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Rudolph Valentino




Rudolph Valentino


Born in Italy, he arrived in America in 1913 at the age of 18-years-old. Breaking into films, he was, perhaps, the first male sex symbol. His smouldering looks had women swooning and the box office taking in more money than they had ever received before.

His life was short as he was only 31 when he died on the 23rd of August 1926.

He was rushed into hospital on the 14th of August with suspected appendicitis and gastric ulcer. He had been suffering from stomach pains for some time but refused to seek medical attention.

Thousands attended the funeral, causing a near riot, with rumours that women were attempting to commit suicide rather than live without him.

There was great plans for his interment but these were never completed and his final resting place was in fact supposed to be only temporary. One devoted female, always dressed in black, would continue her vigil even after death. The ghost of the woman has been seen kneeling before his marker, as she did in life, and it is said that she is buried in the grounds of the same cemetery.

Rudolph Valentino is reputed to haunt Hollywood's Paramount Studio's on Marathon Avenue. He is usually seen floating around the costume department. There is also the story of a young actress who spent the night there. Suddenly realising she wasn't alone, feeling someone laying beside her. Turning, she found herself looking into the face of the great screen lover, where upon she instantly passed out.

There have also been reports that he haunts his former home, Falcon's Lair at 1436 Bella Drive. He only owned the house for a year before his death, but several residents believe it is Valentino who haunts here. Music from the era of the 1920’s has been heard and footsteps echo through empty hallways. His dog, Kabar, died a month after his master and is also reputed to haunt its old home.




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