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GABLE   This is the triangular part beneath the roof at the end of a house and to dream of this signifies that someone will tell you something, which if acted upon, will bring success.

GAGGED   To be gagged in a dream tells you to expect severe problems, but if you manage to escape and take the gag from your mouth this shows that your difficulties can be easily overcome.

GAIETY   It is an unfortunate omen to enjoy yourself too much in a dream.

GAINS   To dream that you have extra gains is unfortunate, but this will not be too bad if you came by the gains unfairly.

GAITERS   To dream of an ankle strap made from material or leather indicates fortune in romance.

GALA   Dreaming of a festive occasion tells you of a move which betters your situation, but may take you away from family and friends. See Pageant.

GALE   To be out in a strong wind in a dream indicates that you should not let arguments worry you because they will soon be forgotten.

GALLERY   To dream of a painting gallery signifies that others will respect you. To be on a platform gallery shows that any anxieties will be short-lived.

GALLOP   To gallop at a steady pace without strain depends upon the path, if it is straight then your plans will find success, but a road which is curved or steep tells you to be careful of what you say and do.

GALLOWS   It is a fortunate omen to dream of gallows, and to be present at a hanging signifies financial gains and advancements. Dreaming of friends or relatives being hung tells you to steer clear of rivals.

GAMBLING   To dream that you are gambling at a game of cards signifies that advancements will be wasted. Betting on dice shows there is a bequest waiting for you. The roulette wheel indicates that your wishes are too high to be accomplished. Putting your money into a one armed bandit denotes upset. In general, winning at gambling will find a boost to your social life, but to lose will find you recovering from problems.

GAMBLING CHIPS   To dream of these counters denotes a bet being won.

GAME   To watch a game of some sort in a dream denotes happiness and peace of mind. Taking part in a game depends upon the end result, a win signifies problems in business matters, but to lose indicates fortune.

GAME BIRDS   To dream that birds are being hunted shows many problems are on the way, but if the bird takes flight and escapes this indicates that you will overcome them with little difficulty.

GANG   To dream that you are attacked or robbed by a gang indicates an inner fear stemming from reality.

GANGWAY   To go across a gangway in a dream denotes that enemies are thinking up ways to defeat you. To dream of others crossing a gangway indicates financial losses.

GAOL   To dream that you are in gaol signifies that others will let you down and cause difficulties. To be in gaol and then set free is a fortunate omen concerning troubles you are now facing. Dreaming that you have been placed in gaol on a life sentence tells that you will receive a favour from a friend.

GARDEN   It is fortunate to dream of a well kept garden, but if it is bogged down with weeds you can expect difficulties. Walking through a garden indicates happiness. A garden of great beauty denotes gains.

GARLAND   See Flowers.

GARLIC   This depends upon the dreamers taste, if you like garlic this is a fortunate dream, but if you hate the smell and flavour this is an unfortunate omen.

GARRET   See Attic.

GARROTTER   This is a person like a highwayman who would strangle their victim in order to rob them. To dream of a garrotter signifies a violent argument, keep to the views which you know to be right.

GARTERS   For a woman to dream she is wearing garters which do not fit properly and fall from the leg signifies that difficulties will be found, but if the garters are picked up and given to you this shows a good friend who will help with your problems, if the garters fall and are not returned this warns that someone will try to deceive you.

GAS LAMP   If the light from a gas lamp is dim this signifies that your plans will fail, depending upon how dim the light is. For the lamp to be extinguished warns that a disaster is close at hand. A brightly lit gas lamp which does not flicker tells the dreamer that plans will see fruition.

GATE   To dream that you are sat on a gate signifies that work does not come before pleasure. A closed gate indicates that problems are not far away. Dreaming of a broken gate shows that things will take a long time in coming to fruition.

GAUZE   To dream of gauze signifies that there are hidden feelings.

GAVOTTE   A gavotte is a dance from the eighteenth century and is similar to a minuet but a bit more livelier. To dance the gavotte in a dream shows happiness and peace of mind.

GAZELLE   For a woman to dream of this small graceful animal shows a coarse lover but a loving spouse.

GEESE   To dream of geese cackling signifies financial gains.

GEMS   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of precious stones. To dream that you are given a gift of gems signifies that a secret could prove to be your downfall. Dreaming of family members with gems denotes an illness of a relative. Imitation gems indicate unfaithful and disloyal friends. To sell gems is unfortunate for affairs of the heart.

GENTRY   For a rural person to dream of others who are close to nobility denotes you will soon find employment in a town or city.

GERANIUMS   To buy a potted geranium indicates that more money will be coming your way, but to dream of a pelargonium which is a red variety of geranium denotes illness.

GHOST   To be frightened by a ghost foretells of difficulties, but if you are not afraid or the ghost leaves, this shows that problems can be easily overcome. If a ghost speaks to you in a dream this signifies that a friend who you thought you could trust will prove deceitful.

GIANT   A giant in a dream shows that you need to face your problems and not keep pushing them to one side. To kill a giant indicates gains in material and financial wealth.

GIBBET   A gibbet was where the bodies of hanged criminals were placed on roadsides until they rotted away and to have such a dream indicates that serious problems are just around the corner.

GIDDY   To feel dizzy or faint shows that changes for the better are on the way, but you will need to put your share of work in.

GIFT   To be given a gift by a man indicates there are better times to come. Receiving a gift from a woman denotes a good friend. To accept an Xmas gift shows that a friend will try to deceive you. Giving a gift to others is an unfortunate omen.

GILDING   To dream of an item covered in a thin layer of gold or gold leaf indicates that someone will offer you a gift, but you should think twice before accepting because the price will be too high.

GIN   To dream that you are having a drink of gin indicates a lot of changes in your life, but you will live to see a great age. To offer a drink to others denotes that some among your friends are not true. Dreaming of breaking a bottle of gin tells you to expect a friend coming to visit you. To have dreamt of being given a bottle of gin for a present denotes arguments within the family circle. Giving others a gift of a bottle of gin tells of broken promises. To buy gin in a dream means that throughout your life there will be many changes.

GINGER HAIR   See Red Hair.

GIPSY   See Gypsy.

GIRDLE   To dream you are wearing a girdle or belt around your waist indicates that you will have to work hard to overcome your suffering.

GIRL   Dreaming of a girl signifies that you will hear news which you have been waiting a while for, but if the girl is beautiful this shows gains concerning business matters. To dream of a girl who is weeping indicates that a friends actions could leave you feeling embarrassed. For a man to dream that he is kissing many girls denotes success.

GLADIATOR   To dream of a person trained to use the sword or other weapons indicates that an event will bring worries and sadness.

GLASS   To spill wine from a glass denotes news of a good nature being received. Breaking an empty glass signifies the bereavement of a female influence. Drinking from a clean glass shows goof fortune where health matters are concerned, but if the glass is smudged or dirty then this warns you to take care or you could become ill. Looking through a glass pane in a window is fortunate if it is clear, but indicates difficulties if it is tinted or dirty. Dreaming of a broken window pane tells you that problems are not far away.

GLASSES   See Spectacles.

GLOBE   To dream of a chart of the earth indicates news from afar.

GLOOM   Being sad or dreaming of others who are gloomy signifies changes finding better situations.

GLOVES   To dream you are wearing new gloves indicates that you should watch your spending, but to wear an old pair of gloves shows that others will try to deceive you. Carrying a pair of gloves denotes happiness in money matters. Dreaming of losing a right-hand glove tells you of a separation between you and your lover, but to lose a left-hand glove signifies that you will have to depend upon yourself. To have dreamt of finding a pair of gloves is helpful where affairs of the heart are concerned. To buy a pair of gloves foretells of a friend who is not what they seem.

GLOW   To dream of a bright glow signifies there will be changes for the better which are about to take place.

GLOW-WORM   Dreaming of this beetle denotes that you will be able to help someone and to give your aid would find rewards in the future.

GLUE   To dream of glue indicates a good friend. To buy glue shows that some of your desires will be seen.

GLUTTON   To dream that you are eating to excess warns of financial problems and tells you to tighten the purse strings and start making cut-backs now.

GNATS   These little irritating flies tell you that spiteful gossip will cause you problems.

GOAT   To dream of goats show that there are difficulties. The colour of the goat should also be taken into account and the definition looked at.

GOBLET   Drinking from a goblet signifies happiness in your social life.

GOD   To dream that you meet God indicates great happiness. To hear the voice of God signifies long lasting happiness. Dreaming that you are praying to God denotes gains.

GOLD   To dream of gold is an unfortunate omen.

GOLDFISH   To dream of this member of the carp family shows business worries. To own a goldfish in a dream signifies a wedding within the family circle. Dead goldfish indicate a situation which will find regrets.

GOLDMINE   See Mine. Finding a goldmine in a dream indicates gains being made.

GOLF   To dream that you are playing a game of golf shows that any advancements made in the past could be lost. Being assisted by a caddy in a game of golf indicates that ill-luck is close at hand.

GOLF COURSE   To play a round of golf on a golf course tells that domestic affairs need attention.

GONDOLA   To dream of travelling on a gondola shows a happy life, but you will be unlucky in affairs of the heart. To be with a lover on a gondola signifies that your romance will be short-lived.

GONG   Hearing a gong shows some happy news from within the family.

GOODBYE   See Farewell.

GOOSE   A goose denotes problems in romance and marriage.

GOOSEBERRIES   Gooseberries indicate difficulties you may have hoped to avoid. Picking gooseberries shows that problems you are facing now should soon be overcome.

GORSE   To dream of this prickly plant signifies that an opportunity coming your way should be taken if you are to find your fortune.

GOSSIP   To dream that you or others gossip is a sign that a marriage will have people talking.

GOUT   To have gout on your toe signifies that something will cause sadness. To dream of others having this painful complaint tells you that overwork is causing stress and making you feel run-down, relax more and take care of your health.

GOVERNMENT   To dream that you have become an M.P or a government official indicates a down-grade in your living standards.

GOWN   To dream that you are wearing a beautiful gown is most fortunate. Wearing clothes which are old and ragged signifies that situations will not be so bad, although there is still some ill-luck to be had.

GRAIN   To see a field of crops indicates gains in money. Planting grain in a dream signifies great happiness. To dream of harvesting grain denotes more gains than expected. Dreaming of grain which is ablaze shows that serious problems are not far away. To sell corn in a dream tells you that extra money is coming your way.

GRAMOPHONE   To dream of an old fashioned gramophone signifies good news from afar.

GRANDPARENT   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are a grandparent, or if you already are that you see your grandchildren. To see your own grandparents look at Ancestors.

GRAPES   To dream of grapes signifies happiness with business and domestic matters. Eating grapes tells of losses and poverty.

GRASS   Dreaming of a beautiful lawn indicates success and lasting happiness, but if you trample on the grass or crush it this denotes there will be difficulties along the way. Brown and withered grass is an unfortunate dream and shows that success will not be achieved.

GRASSHOPPER   To dream that you have grasshoppers in your garden denotes illness. To kill grasshoppers indicates an enemy who you least expected. Dreaming of others killing these insects warns of a robbery.

GRATITUDE   To dream that you are thanking someone for doing you a good turn shows some unexpected situation which will be of benefit to you, but if others are giving their gratitude to you this indicates that loved ones will benefit.

GRAVE   Digging a grave indicates that difficulties are close at hand. Seeing a freshly dug grave signifies bad news. To walk on a grave shows unhappiness in romance or marriage. A grave which is untended denotes that problems within the family circle are not far away. For an unmarried person to dream of making arrangements for their own bereavement foretells of marriage which is not far away, while for a married person such a dream means that more happiness will be found with their spouse.

GRAVEL   Walking along a path of gravel in a dream indicates a bumpy ride, but not one with any major problems, to get to the end of the path or get off the gravel shows that problems will only be short-lived.

GRAVEYARD   To walk through a graveyard in a dream is a fortunate omen where marriage and romance are concerned.

GREEN   To dream of the colour green signifies travel concerning business matters.

GREENFINCH   This European bird indicates that although hard work will be needed you should stick to your original plans if losses are not to be incurred.

GREENHOUSE   It is a fortunate omen to see a greenhouse or hothouse containing beautiful flowers and shrubs, but difficulties are seen if it is empty or the plants are withered and dying.

GRENADIER   For a female to dream of a regimental grenadier shows a spouse who will not be in any of the armed forces.

GREY HAIR   To dream that you have grey or white hair is fortunate, but there are difficulties to face before reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing others with grey hair is a fortunate omen for the dreamer.

GREYHOUND   Seeing a greyhound in a race denotes good news being received. Dreaming of owning a greyhound shows advances, but a greyhound belonging to others tells of a win at gambling.

GRIEF   To dream that you are suffering some form of grief indicates happiness in social life. Others grieving signifies that you will soon receive some good news.

GRINDING   To grind coffee in a dream tells of domestic problems. Grinding pepper denotes ill-health. To dream of grinding corn is a fortunate omen.

GRINDSTONE   It is fortunate to dream that you are sharpening or polishing objects on a grindstone.

GROANING   To dream of people groaning is not a fortunate omen, but if you try to help someone who is groaning then your difficulties will not be so great.

GROOM   To dream of a groom signifies news concerning the law, which will be of benefit to you.

GROPING   Feeling your way around shows your difficulties are close to an end.

GROTTO   To dream that you are in a cave indicates that travel will be necessary rather than for enjoyment. Dreaming of a grotto signifies advancements where business matters are concerned.

GROUND   Laying on the ground in a dream indicates that it will be a long time before any improvements will be seen.

GROVE   To dream that you own a piece of land next to s small wood or group of trees denotes a happy marriage.

GRUEL   Eating gruel in a dream warns you not to let others influence you too strongly or you will be taken down the wrong path.

GUARD   To dream that you are on guard tells you to watch what you say or you could find problems. Dreaming that a guard is taking a criminal to prison shows that friends will say what they think of you.

GUESTS   To dream that you are entertaining guests signifies problems where business is concerned, the more people you see, the larger the troubles. Unwanted guests denotes unhappiness in affairs of the heart. Others entertaining guests indicates health problems.

GUIDE   Guiding others in a dream tells that you will receive help from friends.

GUITAR   It is a fortunate omen to play the guitar, or for someone else to in a dream.

GULF   To dream of a chasm or abyss indicates a rift between you and another which brings sadness.

GUM   To dream of gum signifies hold-ups where money is concerned.

GUN   Hearing a gun being fired in a dream denotes illness of a family member, but if there is more than one shot heard this tells that the illness will last longer than expected. To dream that you are firing a gun indicates that illness with befall you, but to shoot someone with a gun shows disgrace. See Pistol or Revolver.

GUNPOWDER   For a woman to dream of gunpowder signifies romance with a man who is in one of the armed services. A man dreaming of gunpowder shows a change of surroundings being close at hand.

GUTTER   Being in a gutter indicates a down-grade in your lifestyle, but if you find something of value this denotes future success, but not until you have worked hard for any gains you may receive.

GYMNASTICS   To dream that you are doing gymnastics is a sign that plans will not find success with you being unable to put the energy in which is needed.

GYPSY   To buy from a gypsy is lucky, but you may have to overcome some minor difficulties first.

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