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HADDOCK   It is fortunate to dream of this type of fish.

HAG   To dream an ugly old woman or witch signifies that a female friend will be talked ill of.

HAIL   To dream of a hail-storm shows regrets and sadness.

HAIR   Combing your hair in a dream denotes health problems for a friend or relative, but if it is knotted and hard to comb this tells of worries concerning money and domestic problems. Others combing their hair indicates difficulties due to your generous personality. To dream you have curly hair signifies many changes which better your situation with a possible move of residence. To dream that your hair is thin or falling out is unfortunate. Having flowers in your hair shows a passionate romance. To have your hair cut very short tells of over-spending.

HAIR DYE   To dye your hair in a dream indicates that problems will be self-inflicted.

HAIRPINS   To dream of hair pins signifies that you will visit a place which is new to you.

HALIBUT   To dream of this large flat fish denotes that you will soon be eating out.

HALL   Being in a large hall which is unknown to you shows that decisions will soon have to be made.

HALLMARK   To dream of a hallmark which is stamped onto gold or silver indicates that someone who you think is a friend is spreading spiteful gossip about you.

HALO   To see a halo around the moon which is caused by ice crystals in thin cloud, indicates a change in your surroundings, but to see a halo around the sun signifies that your wishes will be seen.

HALTER   To dream of a halter to tether horses or cattle shows that a lover from the past will return, and for those who are single, they will marry.

HAM   To dream of eating ham signifies happiness and gains. Boiling indicates large financial gains. Dreaming that you buy ham shows that over-spending will put you in debt.

AMLET   Dreaming of a hamlet or small village signifies a change of home to a larger town or city from where you are now residing.

HAMMER   Hearing a hammer being used is fortunate where business matters and affairs of the heart are concerned. 

HAMMOCK   To dream that you are in a hammock shows the loss of a lover, but the finding of another who is better suited. Dreaming that others are in a hammock is unfortunate where affairs of the heart are concerned.

HAMPER   To dream of a hamper basket indicates that you will pay a visit on someone, but do not travel late at night.

HANDCUFFS   For people who are employed in the security service and use handcuffs as part of their job this definition may be discarded. Being placed in handcuffs is a fortunate omen while seeing a violent criminal in handcuffs indicates money being received in the mail.

HANDKERCHIEF   To dream of a handkerchief signifies that you will soon receive a present. To give a handkerchief to others tells you there will be many tears. To lose a handkerchief shows that severe problems are on the way. Dreaming that you buy a handkerchief denotes that care should be taken when putting new plans into action.

HANDS   To dream that you have dirty hands signifies that plans should be altered or cancelled with success not being seen. Dreaming that your hands are bound shows that difficulties will not be easily overcome. Shaking hands with someone indicates that you will get a chance to repair rifts and put arguments in the past where they belong. To see a severed hand in a dream denotes arguments within the family.

HANDWRITING   To dream of a hand-written document shows you should be careful of going into things which are new to you.

HANGING   To dream that you are going to be hung is fortunate, but if you are released in time your desires will be seen. To see a friend or relative being hanged is fortunate for them, but warns you to stay away from enemies. An innocent person being hung tells the dreamer that situations will be irritating.

HAPPY   Being happy in a dream signifies business troubles with the more fun being had, the greater your problems will be.

HARBOUR   To dream of a sheltering place for boats shows happy times. To be aboard your own boat in a harbour signifies money gains. Being with friends and family aboard a boat in a harbour indicates that you will find out about a lie.

HARE   Dreaming of a hare shows that problems are severe and a change of home or employment could be of help to you.

HAREBELLS   To dream of harebells or bluebells indicates that you will find a lover who is true.

HAREM   To dream of a harem signifies that a secret is already out in the open and people are talking about you behind your back, but you will be able to overcome this.

HARMONIUM   To dream that you or others are playing this keyboard instrument signifies an invitation to a wedding.

HARMONY   Hearing music in a dream is fortunate, but if it stops suddenly this is not the case.

HARNESS   To dream of a harness signifies that you will make a new friend. Buying a harness for a horse indicates that you may think of starting a new romance.

HARP   To dream that you are playing a harp shows that you should not trust friends too much. To hear a harp being played signifies unhappiness. Dreaming of a harp which is broken indicates problems with health.

HART   A hart is a male deer which is more than five years of age and to dream that this animal is captured denotes losses and quarrels. Also see Deer.

HARVEST   To dream of people working at harvest time is fortunate where affairs of the heart are concerned.

HASSOCK   A hassock is a cushion which is generally used for kneeling on in prayer and dreaming that you are knelt on a hassock signifies unhappiness and regrets. To rest your feet upon a hassock in a dream indicates that enemies will be overcome.

HAT   To dream that you are wearing a new hat signifies changes for the better, but an old or dirty hat is unfortunate. Dreaming of a mans hat tells of an emotional trauma, but a woman's hat denotes illness, though a complete recovery will be made. Losing your hat shows that a friend cannot be trusted.

HAT BOX   Opening a hat box and finding a nice hat shows an invitation to a happy social occasion, but to find the hat box empty denotes an event finding you being left out.

HATCHET   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of a hatchet.

HATCHING   In art hatching is a series of lines which produce a shading effect and to dream of this signifies that bad experiences that you have suffered should be left behind in the past, then you can look towards a happy future.

HATE   To dream that you hate someone shows happiness in your home-life.

HAWK   To dream of this bird of prey indicates losses where business is concerned.

HAWKER   Dreaming of a vendor or peddler selling goods is a sign that a new friend will be found, but warns you not to go along with their schemes too quickly.

HAWTHORN   It is fortunate to dream of hawthorn if it is in flower, but this is only the white blossoms and not the pink or red.

HAY   To dream of hay signifies happiness and success both in business ventures and affairs of the heart.

HAY CART   Dreaming of a hay cart denotes that hard work will be needed if success is to be seen.

HAYSTACK   A haystack shows that although you may feel defeated you should carry on with plans to find long-term success.

HAZELNUT   This little round nut indicates that a conversation could end in an argument, do not let it get out of hand or you could find serious consequences.

HEAD   To dream of washing your head is not fortunate. Dreaming of pains or an accident to your head indicates that problems are not far away.

HEAD COUNT   It is a favourable dream for you to count the number of people in some situation and shows advancements with your ambitions being realised.

HEARSE   This vehicle in a dream denotes that spending should be cut down to minimum requirements so you will be prepared for when changes occur.

HEART   To dream that you have pains in the region of the heart indicates poor health which may linger. Dreaming of the heart denotes that you have a secret admirer. To dream of an artery connected to the heart depends upon your condition. For a healthy person this signifies that they should watch their health more closely. A sick person having this dream indicates a slow recovery.

HEAT   To dream that you are hot or that there is warmth tells you to avoid arguments.

HEATHENS   Going to a foreign country and being among a tribe of people who do not recognise an orthodox religion signifies peace of mind and happiness in domestic affairs.

HEATHER   Heather is fortunate to dream of in any of the colours, though white is more significant.

HEAVEN   To dream that you are in Heaven signifies news of a wedding. Dreaming of Heaven indicates happiness.

HEDGE   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a hedge which is green with foliage, but if it is withered or brown this is not a good sign at all. To dream that a hedge is blocking your path signifies that troubles are close by.

HEDGEHOG   A hedgehog shows that others will try to use you.

HEELS   It is an unfortunate omen to dream that you have injured a heel or that they hurt.

HEIRLOOM   To dream of a heirloom signifies that a friend will try to be over-dominant, do not let people push you around too much.

HELL   Dreaming of Hell or that you are in Hell indicates health problems.

HELMET   A helmet denotes that you will entertain guests but warns you not to go too much overboard and spend too much money.

HELPING   Offering your services to help others signifies that only hard work will see advancements that are awaiting. Praising the efforts of others tells of malicious gossip about your affairs. Others thanking you for your help signifies that a situation will bring embarrassment. Doing a good turn for someone indicates happiness with a boost to your social life, while others doing a good turn for you shows gains.

HEMP   This is a plant which is cultivated to make fibre for strong materials and also yielding drugs. To dream of such a plant is a sign that luck is on your side.

HEN   See Chickens.

HERBS   To dream of herbs which are growing strongly is fortunate with it being linked to nature, but it is an unfortunate omen if they are withered or dying.

HERMIT   Seeing a hermit in a dream foretells of unhappy times to come.

HERO   To dream of a hero signifies that a lost friendship will be renewed or that an enemy will have a change of heart.

HERRING   To dream of this sea fish indicates that although hard work will be needed, success in business ventures will be found.

HICCOUGHS   There are two ways to spell this word and to dream that you have hiccoughs shows a journey being made. To dream of a friend with hiccoughs signifies that others will travel.

HIDING   To be hiding from someone in a dream indicates that you will soon receive some bad news.

HIGHLAND DRESS   To dream of a person in the National costume of Scotland is a favourable omen.

HIGHWAYMAN   Dreaming of a highwayman indicates that you will receive some surprising news which will be to your benefit.

HITTING   See Beating.

HIVE   To dream of a hive of bees signifies that you will need to do something which is dangerous, but you will come through it safely.

HOARDING   To dream of storing things away denote that a close friend will try to deceive you.

HOARSENESS   To dream that your voice is husky or rough indicates that a favourable opportunity may be offered to you, but this would leave you without security, think hard about what you should do.

HOBBY   To dream that you are doing your favourite subject or occupation is a sign that you will receive gains of your own making.

HOE   To dream that you are using a hoe signifies that present difficulties will have to be faced for a little while longer.

HOGS   A hog is a male pig which is castrated and reared for slaughter, and dreaming of hogs which are fat shows financial gains, but undernourished hogs indicate that hard times will soon have to be faced.

HOLE   To dream that you trip or fall into a hole denotes that people you have yet to meet will be of dubious character. 

HOLIDAY   To dream that you are on holiday signifies that happy times are on the way.

HOLLY   Holly indicates that situations will irritate you.

HOME   Dreaming of a home where you once lived, or your present abode indicates good health and happiness in money matters and affairs of the heart. To dream that you are moving into a new home signifies that gains will not be very great. To have dreamt that you were building a home for yourself denotes that you will earn the respect of others.

HOME BREW   See Brewing.

HOMICIDE   To dream that you or someone else kills another person accidentally or with deliberate intent is an unfortunate omen.

HONEY   Eating honey indicates a long happy life with few health problems. 

HONEYMOON   To dream that you are setting off on a honeymoon signifies that someone is trying to deceive you. Dreaming that you are seeing a friend off on honeymoon shows there will be many regrets.

HONEYSUCKLE   To dream of this climbing plant when in flower, which are yellowish coloured trumpet-shaped blossoms, indicates a change for the better where the home is concerned.

HONOURS   Being given an award or honours in a dream signifies that if you are careful you will suffer financial losses.

HOOKS   To dream of any type of hook indicates that you will receive a gift which you will think highly of.

HOOP   Dreaming of any size hoop is a fortunate omen.

HOPPING   To dream that you or others are hopping shows peace and security, but be careful of what you say or do or you could hurt loved ones.

HORNETS   These large insects of the wasp family signify that an enemy will try to do you harm.

HORNS   Growing horns in a dream shows that you will obtain a higher status of position with more power. An animal with large horns indicates a situation bringing sadness, but a small horned animal denotes happiness. To blow a horn tells the dreamer that there will be a boost to social life.

HOROSCOPE   Having your horoscope drawn up signifies that a great influence over you will take you in a different direction to which you would like to go, cut the bond before it is too late. For someone to tell you your horoscope in a dream indicates that situations will bring suffering. To have bought literature concerning horoscopes denotes financial gains.

HORSE   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a white, chestnut, or bay coloured horse but a black horse indicates disappointments and difficulties. To dream that someone calls on you by horse tells you there will soon be news from afar. See Foal if appropriate.

HORSESHOE   To dream of a horseshoe indicates a journey. Finding a horseshoe denotes a bequest. Dreaming of a horse being shod is a very fortunate sign.

HOSPITAL   To dream of a hospital signifies health problems which can be remedied now with the right diet and proper exercise.

HOT CHOCOLATE   To have a hot chocolate drink in a dream tells you to expect a proposal of marriage.

HOTEL   To dream that you are staying in a luxurious hotel is an unfortunate omen.

HOTHOUSE   See Greenhouse.

HOUNDS   To dream of hunting dogs shows that any advantages can only come from hard labour and toil. See Dog.

HOUSE   It is a fortunate omen to dream of a house being built. A house being demolished is unfortunate. Dreaming of a house which is strange to you indicates that your affairs need putting in order.

HUMMING BIRDS   To dream of these beautifully coloured little birds shows a journey will take you abroad.

HUNCHBACK   Dreaming that you or another is hunchbacked signifies that there are many obstacles for you to overcome before happiness in romance can be found.

HUNGRY   To dream of feeling hungry is not fortunate and is usually your body telling you there is a problem with health. Also see Starving.

HUNTING   To dream that you are hunting small game signifies sadness and regrets, but to hunt larger prey shows financial gains. Dreaming you are on a fox hunt indicates that you will have rivals, but to be at the kill of a fox tells that you will overcome your problems.

HURDLES   To dream of fencing or bars which are made for jumping over shows that you will be unjustly accused and will have to prove your innocence.

HURRICANE   To dream of a violent storm tells of problems in business and domestic matters.

HURRYING   Dreaming that you are in a hurry signifies an accident or threat where fire is concerned.

HURT   To dream that you have severely hurt yourself indicates that your troubles will be great, if you return to full health or only suffer a slight injury this signifies that you will quickly overcome your difficulties.

HUSBAND   An unattached female dreaming that she is married indicates arguments with loved ones. A woman dreaming that she is caressing her husband or lover indicates a happy event. For a married woman to dream of her husband's death shows a change in some situation which will benefit her. To dream of taking a second husband indicates financial security. Dreaming of your husband flirting with another woman denotes a happy married life.

HUSBANDRY   See Farming.

HYACINTH   To dream of this plant with its bell-shaped flowers indicates that you will receive news of another's illness.

HYDROPHOBIA   Dreaming that you or others are afraid of water signifies a loss of material and financial wealth due to theft.

HYMNS   Singing hymns in a dream means that plans will find success.

HYPNOTISED   Dreaming that you are placed under a hypnotic trance shows that you should take care who you confide in.

HYSTERICS   To dream that you or others are having a fit or convulsions tells you not to let others influence you, be more independent and follow your intuition if you are to find success.

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