Dream Dictionary


BABY     To dream of children is a good sign, but helpless babies are not so fortunate, signifying disappointment where love is concerned. If the baby is not well this warns of illness or a possible death in the family. Nursing a baby signifies misfortune, while a baby crying shows disappointment and ill-health. A baby laughing indicates plenty of friends, but a sleeping baby shows signs of yearning for a new lover. For a woman who is pregnant to dream of a baby means success in love while to an unattached female it shows there will be sorrow. To dream that a baby is taking its first steps indicates difficulties connected with business.

BACCHUS     Bacchus is the Greek God of wine and to see him in a dream indicates that hard work will be needed.

BACHELOR     To dream of a single man who is young is a fortunate omen, but if the man is older this indicates loneliness or tells of the loss of a friend. Dreaming that you are a bachelor signifies a change in your life will soon be seen. To become a bachelor after a divorce foretells there will be financial gains. To have dreamt of a bachelor getting married shows that he or you will find a rich spouse to marry.

BACK     To dream that someone turns their back on you indicates that you will find opposition and difficulties, although this may not be too serious or last for too long. For someone to have their back to you and then turn and face you indicates that your worries will soon be dissolved. Dreaming of your own back is a favourable omen and scratching your back tells of financial gains.

BACK DOOR     To use the back door of your home instead of the front indicates a change in your fortunes, this could be either way, depending upon the circumstances in the dream. Friends entering a back door signifies that you should be cautious where business is concerned. Dreaming of thieves breaking in by the back door foretells of money coming to you.

BACKGAMMON     To dream that you are playing backgammon signifies that a test of your character is near at hand.

BACON     To dream of bacon is not a fortunate sign where health is concerned. Eating bacon indicates sorrow while dreaming that you are buying bacon signifies the death of a friend or a quarrel with a loved one, depending on how much bacon is bought.

BADGE     For you to be wearing a badge indicates that you are being watched where business is concerned and can expect a promotion. Seeing a badge on another person warns of troubles ahead. Dreaming of a badge on a policeman signifies that a family reunion will take place.

BADGER     A badger shows there is hard work for you to do. Dreaming that you are watching a badger signifies that good luck will be with you. Killing a badger indicates that you are going to fall in love.

BAG     This dream indicates better times coming. If you are only carrying one bag this signifies that you will accumulate plenty of debts. Dreaming that you are toting several bags is a warning that a friend may not be what they seem. To see bags in a car tells of money coming unexpectedly.

BAGPIPES     This is not a fortunate instrument to dream of seeing or hearing, indicating unhappiness in marriage or romance.

BAILIFF     To dream that you are having troubles with a bailiff signifies that an unexpected legacy is due to you, but you may have a long wait.

BAIT     To dream of bait warns you not to put your trust in people who go out of their way to please you. Placing bait onto a hook indicates great happiness. To have others baiting you for their pleasure warns you not to blindly trust people.

BAIZE     To dream of this cause woollen material signifies that good times are ahead, but you should keep within your limits.

BAKING     To see someone baking signifies that you will not have long to wait for a turn of events to go in your favour. To dream that you are baking is not very favourable, indicating illness of a family member or loved one.

BALCONY     A balcony foretells of difficulties. If you are stood or seated on a balcony this signifies delays which enable you to make a quick recovery. To leave a balcony will find that your worries will not be too serious and you will be able to get over them quickly.

BALD     For a man to dream of being bald is a sign of health problems and the less hair there is, the more severe the illness. A woman dreaming of hair loss shows money troubles or problems concerning romance. A woman having dreamt that her lover is bald signifies the marriage will not be happy or that it will not take place.

BALL     To dream that you are playing with a ball signifies you will unexpectedly receive some money. Playing a ball game indicates that you will find many good friends. Playing with a billiard ball signifies that you will receive good news. To have dreamt of a football finds that some situation will make you feel uneasy. A tennis ball denotes the birth of a child.

BALLAD     To hear a ballad in a dream warns you to guard against making false judgements. For you to be singing a ballad indicates that someone you care about thinks poorly of you.

BALLAST     To dream of something which is keeping stability denotes a friend who is not so true as you would think.

BALLET     Attending a ballet or other staged dance by professionals gives a warning concerning health and tells you not to take any risks, especially during bad weather.

BALLOON     To dream of going up in a balloon signifies misfortune for you when travelling. Going down in a balloon indicates bad moves in money ventures. To see several balloons denotes that business matters may become too difficult or distasteful for you.

BALLOT     For a ballot to be taking place shows changes in position and surroundings, more often for the better. To be casting a ballot in a dream signifies a change of friends or lover. Also see Vote.

BALLROOM DANCING     Dancing at a ball with others tells you to expect good news. Dreaming that others are dancing and enjoying themselves indicates that a desired wish will not come to fruition. Attending a masquerade ball warns you to beware of a trap.

BALM     To dream of aromatic oils signifies that true friendship is close to you.

BALUSTRADE     This is not fortunate and signifies news of an accident linked with water, possibly to the dreamer if not others.

BANANA     Eating bananas signifies a minor illness, but if they are too ripe this shows boredom with your surroundings or work.

BANDAGE     Seeing a bandage in a dream indicates that fresh plans will be made. For you to be wearing a bandage tells you to expect good news. Putting bandages on others tells the dreamer that great wealth is near, either material or money in value. Others wearing bandages indicates that you will receive bad news.

BANDIT     See Gang or Pirate.

BANDY LEGS     To dream that your legs are bandy or deformed indicates that good fortune is waiting for you.

BANISHMENT     To dream that you are being forced out of your home indicates prosperity, the greater the disturbance, the more money there will be. Dreaming that others are being banished signifies that more money will be coming your way.

BANJO     See Guitar.

BANK     To dream that you are dealing with a bank signifies a sudden loss of money. To receive money from a bank denotes bankruptcy being close at hand. To see or be in a bank indicates there will be difficulties in business. To see a banker shows a decreasement in your profits. Dreaming of soiled banknotes tells of an increase in fortune. To have dreamt of owning a bank signifies that friends are making fun of you.

BANKRUPT     To dream that you are insolvent is a warning for you not to take on anything which could be harmful to you.

BANKRUPTCY     To dream that you have lost everything is an unfortunate omen, telling you that some plan or scheme is not above board and should be cancelled or trouble will find you. It is wise to ask advice from others before going into business deals after such a dream.

BANNER     See Flag.

BANQUET     For a young person to dream of a banquet is fortunate, but if the dreamer is older this is not so good. Attending a banquet shows that any social activity will be costly. To attend a political banquet in a dream denotes disappointments.

BANTAM COCK     This small fighting bird shows that your plans may work but you may not be happy with the results.

BAPTISM     A baby or person being baptised indicates disappointment from unforeseen circumstances.

BAR     To dream of being at a bar signifies that friends regard you more highly than you realise. Drinking alone at a bar shows that a false friend is close to you. Drinking with others at a bar warns that you must control your emotions. For an unattached female to dream of drinking at a bar denotes financial gains. To have dreamt of seeing a bar-tender shows there will be reasons to celebrate.

BARBER     Being in a barber shop signifies difficulties where business is concerned. To have dreamt that you are a barber indicates that you will find success. To have a barber cutting or dressing your hair shows conflict.

BARE FEET     To dream that your feet are bare tells you to expect problems or difficulty, but hard work may find success. Children with bare feet denotes shame and sorrow.

BARGAIN     A good bargain denotes that you should go on your intuitions and believe in your opinions. To have a bargain snatched from under your nose shows material problems within the home with a possible theft. Dreaming that you have made a good bargain shows advancements and a bettering of your position.

BARGE     To dream of being on a barge indicates that you will take a journey over some distance. A loaded barge signifies you will overcome your enemies. For a barge to be empty in a dream denotes troubles from others interfering in your affairs.

BARKING DOGS     To hear dogs barking but not to see them in a dream signifies quarrels with insults being thrown.

BARLEY     It is fortunate to dream of barley with it being a gift of nature. See Oats.

BARMAID     A barmaid in a dream denotes that there will be difficulties caused by your own doing. To dream that you are a barmaid signifies that you will cause difficulties for yourself and overcoming them will be a slow process. For a man to dream that he is on a date with a barmaid is a warning that friends are jealous. Being married to a barmaid warns of oncoming troubles.

BARN     A barn which is full indicates that luck is coming your way, but is an unfortunate omen if the barn is empty. Being inside a barn denotes that things will go favourably with anything involving the law. Dreaming that you are working with grain in a barn signifies that life will be happy. To have dreamt of a barn on fire means you will receive a sudden gain.

BARRACKS     To dream of barracks signifies that your troubles will not be so great. To see a lot of soldiers living in barracks warns of coming troubles.

BARREL     A full barrel shows there will be more prosperity while an empty barrel signifies there are hard times in store. Dreaming that you own a full barrel indicates that you will receive an unexpected gift.

BARTENDER     See Bar.

BASEBALL     See Sports.

BASIN     Eating or drinking from a basin depends upon the circumstances of the dreamer. For a married person such a dream signifies difficulties in marriage, but for the unattached this denotes they will soon fall in love, but this will not necessarily end in marriage. Using a basin full of water shows more money coming your way. Dreaming of a basin which is empty means you will accumulate debts.

BASKET     To dream of a basket shows that an obstacle stands in your way. If the basket is tipped over this indicates a worsening of troubles.

BASKETBALL     See Sports.

BATH     A bath indicates grief due to an accident or illness. If you go into or are in a bath in which the water is too hot or too cold this shows family problems. Dreaming of going or being in a bath where the water is tepid or of a nice temperature denotes good health, happiness, and prosperity.

BATHING     To dream that you bathe in the open air shows business ventures being successful, but the water is muddy or full of weeds this warns you to expect difficulties where employment and business are concerned. To undress to take a bath is a fortunate omen but only if you do not enter the water.


BATS     Seeing a bat or bats is not a fortunate omen and warns you to be careful of what you say to people in case it is turned around and used against you. Be wary about lending money and do not go on your intuitions. To see bats in flight indicates that you have an enemy, if it is flying during daylight hours this signifies your enemy can do little harm, but if it is flying at night this shows you are in danger.

BATTLE     To dream of seeing a battle signifies quarrels of a serious nature with neighbours or a loved one. Dreaming of being in a battle or fighting alone depends on which side you are on, to be winning shows that things will turn out all right in the end, but to lose indicates that things will go badly for you. A battle at sea shows you will win in the end. If a battle in a dream is with fire this denotes you will be double-crossed where romance is involved.

BAY TREE     To dream of this laurel type tree is an unfortunate omen, indicating troubles with affairs of the heart. Wreaths from the bay tree are made for conquerors and poets and for such people to dream of the bay tree is a fortunate omen. The bay is a bitter plant used in medicine and to dream of the berry or leaves used in this way signifies illness.

BAYONET     A bayonet signifies that arguments will soon be forgotten. Carrying a bayonet warns you to be aware of your circumstances. To have dreamt that someone else was holding a bayonet signifies that your enemies will have a hold on you. A soldier is carrying a bayonet indicates that worries will soon be overcome.

BAZAAR     Helping at a bazaar or any charitable event in a dream shows fortune in romance. Buying items at a bazaar indicates you will realise your ambitions. To see others selling at a charitable function foretells that the dreamer will receive a proposal. Walking through an Eastern bazaar shows there will shortly be a move of home.

BEACH     To dream that you are sitting on a beach signifies that you are going to feel lonely.

BEACON     Seeing a beacon tells you to avoid situations where misunderstandings can take place, if you do argue with someone you should make the first move to repair any rifts.

BEADS     Beads signify that friends are not true and you will feel dissatisfied. Wearing beads in a dream shows that you will want more attention than you will receive.

BEAM     To dream of a beam made of wood signifies that you will have to carry a burden. If you see a beam of light this indicates that you will receive a well deserved reward.

BEANS     This signifies that there are difficulties ahead. Eating beans in a dream indicates ill-health. Crops of beans shows disruption with loved ones.

BEAR     To see a bear in a dream signifies difficulties ahead which will need hard work if they are to be overcome. Fighting a bear shows that enemies will not be able to harm you and if you kill the bear you will get the upper hand over them. To kill a bear or drive it away shows success but this may take a while before it is seen. To see a bear dancing indicates that you will be urged to wrongly follow your intuitions. Dreaming that you are attacked by a bear shows that you will suffer by losses or be misjudged by others.

BEARD     To dream of someone with a beard signifies success from an unexpected quarter, the better and larger the beard, the greater success will be. For a married woman to see a bearded man, this indicates that she will soon be parted from her spouse. A woman who is pregnant dreaming of a man with a beard denotes the child will be a boy. A white beard shows more prosperity coming your way. For a man to dream that he grows a beard is a fortunate omen where love is concerned. To dream of people with beards is an unfortunate omen, the more there are, the worse troubles will be. For a single female to dream of people with beards signifies that she will soon be married.

BEASTS     A dream involving wild animals is never fortunate unless you drive them away. Pets are also not a good sign, but to dream of birds is more fortunate. This depends upon which type of animal is dreamt of and the index should be consulted. To see animals fighting signifies illness. Being chased or hunted by a beast shows that enemies will cause problems.

BEATING     For a married man to dream he is beating his wife is a fortunate omen, signifying marital happiness and home comforts. For an unattached man to dream of beating a woman is an unfortunate omen. Beating your own child is fortunate, but not if the child is a stranger or not your own.

BEAUTY     To dream you are beautiful signifies an illness. For someone else to be beautiful indicates that someone else will suffer an affliction.

BED     To see yourself in a strange bed in a dream signifies fortune concerning business. Being in your own bed refers to love affairs. Making a bed shows there will be a move of house. To have dreamt of sitting on a bed denotes marriage or a renewal of wedded bliss if the dreamer is already attached. A bed with light sheets denotes some problems giving cause for worry while an empty bed tells you to expect the death of a friend. To see a person who is ill or several people in bed indicated complications for them with you finding unhappiness. Having a stranger in your bed signifies unfaithfulness in romance.

BED CLOTHES     For a prosperous person to dream of bed clothes signifies money losses. To a person who is poor or just managing with economics, such a dream denotes that financial situations will become better.

BEDROOM     To dream of a bedroom denotes a journey with an event finding happy circumstances, if the furnishings are new then the happier things will be. A luxurious bedroom is a fortunate dream showing that your circumstances will improve, if it is dawn or daylight the changes will come to you sooner than if it was night time in the dream.

BEDSIDE     For an unattached male to dream of sitting at a females bedside, or talking to her at the bedside, signifies marriage. To the unattached female sitting by a mans bedside indicates that marriage will elude you for now.

BEEF     To eat beef or mutton in a dream signifies that you will have a comfortable life and will not be poor, but you will never be rich. Eating raw beef  denotes long and lasting happiness. To dream there is a plate of beef but you do not eat from it indicates you will need to ask others for help. Buying beef means you will win at gambling.

BEER     Drinking beer or ale shows your situations will find a loss connected with money matters. To see beer or ale or others drinking while you abstain denotes that losses will not be so great.

BEES     This is a fortunate dream to have and signifies employment and business matters going well. Being stung by a bee shows a loss and downturn in business. Moving a swarm of bees warns you to expect a fire in the home. To see bees in your home in a dream indicates that your enemies will do you harm. To have dreamt of bees flying around a hive means that business will become more productive. To kill bees signifies loss and ruin for the dreamer.

BEETLES     Seeing beetles in a dream signifies arguments with friends or loved ones while killing these insects shows that any difficulties will soon be put right.

BEETROOT     To dream of beetroot shows problems with affairs of the heart and to eat them signifies that all will come out well. To buy beetroot denotes the dreamer will receive an expensive gift.

BEGGAR     To dream that someone begs you for food or money depends upon your response, if you refuse to give this signifies misfortune, but to give freely indicates happiness for you or for a loved one. Several beggars tell of fortune and happiness for the dreamer. Elderly beggars show money worries. A beggar with an affliction indicates arguments within the family circle. Dreaming of a beggar entering your home denotes problems for you to worry over.

BEGGING     To dream that you have lost everything and are begging for food or money is fortunate and tells you that plans are going well.

BEHEADING     To dream that you are beheaded or that your head is separate from your body signifies there will be a quick recovery where illness is concerned.

BELFRY     A belfry in a dream signifies good news from afar.

BELLOWS     To dream that you are using bellows on a fire signifies you will soon be facing problems of your own making.

BELLS     To hear bells signifies the coming of good news. To hear church bells ringing tells you to be aware that you have enemies.

BELT     To put on a belt in a dream signifies that you have a happy future. An old belt indicates you will need to work harder while a new belt denotes that you will receive respect. If the colour of the belt seems important in the dream then that definition should also be looked at. A blue belt tells you to expect happiness. It is an unfortunate omen to dream of a black belt, indicating possible death, but not necessarily concerning the dreamer. A brown belt indicates illness. To dream of a green belt signifies that you will receive good wishes. It is most fortunate to dream of a gold belt which indicates a rise in wages. A silver belt denotes that a profit will be made. To dream of a yellow belt tells you to beware of treason.

BENCH     A bench warns you to be more attentive where work or business is concerned or you may find yourself losing out. Sitting on a bench indicates comforts in life. Dreaming of children seated on a bench tells you to expect good times.

BEQUEST     To bequest money or some form of property to others in a dream indicates that you will receive something from an unexpected quarter. To dream that you are cancelling a bequest signifies family quarrels.

BEREAVEMENT     Others mourning tells you to expect news of a friends wedding taking place. To be experiencing bereavement in a dream indicates that your actions will benefit others.

BERRIES     Blackberries indicate illness, and if you eat any of these fruit it tells you to expect a loss of money. Dreaming of raspberries signifies that troubles will bring embarrassment, and to eat them denotes a scandal. Strawberries mean that a long awaited event or gift will bring you pleasure. Eating strawberries shows that one the dreamer loves will return their affections. Buying berries indicates that something of importance will occur to your benefit. To dream of picking berries is a sign of a more outgoing nature.

BEST MAN     For a man to dream that he is the best man at a wedding signifies that plans will fail due to untrue friends. To dream of a best man if you are a woman, denotes that feelings of security will find you confident.

BET     See Wager.

BETROTHED     To dream that you have become engaged tells you to expect problems with family or a loved one. For relatives to become engaged denotes to the dreamer that there will be quarrels within the family. Friends being betrothed shows you will realise your ambitions.

BETTING     See Wager.

BIBLE     To dream of reading a bible shows that family problems are close at hand. Reading a sermon from a bible foretells of advancements in your position. To have dreamt of taking a bible to church signifies happiness for you. To believe in the bible in a dream indicates that enemies will be overcome but you will need to be patient. A bible being read by children denotes happiness for the dreamer.

BICYCLE     Riding a bicycle tells you that there are decisions to make and you should think carefully before acting. Riding a bicycle uphill signifies happiness in the future, going downhill denotes misfortune. To have dreamt you were selling a bicycle indicates good wishes while buying a bicycle shows advancements.

BIER     A bier is a moveable frame on which a corpse or coffin is placed to take to the grave. To be laid on a bier shows that your hopes and dreams will see fruition. For a relative to be laid on a bier signifies that you will receive a legacy. Dreaming of a friend on a bier denotes advancements.

BIGAMIST     See Bigamy or Marriage.

BIGAMY      To dream of committing bigamy signifies happiness where marriage is concerned.

BILLIARDS     This is an unusual dream but if it is game the dreamer plays regularly them its meaning can be ignored. For people who are romantically linked to dream they are playing billiards signifies that you will find opposition from your lovers family. A married person dreaming they are playing billiards denotes that your spouse is loving and true. To be unattached and dream of playing billiards indicates you will soon find wedded bliss. Seeing others playing billiards denotes that troubles are on the way. To see a billiard table with no one playing at it tells you have enemies which you do not know of who are seeking your downfall. To see just a billiard ball indicates good news coming your way.

BILLS     If you are paying bills in your dream this signifies that you will receive financial gains. To dream of unpaid bills denotes malicious talk. Being forced to pay bills tells the dreamer that they are not liked by their employer or business associates.

BINGO     Playing bingo or lotto is a sign you will receive pleasing guests.

BIRDING     To dream you have caught or are catching birds signifies gains and pleasure.

BIRDS     To dream of birds with beautiful feathers or of those which are singing is a fortunate omen. For a person who is not so well off to have such a dream signifies improvements and gains. To see birds feeding on crumbs means you will receive a gift. Dreaming of birds if you are a wealthy person indicates losses. Different types of bird have differing definitions and the index should be consulted.

BIRDS EGGS     To dream that others are destroying birds eggs signifies losses in connection with business matters. To see animals destroying or eating eggs tells the dreamer that their surroundings will soon be changed.

BIRDS NEST     An empty nest indicates disappointment. A birds nest containing eggs signifies money coming your way. To see baby birds in a nest shows misfortune.

BIRTH     Assisting with a birth indicates joy and an abundance of wealth for the dreamer. Helping an animal with a birth shows that your enemies will be overthrown. Twins being born indicates you will have good luck. For a married woman to dream of giving birth this is a fortunate omen, but an unattached female having such a dream signifies that problems are close at hand. A female who is divorced dreaming of giving birth indicates that she will receive a legacy, but a widow having the same dream denotes that foolish actions will leave her feeling guilty.

BIRTHDAY     For it to be your own birthday in a dream is a fortunate omen. To dream that it is a friend or relatives birthday signifies that they will benefit in some way through you. Dreaming that it is your lovers birthday shows money coming your way. For a man to dream that it is his wife's birthday indicates good times are to be had. A woman dreaming of her husbands birthday denotes improvements in circumstances. Seeing a child celebrating a birthday shows money coming to the dreamer.

BISCUITS     To dream of biscuits signifies a journey bringing wealth or happiness. To give biscuits to others indicates that you enjoy too many pleasures.

BISHOP     A governor of the faith warns of illness or dreadful disappointments. To talk to a bishop in a dream signifies that business matters will go well.

BITE     To dream that you bite someone denotes that you will be embarrassed over some situation. To bite your tongue in a dream but not having done so while asleep, shows that others will not take you into account when making plans or taking action.

BITTEN     To be bitten by a man in a dream signifies that there will be arguments. A woman biting you tells that someone close at hand is jealous. Dreaming you are bitten by an animal indicates problems of a romantic nature.

BLACK     The colour black is not very fortunate unless it is connected with a funeral, then the definition may be turned around. To see or wear a black dress in a dream signifies unhappiness. Buying clothes which are black indicates that someone is trying to deceive you.

BLACKBERRIES     It is not fortunate to dream of this fruit with them being black in colour. To dream that you are picking blackberries signifies that you will be unlucky. For a woman who is romantically attached to dream of picking blackberries foretells that she will soon find herself with child. To buy blackberries in a dream warns of an accident to yourself. Dreaming of blackberries on a bush but not picking them indicates more wealth coming your way.

BLACKBIRD     It is an unfortunate omen to dream of this bird because of its colour. To hear a blackbirds song depends upon the dreamer. For a married man this signifies he will attain two wives, a woman who is wedded having such a dream shows she will have two husbands. An unmarried person dreaming they hear the song of the blackbird indicates they will shortly become engaged.

BLANKETS     For a person who is economically sound to dream of receiving or buying new blankets signifies there will be a loss where money is concerned. Such a dream to a person who is not financially secure denotes that situations will improve.

BLASPHEMY     To dream that you are blaspheming shows that some plan will find achievements but only after you have overcome many difficulties and overwhelming obstacles. Dreaming that blasphemy is being used towards you by others indicates that your ambitions will find success.

BLEEDING     See Blood.

BLIND     To dream that you are blind signifies changes in employment or home-life. Someone else being blind foretells that others require your help. Guiding a person who is blind indicates that you will experience a strange adventure.

BLINDFOLDED     Being blindfolded in a dream signifies disappointments, but these should only be temporary.

BLINDMAN'S BUFF     To dream you are playing blindman's buff signifies a loss of money due to your own actions.

BLINDNESS     See Blind.

BLOOD     Blood in a dream signifies a crushing disappointment. The reason why blood is being seen would also have to be looked at. To dream that you are bleeding shows problems with affairs if the heart or arguments with a loyal friend. To see blood seeping from a gash or would denotes illness and worries close at hand. Dreaming of clothing with blood stains indicates enemies connected with employment. Blood being on others foretells of disappointment for the dreamer.

BLOSSOMING TREES     To dream of any type of tree in blossom signifies peace and happiness.

BLOSSOMS     See Flowers.

BLOT     To dream that you blot a clean piece of paper indicates there will be a need to travel and a strange bed to sleep in.

BLOUSE     See Shirt.

BLUE     The colour blue signifies wealth coming through others.

BLUEBELLS     See Harebells.

BLUNDER     To dream that you are careless and make a mistake signifies that things will find success where not expected.


BOAR     To dream that you are being chased by a wild pig signifies that you and your lover will separate. Dreaming that you are chasing a boar shows your efforts will amount to nothing. Killing a wild boar indicates advancements.

BOAT     Being in a boat on calm clear water signifies fortune in business ventures and happiness in marriage. To disembark from a ship or boat is an unfortunate omen. Dreaming of being aboard a boat on stormy waters indicates that many difficulties will have to be faced. Falling from a boat into water denotes that problems will be too great for you to face alone. To be on a boat which is floating slowly along tells you that patience is needed. To be on a boat that is sinking foretells of the end of a love affair for the dreamer. See Ship.

BOG     See Marsh.

BOMB     This is not a fortunate omen. To dream of a bomb exploding signifies that quarrels will distress you.

BONES     Bones left over from a meal signify financial security, but if the bones are partially covered with meat this is less advantageous. Human bones, but not the whole skeleton, indicates the dreamer will have many troubles. To see the bones of animals denotes business ventures going badly. Dreaming of animals chewing on bones foretells of a downfall. Fish bones in a dream tells of illness.

BOOKCASE     A bookcase which is holding the full amount of books signifies losses due to your own carelessness. Dreaming of a bookcase which is empty or only containing a few books indicates good fortune due to hard work and your own distinctive character.

BOOK-KEEPER     See Accountant.

BOOKS     A book or books in a dream signifies happiness for the future. To dream you are reading a book indicates the loss of a valued friend, but if it is a mystery novel this shows that friends will be there to console you when needed. Reading a book with a religious theme denotes satisfaction. Books on education show more wealth coming to the dreamer. Writing a book tells you that time is wasted and money gone with nothing to show for it.

BOOTS     To dream of old boots or a pair which are new but hurt your feet signifies that problems will be caused by your own rashness. Comfortable boots indicates that there are people who you may depend upon where employment and business matters are concerned. See Shoes if appropriate.

BORROW     To dream that you borrow or lend something signifies sorrow of a domestic nature, but if you return the loan or are repaid this indicates only a temporary upset. See Money.

BOSOM     The definitions here are for women only. To dream of having a perfect bosom signifies that happiness is on its way. Dreaming that you have hair on your bosom indicates the death of a loved one. Having pain in the region of the bosom denotes illness.

BOSS     See Employer.

BOTTLES     To dream of a bottle or bottles that are empty signifies plans which have already been made being opposed to. A full bottle indicates wealth coming your way, but this depends on what is in the bottle, if it is wine this indicates that something or someone will put you in a bad mood. A bottle containing a more potent alcoholic beverage denotes a disunion where romance is concerned. A bottle of perfume or scent tells of great joy and happiness. To spill the contents of a bottle in a dream foretells of worries of a domestic nature.

BOUND     To dream that you are tied with ropes or to see others bound in this way is an unfortunate omen. To tie others with rope signifies money losses and embarrassment. Being bound by chains indicates you will experience difficulties, but these will eventually be overcome. To see friends in chains foretells of misfortune for them. If you manage to break the chains binding you then this shows you will be able to break an appointment without any after effects.

BOUQUET     To dream that you are holding a bouquet signifies that you will soon be married. Throwing away a bouquet shows that someone or something will displease you. Dreaming that you are holding a bouquet but drop it, indicates arguments with a friend. A wilted bouquet of flowers tells the dreamer of illness or the death of a relative or friend.

BOW & ARROW     To dream of using a bow and arrow depends upon if you hit or miss the target. If you score, this signifies good fortune which becomes stronger the nearer you were to the bull's-eye. For the arrow to have missed indicates that taking the wrong action or advice will bring difficulties. For someone else is using a bow and arrow or that you are struck, warns you to beware of enemies. Having a bow with a large quantity of arrows denotes money losses for the dreamer.

BOX     To dream that you open a box and find it empty signifies minor problems causing frustration. Dreaming of a box full of jewels or money indicates there are fortunate benefits to be found. A box filled with earth tells the dreamer that plans will be made concerning travel. Wrapping a gift box warns of losses involving wealth. To have dreamt of stealing from a safe or strongbox foretells that your losses will be great.

BOXING MATCH     Watching a boxing match signifies that some surprising news could change the course of your life. Dreaming that you are boxing in a match foretells of worries from quarters which you did not expect. To bet on a boxing match and win indicates harmonious agreements among friends, however, if you lose the bet this tells that you only have one true friend.

BRACELET     To dream that you are wearing a bracelet on your wrist or arm signifies marriage, but to wear one on the ankle warns of indiscretion. To lose or drop a bracelet indicates a loss of money or love. Dreaming of finding a bracelet is an indication of good luck. Receiving a gift of a bracelet foretells the dreamer of a happy marriage about to take place.

BRAMBLES     This is an obstacle dream. If you manage to get through them without being harmed by the thorns this signifies that problems should soon be overcome, otherwise expect them to take a longer duration.

BRANCH     To dream of a single branch of a tree is a fortunate omen with it being connected to nature.

BRANCHES     To dream of a tree with many branches full of leaves signifies fortune, but if they are withered or dying this shows that an illness will find a slow recovery. Branches which are dead warns you to be careful of what you say or do after such a dream. Collecting branches indicates that an illness will need an operation. Burning branches denotes that you will receive a bequest. To cut branches from a tree foretells of honours being bestowed upon the dreamer.

BRANDY     To dream of brandy signifies that you will shortly receive some good news. To own a bottle of brandy in a dream tells you to beware of people who you think are friends. Buying a bottle of brandy indicates that you will unexpectedly receive some good news. To offer a drink of brandy warns the dreamer to keep control of their emotions.

BRASS     This metal signifies that you should look at those around you to find out who your true friends are. Dreaming that you are having an object made of brass indicates unhappiness caused by a friend. To purchase brass items denotes advancements.

BRAYING     To hear an ass or donkey braying but not see the animal, signifies that you will receive some news from an old friend.

BREAD     To dream of bread depends upon the state in which it is in. Fresh bread signifies home comforts while burned or old bread denotes domestic problems. Fresh bread rolls tells the dreamer to expect advancements where employment is concerned, but if they are old or mouldy this means that working situations will be irritating. Eating bread also finds its opposites, fresh bread indicates good health and stale or burned bread foretells of illness with you possibly attending a funeral. Baking bread shows that worries are on the way. To see or have a quantity of loaves of bread tells the dreamer they will receive respect from others. Sharing bread with others shows a favourable outcome benefiting you and those around you. To buy bread in a dream denotes great success.

BREAK     To dream that you break something indicates health problems. Breaking furniture indicates arguments in the home. If you break a glass this tells you to watch for problems or accidents in the area of the legs. Dreaming that you have broken a pair of spectacles denotes fortune from an unexpected source. To break a bottle or bottles warns of ill-health. To have dreamt of breaking plates or dishes denotes failure concerning business matters. To break a bone in your body foretells of a bequest being received.

BREAKFAST     To dream that you are sat at the breakfast table signifies difficulties caused by your own actions. To be having breakfast in a cafe indicates a new romance for the dreamer. Having breakfast in someone else's home denotes that you will shortly go on a journey. To have dreamt of preparing breakfast tells of sorrow caused by an illness.

BREAST     To dream of a beautiful breast signifies there is happiness waiting for you. A woman's breast indicates that your wishes will be satisfied. Dreaming of a breast with hair growing from it denotes success and happiness in affairs of the heart. A baby feeding from the breast shows enjoyment and happiness of a long duration. Resting your head on the breast of another signifies you will have at least one good, loyal friend. To be injured by a bullet in the breast tells the dreamer of more wealth, but this will have to be worked for.

BREATH     To dream that you are out of breath or are having difficulty breathing signifies health problems.

BREEZE     To dream that you are stood in a strong breeze tells you to follow your intuitions to find success. To be in a light breeze in a dream indicates that a stranger will give you a gift.

BRETHREN     See Religion.

BREWING     To dream that you are making beer or wine signifies a visit from a friend who lives a good distance away.

BRIARS     To dream of going through briars depends upon the outcome, if you get to the other side unharmed then situations will not seem too bad. If you are injured or are caused to bleed by the thorns this indicates that enemies are out to do you harm.

BRIBE     Accepting a bribe signifies you have high moral standards, but to refuse a bribe indicates that someone owing you will unexpectedly pay their debt. Dreaming that you are bribing someone tells of a situation bringing great disappointment and sorrow.

BRIDE     Dreaming that you are a bride signifies disappointments. Kissing a bride denotes that friends will bring you happiness, but for the bride to kiss you, this indicates that health matters will go well. To dream of a bride who is happy with her dress tells that you will have a large family, but if she is disappointed with her attire this shows unhappiness in affairs of the heart. To have dreamt that the bride was a loved one warns of jealousy.

BRIDEGROOM     For a man to dream that he is a bridegroom is an unfortunate omen and signifies ill-health within the family.

BRIDESMAID     Being a bridesmaid signifies disappointment. To see more than one bridesmaid in a dream indicates a long and happy life. A friend being a bridesmaid shows unhappiness in affairs of the heart.

BRIDGE     To dream you cross a bridge and get to the other side safely signifies that you will overcome your difficulties. To be on a long bridge which disappears into the distance indicates disappointments in love affairs. To go over a broken bridge warns the dreamer not to make any plans for several days. To be on a bridge and fall shows there are obstructions in business matters. Going under a bridge tells you there are problems which need time to be sorted out.

BRISTLES     To dream that you or someone else is unshaven signifies success on a social standing.

BRONCHITIS     Dreaming that you have bronchitis signifies that obstacles stand in your way, but if you recover this denotes that more wealth is close at hand.

BROOCH     To dream you are wearing a brooch depends upon where you are. It is a fortunate omen if you are in your own home, but to be in a strange place denotes that troubles are on the way. To buy a brooch in a dream signifies that someone will try to deceive you. To have dreamt that you sold a brooch warns that you could lose a large sum of money.

BROOK     To dream of clear running water signifies that friends are true, but if the brook is run dry this indicates that lost property will be recovered. To see a brook near your home denotes advancements.

BROOM     To dream of a broom tells you that friends are not what they seem to be. A new broom signifies that you would like improvements but should not go beyond what your budget allows. Sweeping with a broom warns you not to trust your own judgements after such a dream.

BROTH     It is a fortunate omen to dream that you are eating or drinking broth. To be making broth in a dream shows that marriage is close at hand for you. Administering broth to a person who is ill signifies more money coming your way.

BROTHER     For a woman to dream of her brother signifies domestic bliss, but a man seeing his brother can expect an argument. To dream that your brother dies or is dying indicates the downfall of enemies. Dreaming of a brothers marriage denotes arguments within the family circle.

BROWN     The colour brown is a warning that someone is betraying your faith.

BRUISES     To dream you have bruises anywhere on your body tells you to take care of your health or it may suffer due to you going beyond your own strength, or caused by stress. For others to have bruises signifies a loss of money.

BRUSH     To dream that you are using a brush signifies that your wish will soon come true. An old brush in a dream denotes that disappointments will soon be found. Dreaming that you buy a brush indicates a happy event.

BUBBLES     To see bubbles in a dream tells you not to be wasteful otherwise you could lose out in affairs of the heart. Bubbles in a bath indicate security being found in another person.

BUCKET     Dreaming of a bucket warns you to be cautious concerning new plans which have already been put into action.

BUCKLE     Wearing an ornate buckle signifies that changes will be made for the better. Dreaming that the buckle of your belt is unfastened warns of difficulties bringing troubles to worry over. To have dreamt of a buckle which is broken denotes that there is an enemy who is out to do you harm. To buy a buckle in a dream tells you to steer clear of rivals.

BUGLE     To hear a bugle call in a dream signifies good news from afar which may come unexpectedly. To dream of children playing on a bugle denotes happiness. Dreaming of one or more soldiers playing a bugle warns of problems in affairs of the heart.

BUGS     To dream of bugs is an unfortunate omen and signifies that something around you is not quite right. Killing bugs in a dream indicates money coming your way. To have dreamt of bed bugs shows there is more money coming than expected.

BUILDING     A new building signifies new interests and travel for the dreamer, but older buildings indicate a failure of your plans. A small building or buildings tell you not to expect too much because profits cannot be too high after such a dream. Large or tall buildings indicate success.

BULL     A bull signifies a rival in some part of your life which could concern business matters or affairs of the heart. To be chased by a bull in a dream indicates a loss of friends or lover while an angry bull which does not chase you tells of happiness in affairs of the heart. Dreaming of a white bull shows an increase in wealth.

BULLDOG     A bulldog signifies that you will receive some good news of an absent friend. Owning a bulldog in a dream indicates an advancement of your position, but buying a bulldog denotes certain happiness for you.

BULL'S-EYE     Dreaming of aiming at a bull's-eye depends upon whether you hit or miss the target. If you hit the centre this is fortunate, but to miss is not so lucky. To dream of someone else going for a bull's-eye tells you to be careful of who you tell your secrets to, the definition is the same whether they hit or miss the target.

BUNION     To dream you have a bunion signifies that a friend from afar will return. An inflamed bunion causing pain indicates a new admirer.

BURDEN     To dream that you are carrying a burden indicates that you will need the help of others.

BURGLAR     To dream that a burglar is in your home at night signifies that troubles are on the way. To catch a thief in a dream indicates good fortune. Dreaming of a burglar taking valuable items denotes that any investments made should pay off.

BURIAL     To dream of being at a burial depends upon the weather. If the sun is shining and it is a nice day this signifies you will hear news of a wedding, but if the weather is not too good this indicates bad news. Dreaming that you are at the burial of a relative tells of a marriage. To be at the burial of a friend tells the dreamer to expect an inheritance. To have dreamt of your own burial shows there will be frustrations.

BURIED ALIVE     To dream that you are buried alive is an unfortunate omen and signifies unhappiness and a life which will never amount to anything high. To see others buried alive indicates a long life.

BURNING BUILDING     To dream of a house on fire signifies improvements. A building or office block burning indicates that there will be worries caused by losses. To see a friends home ablaze denotes that you will overcome your enemies. Dreaming of a ship which is on fire shows money losses.

BURNT     To dream that you have burnt yourself signifies good health, lots of happiness and loyal friends.

BUS     See Coach.

BUSHES     To dream of bushes signifies there are changes in store for you. If you part the bushes and go through them this indicates that the changes will be for the better. Hiding behind bushes denotes opposition in some area of your life. To cut down bushes foretells the dreamer that their secrets will come out in the open.

BUSINESS CONTRACT     Dreaming of a business agreement or contract depends upon what occurs. Signing business papers indicates there is a flaw in your plans, an oversight which could find you failing. To dream of reading an agreement but do not put your signature to it, shows you will struggle on over obstacles placed in your path. To have dreamt of cancelling a contract signifies that you will receive profits but they will not be with you for very long.

BUTCHER     A butcher signifies that you will come in contact with someone who you had hoped to have seen the last of. To see an animal being killed by a butcher indicates the death of a friend or loved one. To buy meat from a butcher denotes that you will have a long life, but to argue with a butcher is an unfortunate omen.

BUTTER     Seeing or eating butter in a dream signifies surprising material gains. Making butter indicates money unexpectedly coming your way. To have dreamt of buying butter shows changes for the better, but to cook with butter tells you of success in business matters.

BUTTERFLIES     Having butterflies in a dream is a fortunate omen. Butterflies going from flower to flower indicates that you will receive some news from a friend. To catch a butterfly denotes that you or your lover will be disloyal. To chase a butterfly but not catch it tells the dreamer they will have good fortune, but to have killed a butterfly shows that you will receive a gift.

BUTTERMILK     To dream that you drink buttermilk signifies disappointments with affairs of the heart.

BUTTON     To have dreamt of finding a button depends upon the type. A brass button shows an invitation to a social function. To find a silver button means a romance. A pearl button tells of travel. A button made of wood denotes success, but not until hard work is undertaken. A button covered in material tells you to watch your health. A coloured button indicates pleasure coming unexpectedly. To lose a button in a dream foretells of  worries due to losses of money or property. Dreaming that you are sewing buttons onto clothes indicates money coming your way.

BUYING     Spending a lot of money signifies that financial problems are on the way and you should be careful of your spending for several days after such a dream. Being careful about how much you pay when buying in a dream is a fortunate omen. To buy food tells of peace and contentment, but to spend money lavishly on friends and relatives shows that good friends could be lost if you are not careful.

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