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George Reeves




George Reeves


Born George Keefer Brewer, later being adopted by his step-father Frank Besselo,  he never managed to rise above supporting leading man. He obtained the part of Superman for television in the 1950's which was a big hit. Unfortunately it was also a part which he could not break away from. There are stories that he was buried in his Superman costume but that isn't true, in fact he wasn't interred at all as his mother refused to let him go until his murderer was found and instead was placed in storage for three years when he was then cremated.

His death, brought in as suicide, is shrouded in mystery with his family and many of his friends refusing to believe that he took his own life. There have been books and television programmes trying to account for his death, looking at other scenario's. No doubt the debates will continue for decades to come.

Being disturbed by guests coming to his home late at night on the 16th of June 1959, he came downstairs in a white bathrobe, then returned to his room. Shortly after at least one gunshot was heard and George Reeves was found dead. He had been shot in the head. The family believed that his mistress, Toni Mannix knew more than she was telling.

He now haunts his former home where he died. Some nights there have been the sounds of a ghostly party, as well as gunshots which have brought the police to investigate. His spirit also admonished a 10-year-old girl for trespassing. There have been reported sightings of him in his Superman costume as well as the bathrobe he was wearing shortly before he died as when police arrived he was naked.




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