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DAFFODILS   To dream of daffodils is a fortunate omen where romance is concerned, but if they are indoors this shows that future happiness is assured.

DAGGER   To dream of a dagger signifies that a threat is hanging over your head. Being injured by a dagger indicates that another will reap the rewards which you should have seen. Dreaming of taking a dagger away from someone who is trying to assault you denotes that your fears are unfounded.

DAHLIA   Dreaming of this flower which comes in a variety of colours shows improvements where wealth is concerned.

DAIRY   To have dreamt of a dairy is a fortunate omen.

DAISIES   A field of daisies is fortunate where health and financial matters are concerned. To have daisies in the home in a dream signifies events taking place which will be of benefit to you. Picking daisies denotes happiness in romance. White daisies tell the dreamer that a new romance is around the corner.

DANCING   Dancing in the old style denotes happiness in your social life. Modern dancing in a dream indicates that some situation will be disguised causing you to be deceived. Watching others dance but not participating yourself denotes that you will receive good news about a friend. Dreaming that you are learning to dance indicates demotion in work or a drop in your living standards. For a man to dream he is dancing with the most beautiful woman tells him to expect troubles within the family concerning a female influence. A woman dreaming that she is the belle of the ball indicates family problems involving a female, but if you are not noticed or are ignored this shows that problems will not last too long and should find a happy ending.

DANDELIONS   It is a fortunate omen to dream of dandelions where affairs of the heart are concerned.

DANGER   To dream that you come in contact with danger denotes success, but if you escape danger this signifies problems bringing difficulties.

DARKNESS   To dream you are in darkness signifies that problems are not very far away. To stumble or injure yourself in the darkness foretells of changes which worsen your situation. To be in the dark but manage to find the light switch or come out into daylight denotes that the dreamers troubles will not be too great.

DARNING   To dream that you are darning signifies a new friend being made. To see others darning tells of malicious talk against you.

DATES   To dream of this fruit from the palm tree indicates that another's feelings or love have not been indicated to you at present.

DAUGHTER   Whatever the situation is, in this dream it will happen to a male member of the family, especially to sons if you have any.

DAWN   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of the rising of the sun.

DEAD   To dream of the dead signifies news of the living, but if you kiss or touch them this denotes the news will not be good.

DEAD ANIMAL   Seeing the carcass of a dead animal is a fortunate dream which signifies a happy and long life.

DEAF   To dream that you are deaf or go deaf indicates that problems will shortly be overcome.

DEATH   A death in a dream signifies news of a birth.

DEATH MARCH   To dream of this music signifies good fortune for a dear one rather than yourself.

DEATH'S-HEAD   This is the symbol of the human skull which represents spiritual death and such a dream indicates a secret being uncovered.

DEATH-WATCH BEETLE   This little beetle is said by the superstitious to portend death when it is heard ticking in the home, but to dream of the death-watch beetle signifies a wedding taking place sooner than expected.

DEBT COLLECTOR   To dream you are paid a visit by a debt collector signifies fortune where money matters are concerned.

DEBTS   To dream that you pay your debts is a fortunate omen. For others to pay debts they owe you in a dream signifies losses.

DECORATING   Decorating your home or a room in your abode tells you that business ventures will not be fortunate.

DEEDS   To dream of deeds indicates difficulties but if you put your signature to them it warns of arguments with loved ones. 

DEER   Dreaming of deer signifies worries over money matters, but if the deer have antlers this shows that friends will try to deceive you. To see a captured deer in confinement denotes arguments for the dreamer. To kill a deer indicates that you will receive a bequest.

DEFENDING   To dream that you defend or guard others signifies you have a true and faithful friend. Struggling to defend yourself in a dream denotes that you will live to an old age.

DEFORMED   To be deformed in some way tells the dreamer of forthcoming sadness, to those planning to marry it denotes that the engagement will be broken. To dream of other people being deformed signifies that there are those who will give you a false impression.

DELIGHT   To express delight through pleasure and enjoyment denotes domestic and business difficulties.

DENTIST   To dream of a dentist signifies problems with health. Being sat in a dentist's chair indicates that a friend may not be loyal. Dreaming of a friend being in a dentist's chair is unfortunate where affairs of the heart are concerned. To see a child seated in a dentist's chair tells the dreamer not to listen to false gossip about friends.

DENTURES   It is an unfortunate omen for you or others to have false teeth in a dream.

DEPRESSED   This is a dream of opposite meaning, so for you or others to be depressed or sad denotes great happiness.

DESERT   To be in a desert in a dream foretells that plans will run into difficulties. If you are comfortable with the weather in a desert this tells the dreamer to carry on with plans and obstacles will be overcome, but if there is a sand-storm this denotes that there are many problems for you to face.

DESK   A desk which is locked is an unfortunate omen, but if you find the key you will overcome your difficulties with ease. Sitting at a bureau or desk is a favourable sign.

DESPAIR   To dream you are in despair over something signifies good fortune of a domestic nature.

DESSERT   To dream you are eating a dessert which is to your taste is a fortunate omen, but if it is sour this tells you of losses in business matters.

DESTROYING   To dream you have destroyed an item signifies that difficulties are not far away. For others to destroy your possessions denotes that enemies will be overcome.

DETECTIVE   To dream that you are a detective signifies that someone will tell you something which will make you change your opinion of another. Dreaming of a detective questioning you shows that you have at least one true friend. To be accused of doing something by a detective in a dream denotes gains in wealth.

DETEST   Intensely disliking someone indicates arguments with loved ones or valued friends. Also see Dislike

DEVIL   To dream of the devil tells of coming problems, but if you talk with the devil this signifies that a friend will deceive you. To be in combat with the devil in a dream is an unfortunate omen and warns of danger.

DEVOTION   To dream of devotion towards your spouse or lover tells of future happiness. Seeing a child being devoted to its parents foretells of an event which will be of benefit to you.

DEW   The morning dew in a dream is a fortunate omen.

DIAMONDS   Affairs of the heart will find wealth and happiness when dreaming of one or more diamonds. For a diamond in a suite of playing cards, see Cards.

DICE   To dream you are playing a game with dice depends upon the outcome, if you win then gains are foretold, but to lose shows there will be losses. To bet money on the throw of dice indicates that a bequest is waiting for the dreamer.

DICTIONARY   To dream of this type of book signifies arguments with a friend being lost. To seek information from a dictionary denotes that enemies will be overcome. To purchase this form of reference book indicates that there will be a change of surroundings for the dreamer.

DIFFICULTY   To dream that you are having difficulty with money problems signifies gains in wealth. To have difficulty of a personal nature shows that good times are ahead. To see another in difficulty tells the dreamer that problems will be overcome.

DIGGING   To dream you are digging soil which is easily turned signifies success with money matters, but if the soil is hard and you have difficulty, this denotes that obstacles are ahead.

DINNER   To sit down to this meal in a dream depends upon how much and how good the food is, the better the meal, the worse the problems will be. To attend a dinner party given by others shows you have a true friend. To entertain friends and relatives to dinner tells the dreamer they will have to keep a check on their emotions.

DIPLOMA   To dream of being awarded a document of honour shows that with the correct teaching your talents could find success.

DIRTY   To dream that you are dirty signifies problems with health. Dirty clothes in a dream denotes sadness.

DISAPPOINTED   Being disappointed over some situation signifies success about the same matter with this being a dream of opposite meaning.

DISASTER   To dream of a disaster is a fortunate omen for business matters.

DISCUSSION   To have a discussion of a friendly nature is fortunate, but a heated argument tells of problems.

DISEASE   It is fortunate to dream that you are plagued with disease, but if it is not diagnosed this shows gains in wealth. To dream of others with a disease signifies money coming from a dubious source.


DISGRACE   To dream that you are in disgrace is a fortunate omen. For a relative or loved one to be in disgrace shows that hard work will be needed. To see others in disgrace tells the dreamer they have many enemies.

DISGUISE   Being in disguise signifies a long journey and a new home. Others being in disguise shows that enemies will be overcome.

DISH   It is an unfortunate omen concerning domestic problems to dream that you break a dish.

DISHONESTY   To dream that you are dishonest with others is a sign that important papers will be misplaced. To see a member of the family being dishonest foretells that something or someone could tempt you. Others being dishonest tells the dreamer they are being influenced by the wrong people.

DISLIKE   It is an unfortunate omen for others to dislike you, but if this does not worry you, at least in the dream, this shows that problems will be overcome. A dream where you dislike something or someone depends upon the circumstances. If in your dream your dislike disturbs you too much this shows difficulties getting in your way. If the dislike is not too severe and you can get rid of the article or person then you can overcome your worries. See Detest.

DISOBEDIENT   To dream you are being disobedient signifies that your choice of lover is not the right one. A child being disobedient tells of an engagement being announced.

DISPUTE   To dispute over business matters tells the dreamer that something lost will soon be found. To dream of others being involved in a dispute shows that better times are ahead.

DISTANCE   To dream that you are distanced from family and home shows arguments within the family circle. For a loved one to be at a distance signifies that good news will be received.

DISTRESS   Being in some distress brings fortune to many of your problems. Dreaming that your spouse or lover is suffering distress indicates emotional problems.

DISTRUST   To dream that you do not trust someone or that others distrust you is an unfortunate omen.

DITCH   It is an unfortunate omen to dream of a ditch. To stand in a ditch tells the dreamer that someone will deceive them. Digging a ditch indicates that you will learn a secret. Being pushed into a ditch signifies that problems are just around the corner.

DIVING   To dive or fall into water in a dream is a sign of financial worries with money losses. To dream that others are diving warns that difficulties are on the way.

DIVORCE   To dream that you are getting a divorce shows marital problems. To see others being divorced tells you to avoid gossip. 

DOCKS   Being stood by a dockside in a dream tells you to expect good news from afar.

DOCTOR   To dream that you are a doctor signifies financial gains. To consult a doctor shows you will need help in some situation. Dreaming of calling a doctor to your home foretells that you will live to an old age, but if you call a doctor out for others this shows gains in wealth.

DOG      It is a fortunate omen to dream of a friendly dog and if it is your own pet this shows you will receive help from a friend. A barking dog indicates arguments, while a baying dog tells of separation from a loved one. A dog which bites you in a dream denotes that someone you trusted will let you down, but if it only scratches you this means a deceitful friend. A playful dog forewarns of danger for the dreamer, but to see dogs fighting tells of arguments within the family circle. A police dog indicates arguments with business colleagues. If dogs are only heard barking but not seen, look at Barking Dogs and if appropriate also Hounds.

DOLL   A doll signifies happiness with home-life. To see a child with a doll is a fortunate dream. To buy a doll in a dream indicates more wealth coming your way.

DOMINOES   To dream of playing a game of dominoes depends upon the outcome. To win signifies that spending too much money upon yourself will find debts, and if you lose this shows an indiscretion bringing embarrassment.

DONKEY   See Ass.

DOOR   An open door signifies a boost to your social life, while a closed door denotes that you will be deprived of happiness. To see several doors indicates money losses of your own making, but if all these doors are open there are many choices for you to make.

DOVES   To dream of doves denotes fortune for both business and domestic affairs.

DOWRY   For a man to dream of marrying a woman for her dowry is an unfortunate omen, but for him to give a dowry to his daughter signifies more wealth, but you will have to work for it. For a woman to dream that she is a widow with a dowry indicates changes bringing improvements.

DRAGON   A dragon signifies abundance in wealth, but to see more than one dragon denotes romantic disappointments.

DRAPER   To dream of someone who sells material signifies that help will be needed where business matters are causing niggling worries.

DRAUGHTS   Playing a game of draughts indicates that difficulties will seem to be solved when more appear, avoid gambling for several days after such a dream.

DRAWBRIDGE   To dream of a drawbridge shows that travel will be necessary, coming unexpectedly.

DRAWERS   It is fortunate to dream of a drawer that is open, but if the drawer is closed or locked then this indicates future difficulties.

DRAWING   To dream you are drawing a picture denotes artistic talents which may lay dormant.

DRAWING PINS   These sharp nails indicate that situations or people will irritate you.

DREAMS   Dreaming you seek advice about your dreams tells you to expect news from afar.

DRENCHED   To dream that you are drenched with water warns of health matters and tells you to guard against colds. To see others soaking wet denotes that you expect too much from family and friends.

DRESS   Changing your clothes signifies strife by your own making. To wear an evening dress in a dream denotes illness. To dream of being given a dress for a gift indicates that a male influence may be of help to you. To have dreamt that you bought a new dress foretells of happiness and good health.

DRINK   It is a fortunate omen to drink clear water, but if it is contaminated or is not cold, this denotes bad luck. To drink alcohol in a dream signifies that situations need looking at, but if you refuse a drink this signifies good fortune coming your way, though this may not last for long. To dream that you are dry and in need of a drink but cannot find anything indicates ill-fortune.

DRIVING   Driving a vehicle in a dream denotes business matters finding losses. For someone else to be driving a vehicle in which you are a passenger means news of a marriage.

DROWNING   To dream that you are drowning is an unfortunate omen, but if someone comes to the rescue this shows that someone will be there to help you in difficult times. To rescue others who are drowning denotes that a friend will find advancements.

DRUGS   To dream that you are taking drugs indicates a calamity bringing sadness. To have drugs but not take them shows a physical weakness. 

DRUMS   To dream of drums beating is a fortunate omen. Playing a drum in a parade shows good luck and wealth. To see a child playing a drum denotes money burdens. Dreaming of buying a drum indicates only small losses.

DUCK   To see ducks in flight shows material and financial gains. To dream of ducks in water signifies peace and happiness, but if they are feeding this denotes that any gains will have to be worked for. For a duck to attack you in a dream indicates difficulties concerning business matters. Dreaming that you are hunting duck tells that your success will be great. A dead bird of this kind lets you know that friends should not be forgotten. To eat duck foretells of good fortune.

DUEL   To dream that you partake or watch a duel shows that rivals in affairs of the heart will be defeated.

DUET   To be part of a singing duet in a dream signifies happiness in romance and marriage.

DUMB   Dreaming that you have gone dumb or of another who cannot speak warns you to be careful about revealing your affairs to others.

DUNGEON   To dream that you are in a dungeon and cannot get out denotes losses in business matters, but if you do manage to escape this indicates the outcome will not be so bad, although you will have to face some problems.

DUSK   To dream that the night time is creeping in denotes romantic problems.

DUST   To dream that you are dusting signifies changes, but not unless you push for them. It is an unfortunate omen to dream of dust which gets in your eyes so that you are unable to see and indicates problems in business.

DWARF   To dream of a dwarf shows problems in your home-life and if he is ugly this denotes poor health. To be a dwarf in a dream signifies good health and wealth.

DYE   See Hair Dye.

DYING   To dream that you are dying foretells of broken promises. A relative is dying indicates a bequest but to see friends dying denotes that enemies will be overcome.

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