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Sid Vicious




Sid Vicious


John Simon Richie was born on the 10th of May 1957 in London, England and went on to become one of the most obnoxious celebtants the country could produce. With the onset of the Punk movement, Sid Vicious was born with him making his debut with the Sex Pistols in April 1977. It was in November of the same year that he met American born Nancy Spungen. A heroine addict, Vicious soon joined her, conducting a volatile relationship that had its effect on the band, and during a tour of America they split in 1978. Nancy decided to manage Vicious in an attempt to go solo.

Booking into room 100 at the Hotel Chelsea in New York, on the 12th of October 1998, Vicious woke to find Nancy on the bathroom floor. Receiving stab wounds, she had bled to death and he had no memory of what had happened. There are various theories as it was claimed that items had gone missing from the room, including a large sum of money. If the murder was part of a robbery or a collection for a drugs debt, then they got away with the crime as Sid Vicious, being the main suspect, was arrested.

Sid’s mother managed to scrape the $50,000 bail together and he was released with case pending, but on the 22nd attempted to take his own life by severely cutting his wrists and subsequently became a patient at Bellevue Hospital. In self-styled nature he was charged with assault in December and served 55 days in prisons, being released yet again on bail the following February. The stint in Bellevue and the prison sentence helped to clear his system of the drugs and he was deemed clean. The official story is that on returning home and after a bail party, Vicious managed to get hold of heroine and his mother found him dead beside his new girlfriend, Michelle Robinson, the following morning on the 2nd of February 1979.

Sid Vicious is now said to haunt the Chelsea Hotel where Nancy Spungen was murdered with reported sightings of him around the area of the elevators.




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