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FABLE   To dream of a myth or legendary tale indicates that you will overcome your difficulties.

FACE   To see the face or faces of strangers denotes a change of home or employment. An ugly face signifies ill-fortune, but a beautiful face is more fortunate. To wash your face in a dream shows you will cause problems for yourself.

FACE POWDER   To dream that you or others apply face powder indicates you will have new clothes with a boost to your social life. 

FACTORY   To dream you are inside a factory shows abundance of wealth, but not for some time to come. A busy factory indicates that great changes will take place to better your situation. A factory with little activity or one which is closed down denotes difficulties due to losses. A sale sign on a factory signifies illness.

FAGGOTS   To dream of faggots tells of bad news being received.

FAILING   To fail in anything signifies success, but it is an unfortunate omen if you fail in trying to escape.

FAINT   For you or another to faint is an unfortunate dream.

FAIRGROUND   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of being at a fair.

FAIRIES   To dream of fairies shows unexpected good luck coming your way.

FAITHLESSNESS   To dream that you are faithless or that someone is not true towards you is a fortunate omen.

FALCON   Seeing a falcon in a dream indicates enemies who are jealous while falcons in flight show that friends will deceive you.

FALL   To fall from a great height in a dream signifies coming problems, the longer the fall, the more severe your troubles will be. 

FALLING   Falling is an unfortunate omen with problems coming to a variety of situations in your life.


FAME   To dream you have found fame denotes that success will not come within your grasp.

FAMILY   To dream of family members is fortunate, but only if you like them.

FAMINE   Being hungry but not having anything to eat tells the dreamer of home comforts and domestic happiness.

FAMOUS   To dream that you are famous indicates changes that will bring losses.

FAN   To see or use a hand fan is an unfortunate dream. For a woman to dream of losing a fan indicates the loss of a valued friend.

FAR EAST   To dream of regions in the Far East signifies travel of a long distance that will be important to you.

FAREWELL   To dream that you are saying goodbye to someone is a sign of misfortune due to illness and warns you not to take risks where health is concerned. Others bidding you farewell indicates that you will have to undertake a boring and unwanted journey.

FARM   Visiting a farm is fortunate where health matters are concerned. Working on a farm signifies material gains, but you must first overcome some difficulties.

FARMER   Meeting a farmer in a dream indicates peace and happiness.

FARMING   Farming with a plough shows happiness in affairs of the heart, and if an animal is being used for farming this is very fortunate, but not if you are of a poor disposition.

FASHION SHOW   To dream that you were at a fashion show foretells that you will live to an old age.

FASTING   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are abstaining from food.

FATHER   Speaking with your father in a dream denote great happiness, but if he does not speak this is not so fortunate. To dream that your father is dead when in reality he is alive, indicates that a disaster awaits you.

FATHER-IN-LAW   To see your father-in-law is an unfortunate dream.

FATIGUE   To dream that you are weary signifies that plans will find success.

FAULT   To dream that others are at fault denotes upsets. For a lover to be at fault shows you will live to an old age. That you are being at fault tells of faithful friends. A man dreaming that his wife is at fault indicates that a problem will be resolved. For a woman to dream of her husband being at fault signifies that friend is not true.

FAVOUR   To dream of a friend doing you a favour shows changes concerning the home. A member of your family doing you a good turn signifies quarrels will take place.

FAWN   Dreaming of a young deer is fortunate where romance is concerned.

FEAR   To dream that you fear something indicates deceit by someone you trust, but if conquer your fear this denotes that there will be some difficulties but you will eventually overcome them.

FEASTING   To dream that you are enjoying a feast signifies problems not being far away. To organise a feast for others which you do not take part in denotes that others are finding happiness in what should have been your success.

FEAT   Doing a deed of honour indicates that you will lose your self-respect due to being defeated in some situation.

FEATHERS   The feathers themselves have no real definition and the colour should be taken into account. Wearing feathers signifies that others will respect you while gathering feathers denotes happiness throughout a majority of your life.

FEEBLE   It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are lacking energy or are weak.

FEEDING   To dream that you feeding yourself is unfortunate. To be feeding animals shows fortune in all your affairs.

FEET   Washing your feet denotes problems with a hostile influence. For your feet to itch, but only in the dream, shows happiness coming your way. To have dreamt that your feet were bare indicates problems, but you can overcome these with hard work. Shame and sorrow can be seen when dreaming of children with bare feet. To burn your feet indicates a failure in some situation. Dreaming that you have injured your foot or both feet tells of problems of an embarrassing nature, but if the bone in your foot is broken this foretells of a death in the family.

FENCE   To dream that you are encircled by a fence shows emotional trauma, but if you manage to climb over the fence or push it down your problems will not be so severe.

FENCING   Fencing with swords indicates that you will find yourself in a battle of wits.

FENDER   To dream that you are standing on a fender foretells of a journey abroad.

FERNS   To dream of these heavily leafed plants is a good sign with this being a link to nature, but if the ferns are dying or in the grip of winter this tells that problems are not far away. To see potted ferns or ones which are cultivated in a garden show there are many troubles to overcome before success can be seen.

FERRET   To dream of this hunting animal which is related to the polecat warns you of malicious talk.

FERRY   Seeing a place where boats cross signifies a dangerous situation and it would be wise not to go near water for several days after such a dream.

FESTIVAL   It is an unfortunate dream to attend a festive occasion. To dream that you are helping to organise a festival signifies that someone else will attain your goals.

FETE   See Gala or Pageant.

FETTERS   See Handcuffs.

FEVER   To dream that you are suffering from a fever indicates good health. Others being in a fever shows good health for family and friends.

FIANCÉ   For an engaged person to dream of their betrothed denotes quarrels and bad feelings, but these will soon be mended.

FIDDLE   To see a fiddle or that you or others are playing this instrument is a fortunate omen.

FIELD   A field indicated good friendship and a boost in your social life. See Meadow.

FIEND   See Evil Spirit.

FIFE   To dream of this small musical instrument which is similar to the flute and used in military bands signifies a journey to meet someone serving in the armed services.

FIGHTING   To dream that you are fighting depends upon the outcome, to win indicates that problems will be solved, but to lose is an unfortunate omen. Dreaming that others are fighting denotes that you or a loved one will find illness, but good health will follow.

FIGS   To dream of this fruit signifies that something will unexpectedly happen that will be to your benefit.

FILE   Filing documents or letters tells of great problems which you will find difficult to overcome. Taking papers from a file denotes that an enemy is out to do you harm. Dreaming of filing your nails shows that a secret will be revealed to you. To be using a file for cutting indicates that there is a different type of work for you to do.

FILM   To dream of a film signifies that there will be much talk of travelling to foreign lands but warns you to beware of what you say and who to.

FIND   To find a valuable item or precious metal shows losses, the more you find, the greater they will be. Finding something of no value is a fortunate omen, but finding a child foretells of problems with the law.

FINGERNAILS   Dreaming that you have nice, well-shaped nails indicates financial gains in business and happiness in romance. Filing your nails shows that a secret will be revealed to you while having your fingernails cut denotes that friends will be lost.

FINGERS   To dream that one of your fingers are injured and bleeding signifies a loss of money if you do not watch your finances, but if your finger is broken this tells of a happy marriage. Burning your fingers indicates that there are people who are jealous of you.

FIR TREES   To dream of one or more of these dark green trees denotes that you will have to labour hard if gains are to be seen, if you rest for too long failure will be there.

FIRE   To be burned by fire tells that there will be serious problems for you to face. Blowing the fire or making it burn stronger depends upon your circumstances, for a person who is financially secure such a dream indicates loss, but to someone who is struggling this indicates profit. To stir up a fire denotes that old arguments will be rekindled. To see your home burning signifies happiness with domestic affairs. Dreaming of your place of work being on fire shows financial gains. Being a spectator at a fire denotes financial worries. To have dreamt of putting a fire out with water indicates that people and situations will irritate you.

FIRE ARMS   To dream of weapons indicates that arguments are on the way.

FIRE ENGINE   To dream that you are a fire fighter signifies that hoped for plans will start to be put into action. It is an unfortunate omen to see a fire engine rushing to a fire, but your luck will be better if you see it returning from a fire.

FIRE TONGS   To dream of these metal limbs which are used to pick up pieces of coal for placing on a fire tells you to be cautious where accidents can occur, especially concerning this element.

FIRESIDE   This is a dream of fortune where domestic affairs are concerned and shows that the next twelve months will be lucky ones.

FIREWORKS   Watching a fireworks display in a dream indicates that others will try to deceive you and tells you not to follow your intuitions because they will let you down.

FISH   To see fish swimming in a body of water is a fortunate omen. Cooking fish means news of a wedding, while eating fish tells of happiness.

FISHING   To dream that you are sat fishing is a sign of good luck. Children fishing denotes good health and happiness. To catch small fish in a dream indicates that problems are on their way, but catching a large fish signifies material and financial gains.

FIT   To dream that you or others are having a fit is an unfortunate omen.

FLAG   To see a flag in a dream depends upon the colour of which the definition should be looked at. A negative colour indicates ill-luck, while comfort and peace of mind is denoted with colours of a more positive definition. Dreaming of a red flag signifies that friends from abroad will help you. A flag on a house tells that your enemies will find failure. To be given a flag shows that a gift which is promised will not be given. To dream of a racing flag indicated that you should slow down and rest a little more. A tattered or ripped flag signifies a situation bringing embarrassment.

FLAGON   To dream of this large vessel which is full of wine or cider warns you to take care of yourself where health is concerned.

FLAMES   Flames which are out of control tell that problems are on the way, but to see flames which are under restraint shows that your difficulties will not be too prolonged.

FLASH   To see a flash of light in a dream other than lightning, signifies that plans will be successful due to some news being received.

FLASK   To dream of a flask containing alcohol denotes happiness, but not in financial matters. A broken flask indicates a loss.

FLATTERY   To dream that you are flattering others denotes that good times will be followed by difficulties. Giving a lover flattery indicates that a control of your emotions will be needed. To be flattered by others signifies that problems and upsets are not far away.

FLEAS   These parasites denote that difficulties are ahead. To kill them shows that your enemies will be overcome.

FLEET   A fleet of navy ships signifies that someone is trying to deceive you, but if they are from another country this denotes a meeting with someone not so well liked. A fleet of merchant ships tells of news by post.

FLESH   To dream you have a rash or any problems with any part of your skin warns you not to make any promises for the next several days because you will find you cannot keep them . To have dreamt that you lost flesh in losing weight shows financial rewards, but to have gained weight indicates money losses.

FLIES   To see flies in a dream tells that friends and relatives will prove irritating to you.

FLIRTING   To dream that you are flirting with someone who is divorced indicates that some of your desires will be put into action. For a man to dream that he is flirting with a married woman warns that he is about to be deceived, but an unmarried female tells you there are rivals. A woman dreaming of flirting with a married man shows a boost in the area of romance, but to flirt with a bachelor signifies that others are trying to deceive you.

FLOATING   To dream you are floating on water shows there are obstacles in your path, and if you sink or cannot float for too long this denotes that you will have many problems. To see a boat floating with no one in it shows your surroundings will change. Dreaming of a dead body floating in some substance indicates that you will live to an old age, but to see a dead fish floating on water warns that your secrets will soon be out in the open. To have dreamt of floating in the air finds people respecting your points of view.

FLOOD   A flood signifies you will have to work hard if any financial gains are to be seen. Dreaming that you are saved from a flood shows you have at least one friend who is true.

FLOOR   It is lucky to dream of laying or sitting on a floor. To clean a floor is an unfortunate dream.

FLOUR   Baking with flour denotes happiness, but to dream of flour in any other form is an unfortunate omen.

FLOWERS   Certain varieties of flowers have definitions of their own and the index should be consulted. To receive a bouquet of flowers in a dream tells there will be a boost to your social life. Seeing flowers in a garden indicates happiness. Gathering flowers shows there is a surprise waiting for you. To see flowers which are withered and dying foretells of sadness and regrets. Dreaming of plastic or silk flowers denotes business worries.

FLOWING WATER   To dream of flowing water signifies both material and financial losses.

FLUTE   There may be problems if you see others playing a flute in a dream, but it is a fortunate omen to play the flute yourself.

FLYING FISH   This fish is found in warm waters and uses its enlarged fins to raise itself into the air and fly. To dream of this fish warns you of underhanded people and tells you to get your proper sleep for the next several nights.

FOAL   To dream of a baby horse foretells the news of a birth.

FOAM   Foam of any kind in a dream indicates happiness for you and those around you.

FOG   To dream of fog denotes there are problems in affairs of the heart. To see fog clearing signifies happiness where romance is concerned. For the fog to clear completely indicates that difficulties will soon subside.

FOLDING   Folding sheets or clothing shows happiness in romance.

FOLIAGE   To dream of foliage which is growing and green signifies happiness, but if the foliage is withered and dying this shows that plans will find failure.

FONT   This is not a fortunate dream with the font usually being inside a church.

FOOD   Different fruit and vegetables have varying definitions and the index should be looked at. Dreaming that you eat is usually a good omen, but to over-indulge is unfortunate. Others selling food signifies money coming your way. Financial losses are seen if you dream that you have food but cannot eat it. It is favourable to that you have plenty of food stored in your cupboards or larder.

FOOLISH   To be foolish in a dream is a fortunate omen. For a loved one to be foolish tells you to try and give up some of your bad habits. Dreaming of friends being foolish shows an increase in money.

FOOT   To dream that your foot hurts signifies a situation bringing embarrassment, but to cut your foot shows that health matters need an operation to put them right. To break a bone in the foot in a dream indicates the loss of a family member. Dreaming that you tripped over someone's foot denotes that others will try to deceive you.

FOOTBALL   Playing football in a dream depends upon which way the game goes, if you win fortune awaits you, but to lose tells you to expect difficulties. To see or play with a football on your own signifies a situation that will make you feel uncomfortable. Being a spectator at a football match is an unfortunate omen.

FOOTMAN   If you are a person who already employs a servant or servants such a dream means little. For others who do not have servants such a dream tells of problems from an unexpected source.

FOOTPRINTS   To dream of your own footprints signifies that problems will look overwhelming, but if you work hard you can overcome them. Footprints belonging to others indicates that a friend is trying to help without you knowing.

FOP   For a woman to dream of a man who pays excessive attention to his appearance denotes a romance with a man who cannot come up to your standards.

FOREIGN COUNTRY   To dream that you are alone in a foreign country signifies that changes will soon be seen. If you are in a foreign country in the company of other people this shows you finding new things happening in business matters. If the dream involves regions in the Far East this indicates travel of a long distance which will be important to you.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE   Hearing foreign speech indicates hasty news and a long journey. Learning a new language indicates sadness where affairs of the heart are concerned, but this will not be too bad if you pick up the language easily.

FOREIGN PEOPLE   Dreaming of foreign people is a fortunate omen where affairs of the heart are concerned.

FOREST   Being alone in a forest indicates a boost to your social life. To be with others in a forest tells the dreamer that a friend will try to deceive them. To see a forest which is ablaze foretells news of a happy nature.

FORGET-ME-NOT   To dream of these tiny blue flowers indicates that you will not be forgotten by friends or family.

FORK   A fork signifies that arguments will take place. Being given a gift of cutlery shows that sadness is not far away. 

FORLORN   Feeling dejected and miserable in a dream is unfortunate, but if you get over this depressed state your troubles will not be so great.

FORSAKEN   To dream that you have forsaken your lover is a fortunate omen.

FORT   To dream of a fort indicates problems finding losses.

FORTUNE   This is a dream of opposite meaning, the greater the fortune, the larger your losses will be. To dream you are fortunate in romance signifies financial losses.

FORTUNE TELLER   To dream of having your fortune told is not a favourable sign. Watching others have their fortune told signifies a true friend. Dreaming that you are a fortune teller indicates that your social life will find a boost.

FOSSILS   Fossils indicate news that an absent friend or relative is taken ill.

FOUNTAIN   Dreaming of a fountain with clear running water is a fortunate omen, but if the water is dirty this tells that problems are on the way.

FOWLS   To dream of this domestic bird signifies that in your life you will not find any great achievements but there will not be any great upsets either.

FOX   A fox in a dream shows you will overcome any gossip or slander. Dreaming of chasing a fox warns of problems of a business, domestic or romantic nature.

FOXGLOVES   It is a fortunate omen to dream of these tubular flowers.

FRAGRANCE   To dream of a nice fragrance signifies good luck.

FRANTIC   To be frantic over something in a dream shows a well deserved break after a lot of hard work.

FRAUD   To dream that you commit fraud indicates financial gains. Dreaming that others have defrauded you signifies that others will try to deceive you.

FREEMASON   To join this fraternity and become a freemason tells that you will travel and find new friends.

FRENCH LANGUAGE   To talk in the French language in a dream is fortunate where romance is concerned.

FRETTING   To dream that you are worried over something indicates happiness with a mystery being solved.

FRIENDS   To dream of a friend who is having problems denotes good news coming unexpectedly. Faithful friends signify an illness. Being with a friend tells that success is close at hand. Having a conversation with a friend indicates happiness. To say goodbye to a friend foretells of pain and sorrow. To dream that friends far away are alive but ill signifies bad news. Dreaming that absent friends are well denotes they are prosperous. To dream they are dead indicates good news concerning a wedding.

FRIGHTENED   To dream that you are frightened is fortunate, the greater the fear the better, for this signifies success with problems you are facing now being short-lived. To frighten others in a dream indicates changes for the better.

FROGS   To dream of frogs denotes business matters finding failure.

FROST   Frost or freezing temperatures indicates that you should think carefully before saying or doing anything for several weeks after such a dream because problems are seen. Plants being damaged by frost signifies that a lot of difficulties lay in your path.

FROTH   To dream of froth in any form denotes happiness but this will only be short-lived.

FROWNING   To dream that something is causing you to frown shows happiness in your domestic life.

FRUIT   The index should be consulted concerning which fruit or fruits were in the dream. To gather fruit means more socialising for you. Also if appropriate see Berries or Wild Fruit.

FRYING PAN   To dream of using a frying pan to cook food indicates arguments.

FUN   Having fun is an unfortunate omen with the more happiness in the dream finding more sorrow in waking hours.

FUNERAL   Attending a funeral signifies happiness in romance.

FURNACE   To see a metal worker labouring with a furnace indicates that arguments are not far away.

FURNITURE   To dream that you are having a change of furniture which is new or in better condition than your own is a fortunate omen.

FURY   To dream of others being in a fury denotes that old hostilities will be mended.

FUTURE   To dream of seeing the future shows that this could be the right time to make amends or patch a rift with a friend.

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