you that troubles are not far away.

INTESTINES   Dreaming of internal organs of the body shows worries over health problems.

INVALID   To become an invalid in a dream indicates problems causing worries, but if you recuperate this tells that you will be able to recover quickly from your troubles.

INVISIBLE   To dream that you are invisible shows that friends are of a dubious character.

INVITATION   Sending an invitation concerning business indicates more money coming your way. To receive a formal written invitation is an unfortunate sign.

INVULNERABLE   To dream that you cannot be harmed or injured shows health problems and possible accidents.

IRON   Dreaming of silver coloured iron is a fortunate omen, but if the iron is dull or black this shows severe problems being close at hand.

IRONING   To dream that you are doing this household chore indicates better times to come and tells you not to get involved in any long-term plans so that you will be available when that opportunity comes along.

ISLAND   Being on an island which is bare of vegetation indicates romantic problems, but an island which is fertile shows a split with a romantic partner will find a new affair with a companion who is better suited.

ITCH   Dreaming that your skin is irritating you and that you have to scratch it denotes that you will receive unexpected guests.

IVORY   To dream of ivory from the tusk of an animal is a fortunate omen. To give a gift of ivory signifies financial gains throughout your life-time.

IVY   To dream of this plant with its dark green leaves, growing on the outside of a house shows gains where money is concerned. Ivy growing in a container in the home tells the dreamer of happiness in domestic affairs.

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