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ABANDONING     This is an unfavourable dream and indicates the loss of friends or the failure of something you were hoping to go well. To abandon your lover will find you guilty of foolish actions. If you abandon someone in a dream or they abandon you, this indicates that troubles are not far away.

ABBESS     To dream of meeting an abbess is favourable, showing a restoration of peace of mind after some distress or illness. Also see Nun.

ABBEY     To dream of the outside structure of a church is fortunate, showing peace of mind and freedom from anxiety, the more important the structure, the better the prospects. However, the interior of an abbey is an unfortunate omen.

ABBOT     To meet an abbot in a dream is a warning of ill-health but also signifies that you will recover in due course.

ABDOMEN     This is a dream of contrary. If you are in pain in the dream this signifies good health and your affairs prospering because of your physical vigour. If you dream of your abdomen being unclothed then this is unfortunate, if you are married or have a lover you may expect unfaithfulness or treachery on the part of some loved one. This warns you not to confide in someone after such a dream.

ABDUCTION     This is a fortunate dream, if you are carried off it signifies that you will carry out your plans against all opposition.

ABHORRENCE     See Dislike.

ABORTION     For you or someone else to be having an abortion is a warning regarding health or the happiness of your marriage partner. Be on your guard against both.

ABROAD     This dream shows an unsettled state of mind, a change of work is probable. To dream of others going abroad signifies triumph over your enemies.

ABSCESS     This is a dream of opposite meaning, showing that you will have good health, or if already ill, a speedy recovery is assured. If you dream that the abscess is being operated on then a mystery will be solved.

ABSCOND     For a friend or stranger to abscond with money or do some other serious wrong in a dream is a warning of treachery from people around you. If you abscond with employers money or someone else's property then the injury will be slight and you will recover your losses.

ABSENT FRIENDS     See Friends.

ABSTINENCE     See Refusing.

ABUNDANCE     Dreaming that you are wealthy and have abundance in everything shows a desire to be independent and signifies that your plans will find success if worked on. A dream where friends or relatives have plenty shows signs of money coming your way.

ABUSE     This is not a very fortunate dream. If someone is abusing or insulting you this signifies you will have a dispute with someone. If in your dream you were abusing another this shows success after hard work. Also see Accuse.

ABYSS     Dreaming of a hollow place shows difficulties ahead. If you escape from an abyss you will be able to avoid your troubles. To dream of falling into an abyss shows you must be careful in your business deals and warns you not to lend any money because it is unlikely to be returned. Looking into an abyss is a warning of danger.

ACACIA     To dream of this mimosa type flower depends upon the season. If you dream of it in the summer when it is in season this signifies disappointment. Dreaming of the acacia during the winter shows signs of hopes which will eventually be realised. The acacia in a dream during the spring or autumn indicates that you will have to be patient.

ACADEMY     See College.

ACCENT     Hearing an accent or foreign speech foretells of hasty news and a long journey.

ACCIDENT     This dream depends upon the accident involved. An accident at sea shows disappointment in love affairs. If you dream that you were in an accident this signifies that your life is threatened. Being in a car accident foretells of money coming your way. To be injured by an object shows that you need sympathy and understanding. Being hurt by a knife tells you to be careful when using one in waking hours, and also shows that you would like to cut the bond between a business partnership or an alliance with a friend. Any accident dream may also be a warning of forthcoming illness.

ACCORDION     To dream of hearing an accordion being played signifies disappointments of some plan that is already being thought out or started. Dreaming that you are playing the accordion shows marital happiness. Hearing or playing an accordion out of tune indicates an unhappy state of mind.

ACCOUNTANT     To dream of talking with an accountant signifies a desire for a better position.

ACCOUNTS     Adding up accounts or business figures is a warning for you to be careful with money or you could find yourself lending and spending too freely. If you dream that accounts are being shown to you then expect obstacles and difficulties where business is concerned. Dreaming that you are showing others accounts signifies disagreements or problems arising in business.

ACCUSE     There is not much difference between accuse and abuse. If you are being accused this signifies coming troubles where business is concerned with some scandal causing minor embarrassment. However, if you prove your innocence then your problems will not be so severe. To dream that you are the accuser indicates that you may find yourself quarrelling with friends or work associates.

ACE (In Cards)     This dream depends on which suite the ace belongs to. The ace of diamonds shows that you can expect quarrels. The ace of hearts signifies news. The ace of spades warns of bad luck. The ace of clubs tells you to expect money.

ACHE     This dream depends upon the circumstances. To dream of a mild aching pain shows that it may be a physical cause and signifies illness. If the ache is severe in the dream but not during waking hours this foretells of some important event which will benefit you. For a person of business to dream of severe pain indicates good trade for the forthcoming season. A lover dreaming of an ache indicates that it is a good time to propose marriage. See Agony or Illness.

ACORN     To dream of natures goodness is always favourable. An acorn or acorns if you are involved in a romance signifies future happiness. This dream for people who are having difficulties shows signs of speedy relief. Gathering acorns signifies good fortune coming from an unexpected source. If appropriate see Oak Tree.

ACQUAINTANCE     To dream of people who you know depends upon how well you know them and what happens in the dream. Quarrelling shows that ill-health is on the way, to fight with an acquaintance means distractions, while making new acquaintances signifies that changes in your life will soon be seen.

ACROBAT     Watching someone do acrobatics is not a good sign. This is a warning for you to be careful of some accident which could befall you. Someone may present a dangerous scheme to you and it is best not undertake any long journeys for several days after such a dream. If in the dream the acrobat fails to complete a daring feat this foretells that you will escape the results of some peril which was hanging over you. To dream that you are an acrobat signifies that there is some need for appreciation from others.

ACTING     A dream where you are acting or taking part of some form of entertainment warns that there will be delays and difficulties when getting plans finished, hard work and patience will be needed and everything will turn out all right. To dream that others are acting means a short journey will be undertaken.

ACTOR or ACTRESS     Dreaming that you meet an actor or actress signifies trouble of a domestic nature, you will need to keep your temper and not let others disturb or upset you if anything goes wrong in the home. To meet a comedy actor or actress shows success in present business matters. If you meet a tragedy actor or actress this foretells of unhappiness. To dream that you are a celebrity means that much work is needed before things can be completed. For a man to dream of an actress signifies that he is about to become prosperous.

ADAM     To dream of meeting either Adam or Eve is a fortunate omen. If you spoke to them or they spoke to you this foretells of delays in the realisation of some of your wishes and you must be patient. To dream of both Adam and Eve together is one of the most fortunate dreams you can have. To just see Eve alone see Eve.

ADDER     To dream of a snake or serpent tells you to beware of false friends. In some areas of different countries to dream of an adder means the end of a valued friendship, sometimes by death.

ADDING      If in your dream you are confused when adding numbers this signifies many worries coming your way and warns you to be careful when dealing with others.

ADDRESS     Writing out an address warns you to be careful where financial affairs are concerned, do not enter into any risky speculations for several days after such a dream. To dream that others are writing an address signifies misfortune in business matters.

ADMINISTRATOR     To dream you are an administrator or adjutant officer indicates new friendships. The higher the rank of office, the more advantageous new friendships will prove to be.

ADMIRAL     Any high ranking naval officer indicates that important events are to occur concerning the dreamer. To dream that you are an admiral or officer signifies danger in matters of love. For a woman to dream that she is the wife of an admiral or officer foretells of obstacles which cannot be easily overcome.

ADMIRE     Being admired by others signifies useful friendships with people you like. Dreaming that you are admiring another indicates that someone holds friendly feelings towards you but this is not necessarily the person in the dream.

ADOPTED     To dream that you have been adopted or that you have adopted a child signifies that a relative or close friend will appeal to you in a crisis.

ADORNMENT     Dreaming that you have received a gift to wear in the form of clothing or jewellery warns you to expect some misfortune to come your way. The more expensive or elaborate the item, the more easier it will be to overcome your problems. To dream that you have an adornment to wear but do not put it on signifies difficulties which will need great care and patience to overcome.

ADRIFT     Being adrift in a boat is an obstacle dream and warns of difficulties ahead. However, if you reach land safely this means you will overcome your difficulties. To dream that you fall out of a drifting boat due to rough seas indicates serious problems, but if you swim to land or are rescued this signifies ultimate success in overcoming your troubles.

ADULTERY     Dreaming that you are tempted into committing adultery signifies a virtuous life and success to your plans. To dream that you are guilty of adultery indicates failure. Committing adultery means your morals are excellent.

ADVANCEMENT      To dream of being more advanced signifies success in some undertaking.

ADVENTURES     To dream of exciting adventures signifies a surprising alteration to your fortune. Being on an adventure with a man indicates new interests and surroundings. To be on an adventure with a woman means someone is keeping an eye on you.

ADVERSARY     To dream of opposition is favourable and signifies prosperity. Dreaming that you are fighting with an opponent indicates that you are doomed for disappointment. Having misfortune in business shows you will realise your ambitions. To have an adversary in love in a dream warns you to be on your guard against spiteful gossip.

ADVERTISEMENT     Dreaming that you have placed an advertisement in a newspaper signifies there are difficulties for you to overcome. The dream is more favourable if you read an advertisement placed by someone else.

ADVICE      To dream of advice being given or taken signifies useful friendships. The person in the dream is seldom the one who can help the dreamer who will have to look elsewhere to find the person who can aid them.

AEROPLANE      An aeroplane indicates money coming to you which may not be above suspicion, study plans carefully. If the plane is taking off this means there are brighter prospects for the future, but if you are on a plane while it is still on the ground this indicates that you wish to attain success quickly by changing troublesome surroundings. Dreaming that you are on an aeroplane in flight foretells that your desires will be fulfilled.

AFFECTION      If there is great affection between you and someone else in a dream this signifies that some of your plans are not yet quite right. To dream of affection between two loved ones indicates an inheritance. Receiving the affection of children shows you will unexpectedly receive money.

AFFLICTION     This is a dream of opposite meaning. The more trouble and difficulty you have, the more certainty and success in your life.

AFLOAT     To dream that you are afloat on calm waters indicates a happy destiny is to be seen. To be afloat on troubled water signifies troubles, but not necessarily of your own making.

AFRAID     To feel afraid in a dream indicates that you realise your difficulties and can overcome them. To be afraid where romance is concerned, but only in a dream and not your waking hours, signifies that your lover is true to you.

AFRICA      A dream of Africa tells of unexpected advancements in your fortune which will soon be seen to take place. If you dream of travelling to Africa alone this indicates that new friends will be made.

AFTERNOON     Dreaming of a fine afternoon warns you to be cautious where personal affairs are concerned.

AGE     To worry about your age warns against an oncoming illness, the greater the worry, the more serious the illness will be. This is more a sign of illness rather than a dream meaning, being caused by physical means.

AGED PEOPLE      See Old Man, Old People or Old Woman.

AGONY      To dream of being in pain signifies advancements in business, but to a person who is married or involved in a romance this indicates that over-work can bring domestic problems. Dreaming that you are being tortured is usually due to some actual physical pain, otherwise this tells you of fear or jealousy in your waking hours.

AIR      This is a dream which depends upon the circumstances. To dream the air is clear and that there is a blue sky signifies success. Dreaming that it is foggy or cloudy warns of troubles and it is suggested that you should postpone plans or think out any changes which have been made. To have dreamt of floating through the air indicates progress and gains where money is concerned.

AIRCRAFT     To dream that you are flying in some form of aircraft denotes that your plans may be too great for them to find success. Owning your own aeroplane signifies that success is waiting for you.

AIRGUN      Having been given an air gun indicates an enemy. If you fire this type of gun in a dream this warns you to delay in making any kind of decisions for a couple of days.

AIRSHIP     An airship indicates you will gain extra money, but you must be careful about making speculations or you could find yourself losing money instead. If you are on an airship with loved ones this denotes that foolish actions will leave you feeling guilty. Being in an airship disaster in a dream, but not being killed, signifies financial gains.

AISLE     If it is only the aisle which is seen in a dream and not the rest of the church or cathedral then this is an unfortunate omen.

ALBATROSS     To dream of an albatross signifies a stranger who will have good news for you.

ALDERMAN     See Mayor.

ALEHOUSE     It is unfortunate to dream of being inside an inn or public house. Being outside the premises indicates that you will not need to worry. See Public House.

ALLEY     Dreaming of being in an alley signifies sexual desires due to pressure from over-work.

ALLIGATOR      Any dream involving unusual animals is unfavourable. To see an alligator in a dream warns of an enemy and you should be cautious when making new plans.

ALMANAC     Reading an annual calendar with astronomical data means a trivial quarrel with a loved one.

ALMONDS      It is a good sign to be eating an almond or almonds and enjoying them. To dream that the nut is bitter to the taste warns of failure in some venture. Dreaming of the almond tree and not the nuts indicates happiness in home-life and business affairs.

ALOE     To dream of this lily-type plant indicates bad tidings.

ALPACA     To dream of alpaca material which is a mixture of alpaca hair with cotton, silk, or rayon fabrics signifies that you will find something which will be lucky for you. Seeing this domesticated camel-like animal indicates that the dreamer will receive a valuable gift.

ALPHABET     To dream of the alphabet signifies the return of an absent friend.

ALTAR      To dream of seeing an altar is not fortunate with this being the inside of a religious building. To decorate an altar tells of a speedy marriage.

AMBER     Dreaming of the colour amber indicates that pride will cause a barrier between you and a loved one.

AMBULANCE     To dream of an ambulance shows that you will quickly realise your desires.

AMERICA     See United States of America.

AMERICAN     Seeing an American citizen in a dream indicates that an old friendship will be renewed after a long absence.

AMMONIA     Ammonia is a warning of danger due to illness or accidents and it is wise not to take any risks for several days after such a dream. Dreaming that you are using ammonia signifies that you will quarrel with a friend.

AMOROUS    Being in love or being loved signifies that you will be involved in a scandal.

AMPUTATION     Dreaming you are watching an amputation or are having something amputated indicates the death of someone dear to you.

AMULET     If you are wearing an amulet in a dream this signifies that you will have to make a decision and think carefully before deciding. To dream of receiving an amulet for a gift indicates the loss of a lover.

ANARCHIST     To see an anarchist warns you to be careful in your financial affairs. To dream of seeing more than one anarchist means the more cautious you should be.

ANCESTORS     Seeing your ancestors previous to your parents indicates an oncoming illness. Dreaming of grandparents signifies a quick recovery from illness.

ANCHOR     This dream depends upon the situation of the anchor. If the anchor is tied to a ship or boat this signifies an urge to retreat from present situations. To have dreamt of an anchor which is in the water means you can expect disappointments. An anchor being raised from the water indicates you will earn more money. A sailor dreaming of an anchor indicates home.

ANECDOTE      See Joke.

ANGELS     This dream concerns romance, partnerships, and friends. To see an angel flying in a dream signifies unexpected blessings while an angel in a painting indicates that you will receive news of an engagement or marriage. To see several angels in a dream tells you to expect an inheritance. To dream that an angel is close to you means you will enjoy peace of mind and happiness in health. Dreaming that an angel comes into your home signifies prosperity.

ANGER      If you are angry with someone known to you this signifies that you will benefit in some way connected with the person in the dream. Being angry with a stranger indicates that you will receive unexpected good news. To be angry with children tells you to expect an invitation from a person of prominence. If your lover is angry with you this foretells that it is true love and you will find great happiness.

ANGLING     To see an angler or be angling in water shows disappointments in some plan which you really wanted to work. To be angling and catching fish will find good news being received, but catching no fish indicates that bad luck will befall you.

ANIMALS      This dream depends upon the animal in question. Some of them have their own meanings which are listed in this book. Unusual creatures like reptiles are an unfortunate omen. To dream of cows and bulls depends upon their behaviour, if they are quiet this is a good sign, but if they attack  this indicates difficulties where business is concerned.

ANKLE     For you to dream that you injure your ankle or foot signifies a fortunate omen, but you will have to face difficulties first. For a woman to dream that she is showing her ankles indicates that she will realise her desires. To dream that you have beautiful or well-shaped ankles shows that you will have plenty of money in old age.

ANNIVERSARY     Watching others celebrating an anniversary indicates that a relative will bequeath you their riches.

ANNOYED     Dreaming that you are annoyed by something means your plans will find good fortune.

ANT-EATER     An ant-eater is an unfortunate omen and warns you not to take any risks.

ANTELOPE     Seeing an antelope in a dream signifies that a loved one will place love and affection on you.

ANTHEM     To hear church music in a dream is not favourable with it being linked to the inside of a church and indicates illness within the family. To dream that you are singing a national anthem means you will be tempted by something or someone. An anthem, especially at an official event, signifies you will receive good news.

ANTIQUE FURNITURE     To dream of antique furniture indicates that old people of a wide age gap will be able to give you some good advice, learn from them.

ANTS     These hard working little insects signify activity where business is concerned, but this would mean a change of surroundings in a new area for the dreamer. To dream that you have ants in the home indicates illness in the family. To have seen ants on food means your happiness is assured. For a person who is in love to dream of ants foretells of a speedy marriage and a large family.

ANVIL     A block on which a blacksmith works is considered to be favourable, but there should not be too much noise in such a dream. Seeing other people using an anvil denotes that good times are coming.

ANXIETY     To dream that you are anxious over something indicates that your worries will soon be overcome. To have anxiety about others signifies they will have good health. Dreaming that you are worried about your lover will find troubles to come.

APE      This is not a fortunate dream which indicates that unpleasantness and deceit may be found where a friendly person close to the dreamer is concerned.

APOLOGY     Apologising to a loved one indicates a change of companion, perhaps to return to a former relationship. To receive an apology signifies happiness and love. Dreaming that you apologise to friends shows a former friend returning.

APPARITION     This is a dream of contrary. To see a ghost in a dream means that no harm will befall you. If the apparition appears suddenly and frightens you this signifies financial worries or ill-health. Also see Ghost.

APPLAUSE     To dream that you are receiving applause from friends or neighbours indicates family quarrels or the ending of a friendship due to ill-feelings. For you to be applauding someone else means that friends are unselfish.

APPLES     Eating an apple signifies that you will be the cause of some misfortune. To eat sweet apples tells you to expect a happy and favourable event. If you see ripe apples in a dream this shows you will have good luck, but bad apples indicate that you fall short of your efforts. An apple tree is also a fortunate omen.

APRICOTS     Dreaming of an apricot or apricots signifies prosperity in business matters and where love is concerned.

APRIL FOOL      To dream that someone plays an April fool joke on you indicates that you will soon gain power over someone, but be careful how you use it. Playing a joke on others on April Fools Day signifies the loss of a friend. Playing a joke on children means there will be family happiness. Dreaming that you were born in April indicates that your love affairs will be happy.

APRON     To dream of anything spoiling your clothes gives it an opposite meaning. But if in a dream you tear your apron it is of small benefit because the apron is not looked upon in terms of being an important item of clothing.

AQUAMARINE     To dream of this bluish-green semi-precious stone indicates that you will receive the affections of a younger relative or friend. To buy an aquamarine means your happiness is assured. Dreaming that you have lost an aquamarine gem warns of a disappointment where love is concerned.

ARAB      Dreaming of a foreign person signifies love affairs or an important transaction with someone who you are not used to dealing with. To see many Arabs in a dream indicates that you will have a love affair. Being in the company of an Arab denotes you will find an important transaction that will go satisfactorily.

ARBOUR      To dream of a shady tree laden place signifies you will hear some secrets. Being in an arbour denotes that your secrets will come out into the open.

ARCH     This is an obstacle dream which foretells of personal problems. Going under an archway indicates interference where love is concerned.

ARCHER     For a single person to dream of an archer indicates a swift engagement. For someone who is married an archer signifies that you may be tempted away from your spouse by an unsuitable person.

ARENA     Being alone in an arena is a warning to avoid crowds but if there are others in the arena the danger is not so bad. To have dreamt of fighting in an arena indicates that you will realise your ambitions.

ARK     dream of an ark is a fortunate omen indicating safety and protection.

ARM     If an accident injures your arm in a dream this signifies ill-health among the family. To dream of losing an arm indicates a death or a long serious illness. Dreaming of an arm which is not moving means a loss of money due to health problems. Seeing arms covered with hair foretells that riches are coming to you.

ARMCHAIR     See Chair.

ARMY     An army of soldiers who have won a battle denotes good fortune, but if the army is defeated then this indicates you will experience bad luck. If the soldiers are fighting expect serious matters to arise in business. To see several armies from different countries signifies fortune and happiness.

ARREST     To dream that you arrest someone indicates that unexpected gains will come to you suddenly, but you are warned to choose your friends carefully. For you to be arrested, this signifies that unhappiness will come before joy. To see others arrested in your dream means you will receive an unexpected gift.

ARROW     Having your body struck by an arrow signifies that a person or people who appear friendly are plotting your downfall. Dreaming that you shoot an arrow shows signs of unhappiness. Seeing many arrows denotes that you have many enemies. A broken arrow signifies failure where business is concerned.

ARSON     This is not a fortunate dream. Seeing a fire which is deliberately started signifies news of accidents, especially at sea, this could include the dreamer.

ARTICHOKE     Artichokes signify troubles which you will eventually overcome. If in the dream you are eating artichokes this denotes discord within the family due to differences of opinion.

ARTIST     To dream that you are an artist painting a portrait signifies that you should look carefully at your plans and make any changes which seem necessary, otherwise failure is indicated with you striving to take unfair advantage of others. To be modelling for an artist warns of an enemy who you look upon as a friend.

ASCEND     To dream that you progress upward is a fortunate omen, if you reach the top in the dream this signifies that you will overcome your difficulties and find success.

ASHES     To dream of ashes foretells that something will be lost through your own carelessness. Ashes in your own fireplace denotes a loss of money. Dreaming of cremated ashes signifies that you will have a long life.

ASLEEP     See Sleeping.

ASPARAGUS      This vegetable is a fortunate omen and indicates that you should carry on pushing plans forward for you will find success. Raw asparagus indicates success in plans. Cooking asparagus in a dream means your plans rather than those of others will find success.

ASPS     This small viper indicates that you have enemies. If the asp bites you then your enemies will be able to harm you. Dreaming that you are killing asps denotes that you will triumph over your enemies. See Snakes.

ASS     An ass or donkey indicates troubles but they should find a happy ending. Riding an ass or donkey is fortunate where love affairs are concerned, but if you have trouble or fall from your mount problems await you connected with affairs of the heart. If an ass or donkey kicks you then expect quarrels and misfortune.

ASSAULT     To have dreamt that you are being assaulted indicates that you will be given some false information and warns you to be on your guard and check all facts. To dream that you were assaulting another signifies a small gain of wealth.

ASTERS      These herbaceous daisy like flowers hold a warning that some major plan which you may be excited about cannot find any profit for you, avoid taking any risks and go over plans carefully. Picking asters tells you to expect a letter carrying good news. To receive a gift of asters in a dream denotes that you will receive more gains.

ASTHMA     To dream of someone suffering from asthma is a warning that plans in progress will not find the success you may have hoped for. To have asthma yourself in a dream denotes that you will recover from your problems, but you will need to move to another area of the country.

ASYLUM     See Mental Institution.

ATHLETE     Taking part in athletics is not a good sign unless you are of a good constitution, for it denotes that you should not over-strain yourself. Being with an athlete in a dream warns you to avoid rivals.

ATLAS     To dream you are looking at an atlas signifies that you will journey abroad.

ATTENDANT     To dream of an attendant denotes a quick promotion.

ATTIC     Dreaming of an attic if you are a single person denotes an engagement. For those who are already attached such a dream warns you not to flirt.

ATTIRE     To dream of clothing depends on how they look. New clothes shows your troubles will be severe, but if you are dressed in rags this is more fortunate. Seeing others without clothes signifies good fortune unexpectedly coming your way. The true meaning of a dream like this is more often the colour which should be looked at.

ATTORNEY     See Law.

AUCTION     Being at an auction denotes you should be careful or someone you know will take advantage of you.

AUGUST    To dream that it is August in the winter time tells you that unexpected news is on the way. To have dreamt that you were born in August signifies that all will go well in your life. Dreaming that a child is born in August denotes a large fortune coming to you.

AUNT     Close relatives in a dream is a fortunate omen, signifying success in money matters. To dream that you are an aunt indicates success concerning a planned marriage. Visiting an aunt shows a legacy being received.

AUTHOR     For a married person to dream of a great author signifies good fortune within the family, while an unattached person having such a dream indicates unexpected joys. Dreaming that you are doing business with an author tells of good times coming your way.


AUTUMN     To dream of the autumn when it is this season warns of bad influences around you and tells you to be watchful where you walk and you may be able to avoid them. Dreaming of  the autumn in spring time shows that people of an unfriendly nature are close by. If autumn is being dreamt of in the winter this indicates that good fortune is coming your way.

AVALANCHE     An avalanche denotes that good fortune will be seen coming from a surprising source. Being buried by an avalanche of snow indicates that you will receive profits. Dreaming that others are caught in an avalanche signifies a change in surroundings for you.

AWAKEN     Dreaming that you awake someone signifies that any unfavourable influences will be slighter than expected. If someone wakes you in a dream this indicates you should be aware of coming troubles.

AWL     To dream of this tool which pierces holes in leather or wood is an indication of more wealth coming to you, but not by your own making.

AXE     To see or use an axe is a dream of danger which tells that you can only avert this bad influence by your own forethought and bravery.

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