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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe


There is something that draws people to the enigma of this woman. Even so many years after her death she still attracts people to the mystery of how she lived and died. There are so many theories about her last hours, her turbulent childhood, her affairs in private life, especially and always linked with the names of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.

She appeared on several covers of Life magazine.

Born in 1926, an illegitimate child was looked on as shamefully as the mother by those prudish faces. Born Norma Jean Baker, later taking on the name Monroe which was her mothers maiden name. After a succession of foster homes, she married at 21, but this did not last. Her second marriage to Joe DiMaggio also failed, though it was said the couple planned to remarry. Her third marriage to Arthur Miller also ended in divorce.


Though she was a brilliant actress, she was renowned for being late on set, if she determined to turn up at all. Never being nominated for an Oscar, her last film was 'The Misfits'. She had already began filming 'Something's Got To Give'  when her habit of being late and calling in sick became too much for the producers and she was suspended. Her last appearance came on television when she was an unexpected guest at a birthday celebration for John F. Kennedy where she sang Happy Birthday to the President.

At the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel there is a large mirror by the elevator. This was once part of the furnishings in a room used by Marilyn. Unsuspecting guests have claimed to see her image in this mirror.

There have also been reported sightings in the area of her grave at Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery. If you visit, you will notice there are always fresh flowers. Interestingly, the spot above Marilyn was snapped up by Hugh Hefner but he must have made other arrangements. The crypt was put up on Ebay in August 2009, selling for $4.6 million.

After living in hotel suites and rented accomodation, Marilyn bought her own home set in a cul-de-sac at 12305 5th St. Helena Drive, Brentwood. She only lived there for six months and that is where she died. It's reputed that she often pays a return visit, her death being a timelessly unsolved mystery. Having had several owners it sold in September 2010 for well above the $3.8 million asking price.




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