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EAGLE   An eagle signifies that ambitions are high and can be accomplished if worked for. An eagle in flight is a good omen while dreaming of an injured eagle or one that is dead signifies money losses. To kill an eagle tells the dreamer that plans will find difficulties which could lead to failure. To have dreamt of being attacked by an eagle shows that problems are on the way.

EARNINGS   See Wages.

EARRINGS   To dream of earrings in any form signifies an argument.

EARS   To have earache or any trouble with your ears tells of difficulties in areas where they were not expected. Feeling your ears in a dream denotes that you will learn a secret. Dreaming of having your ears pierced shows problems of a domestic nature. Ears of corn indicate material and financial gains.

EARTH   To dream of good rich soil shows happiness in romance, but if the earth is scorched or black this signifies sadness.

EARTH WORM   To dream of an earth worm signifies an enemy who is out to do you harm, the more worms there are, the more enemies you have.

EARTHQUAKE   To dream of being in a small earthquake and having the ground shake beneath you indicates the death of a family member. To see an earthquake destroying houses or a town foretells of a worsening of your position due to changes taking place.

EARWIG   Dreaming of an earwig tells you of an enemy who can cause problems for you.

EASEL   To dream that you are working on a picture using an easel is a fortunate omen.

EASTER   To dream that it is Easter denotes future happiness. To be in an Easter pageant warns that a secret could find severe problems. Celebrating Easter with family and friends indicates that bad luck will follow such a dream.

EATING   Eating alone signifies that you will soon begin to feel run-down. To dream of continuous eating shows you are not happy with the way your life is going and there are more problems to be seen. Eating with your hands warns that a situation could put you in danger. To have food you are eating taken away before you have finished denotes that domestic matters need looking at before difficulties set in. For you to watch others eating tells of a good and faithful friend.

EAVESDROPPING   To dream of listening to others tells that good luck is on its way.

EBONY   To dream of ebony which is obtained from several types of tropical tree shows a journey to a foreign land. Being given a gift of ebony denotes a rise in wages. To own ebony in a dream indicates that you will meet a foreigner. Ebony being bought tells the dreamer that business matters will find success.

ECHO   To dream of hearing an echo signifies the good fortune of another which could be your downfall.

ECLIPSE   To dream of eclipse tells of illness concerning a loved one.

EELS   Seeing a lot of eels swimming in a body of water warns that you are doing too much. To dream that you have an eel in your hands is a fortunate omen. A dead eel warns the dreamer of pain or damage.

EGGS   To dream of several dozen eggs indicates prosperity in romance, but if the shells are cracked or broken this means there will be money losses. White eggs denote that you will receive some good news which will benefit you. Brown eggs indicate bad news. Eating eggs tells of a wedding taking place earlier than expected. Eggs of a fish signify that ill-fortune is on the way.

ELASTIC   To dream of elastic shows that better times are on the way.

ELBOW   To have pain or injure your elbow denotes problems concerning business matters.

ELDERBERRIES   To dream of elderberries indicates difficulties caused by a friend.

ELECTION   Dreaming that you are helping with an election tells that your ambitions will be realised.

ELECTRICITY   To dream of electricity in any form signifies an event taking place which will surprise you.

ELEPHANT   To dream of an elephant is a fortunate omen. To ride on the back of an elephant shows that good luck is nearby. Dreaming of feeding an elephant denotes a new friend and a valuable ally, but to give an elephant water signifies that you can be of help to a friend. To have dreamt of a circus elephant foretells of a death in the family, but if it escapes this indicates arguments within the family circle.

ELEVATOR   Going up in an elevator shows financial gains bringing improvements, an elevator going down signifies severe disappointments. Breaking down between floors in an elevator tells the dreamer of emotional trauma. An elevator which is out of order foretells that problems are on the way.

ELF   It is a fortunate omen to see an elf or elves in a dream.

ELM   To dream of this variety of tree signifies that you will not have to work hard to receive financial gains.

ELOPEMENT   To dream that you and a lover elope tells of arguments and a wrong choice of partner in romance. For your lover to elope with another signifies a rival which you may not be able to overcome. Others eloping indicates illness within the family.

EMBANKMENT   To dream of an embankment signifies the return of an absent friend or family member.

EMBRACE   To have dreamt that you are in an embrace denotes ill-fortune. To see a loved one being embraced by another shows good fortune for you.

EMBROIDERY   See Needlework.

EMERALDS   These bright green precious stones signify problems being caused over a bequest. To sell emeralds in a dream denotes a parting from a friend or relative, but to buy them indicates business being done with others from a distance.

EMIGRATION   To dream that you or others are applying to settle in another country denotes a letter or gift from friends or relatives abroad.

EMPLOYER   To dream that your employer is in a congenial mood signifies all things going well at work with a possible promotion. If your boss is disagreeable and moody this tells you not to give too many of your personal affairs away to work colleagues or your employer.

EMPLOYMENT   Dreaming that you are an employer signifies that you have too many projects going at the same time and they will begin to clash. If you are employed by someone and dream of receiving a promotion, this indicates that success is assured, and if you are your own boss success is certain. To be dismissed from a position of employment signifies a promotion. To dream that you have dismissed a business colleague denotes that you will suffer a disappointment. To see others having their employment terminated shows you will find a solution to some situation. To be unemployed in a dream denotes financial gains concerning business matters. To have dreamt of seeking for work in a job centre shows changes that should benefit your situation.

ENCLOSURE   Dreaming of an enclosure or pound where animals are kept indicates changes which will benefit you.

END of the WORLD   To dream that it is the end of the world is a fortunate omen for you.

ENEMY   To dream you are fighting an enemy signifies that a friend will cause you problems, but if you kill an enemy this denotes great happiness. To overcome an enemy in a dream indicates situations concerning the law finding success. Dreaming of meeting an enemy or being with them is a fortunate omen.

ENGAGEMENT   The engagement of others is an unfortunate omen. For the dreamer being engaged depends on how the betrothed looks. If he is handsome and strong or she is beautiful with a perfect figure this is not very favourable, but if they are plain and quiet this indicates the future will go well for you. To dream of your own engagement being called off tells of disappointments. Others breaking their engagement in a dream indicates emotional trauma.

ENGAGEMENT RING   To dream that you are wearing an engagement ring denotes new situations arising. Being engaged with a beautiful ring foretells of a quick marriage. Dreaming of giving an engagement ring back indicates that changes are on the way.

ENGINE   To dream that you are driving an engine signifies a change in your surroundings. An engine working on steam tells the dreamer that finances will always be easily handled. A gas engine denotes benefits coming from important events.

ENJOYMENT   To dream that you are enjoying yourself signifies sadness and problems, but if it is a special event which causes you enjoyment this is more fortunate.

ENLISTING   To dream that you are enlisting in an enterprise scheme or for military service indicates that success will be delayed.

ENTERTAINMENT   Dreaming of some form of entertainment is usually fortunate, but if you leave early this denotes that an opportunity to your benefit may be missed.

ENVELOPES   A sealed envelope signifies problems, but if you open it and take out the contents this denotes that your difficulties can be easily solved. To post an envelope in a dream indicates good fortune while to receive an envelope shows problems with romance. To have dreamt that you have bought an envelope foretells of changes benefiting you.

ENVY   To dream that you envy someone tells that you will overcome your enemies. It is a fortunate omen for others to envy you in a dream but for an enemy to be envious of you signifies that an enemy is trying to do you harm.

EPAULETS   These are ornamental shoulder pieces worn on a uniform and for a man dreaming of them shows advancements where business matters are concerned. For a woman to dream of epaulets indicates a lover with a military background.

EPITAPH   To dream of an inscription upon a tombstone foretells of news of a wedding or birth.

ERASER   To erase any form of writing with a rubber tells the dreamer to seek advice from wiser people before starting any projects.

ERMINE   To dream of the fur from this member of the weasel family shows a person in a powerful position being of help to you. Having a coat of this fur in a dream signifies that investments would be best made in property. Dreaming that you have bought a coat of ermine indicates that finances will find difficulties for you where saving is concerned.

ERRAND   To dream that you are on an errand depends upon the success. If you complete your task your troubles will not be so great than if you could not fulfil the errand.

ERUPTION   To dream of the eruption of a volcano or geyser brings luck that will find others being envious.

ESCALATOR   See Elevator.

ESCAPE   To escape from difficult situations in a dream denotes success in personal matters. To dream that you escape an accident shows improvements in your situation. Dreaming of escaping a wild beast warns of a dangerous person who is close to you. Escaping water or fire tells of worries which should eventually be overcome with no aftermath. It is an unfortunate omen to try and escape but not succeed.

ESTATE   Dreaming of an estate which belongs to you shows that your partner in romance is devoted and true.

EVE   For a woman to dream that she is the first female is fortunate. To meet Eve in a dream signifies that you have a protector. See Adam.

EVENING   To dream that it is this time of day shows more wealth coming your way, but you may have to wait a few years.

EVERGREENS   To dream of conifers indicates a lasting romance with success in business matters and happiness with domestic situations.

EVICTION   Being forced out of your home indicates great prosperity, the greater the disturbance the more money there will be. Others being evicted is also fortunate, showing more money coming your way.

EVIDENCE   Giving evidence for the prosecution in a court of law signifies that a friend needs your assistance.

EVIL SPIRIT   To dream of an evil spirit denotes serious problems unless you manage to rid yourself of it, then your troubles will not be so great.

EWE   To dream of a female sheep indicates that you will have a family of some magnitude with more wealth coming your way.

EWER   To dream of a water jug signifies that your secrets could be found out and if you break it this shows that your discrepancies will fall into the wrong hands.

EXAMINATION   To dream you are taking an exam which you find easy indicates some good luck coming your way. To attend an examination which you find difficult means problems in business matters.

EXCHANGING ITEMS   To exchange items with others in a dream foretells of problems and losses concerning business.

EXCITEMENT   To dream that you are excited over something indicates plans finding a happy conclusion. 

EXCURSION   Taking a pleasurable journey signifies that someone who is married is not the true friend you think them to be.

EXCUSES   Making excuses in a dream shows that foolish actions on your part will find losses. To dream of your lover making excuses signifies lasting happiness. For someone to give you an excuse denotes that you will live to an old age.

EXECUTION   To dream of the execution of your lover signifies that you have a rival. Seeing a person who is innocent executed indicates the separation of you and your lover.

EXECUTOR   To see an executor or be one indicates that others will let you down which will cause losses.

EXERCISE   To dream that you are taking exercise indicates that difficulties will soon be overcome, but this will not be the case if you tire yourself out.

EXHAUSTED   To feel exhausted in a dream is an unfortunate omen, but things will not be so bad if you recover.

EXHIBITION   You will find difficulties due to your own making when dreaming of an exhibition.

EXILE   For a woman to dream that she is in exile shows that pleasure must be forgone to go on a journey. To have done something wrong and being exiled denotes health problems concerning the area of dermatology and skin diseases.

EX-LOVER   See Old Lover.

EXPEDITION   To go on a journey with a definite purpose is a fortunate omen, but only if you see your plans through, to fail indicates financial worries. Dreaming of organising an expedition but not going denotes that a disaster lays in wait.

EXPLOSION   To dream of an explosion shows that friends will not agree with your plans. To be injured by an explosion indicates that a person or situation will irritate you. For your face to be injured in an explosion denotes that you will be wrongly accused. To cause an explosion indicates that friends will be lost.

EXTRAVAGANCE   To dream that you are being extravagant indicates happiness with domestic affairs.

EYE GLASSES   See Spectacles.

EYEBROWS   Being worried about your eyebrows foretells news of a happy event.

EYELIDS   To dream of your own or other peoples eyelids indicates that friends or relatives are facing problems where you may be of help.

EYES   To be troubled about your eyes in a dream signifies a secret enemy who is trying to do you harm. Being cross-eyed denotes that you will not have enough money. To dream that eyes are watching you tells there will be beneficial changes.

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